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The Most Popular Dog Names for the Most Popular Dog Breeds of America

It's no secret that names like Bella, Max, Lucy, and Cooper are popular, but wouldn't it be more interesting to know the most popular names for the most popular breeds?

black labrador
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Labrador retriever

According to the Amercian Kennel Club (AKC), the dog breed most popular in America is the Labrador retriever. The yellow, chocolate, and black varieties have been a family favorite for several years. Their super chill temperament towards people and other animals is the hallmark of this breed. And the colors often inspire the following most popular names: Maverick, Hershey, Midnight, Gunner, Kali, Allie, Kona, Kiwi, Chocolate, and Blacky. Note that our research comes via the data generated by VISME.co that recorded over 290,000 dog names from Seattle, Tacoma, Pittsburgh, New York, and Los Angeles. Cha-Ching! This is how much you can expect to pay for essentials when you own a dog.

Golden Retriever Dog.

Golden retriever

Like the Labrador, the Golden is well suited for a family, especially one that lives near the water. Their lustrous golden coat is water repellent and they actually have webbed feet so a day at the lake is one of their favorite things. They adapt to just about any environment, even apartment living with enough exercise. Just don’t count on them for being much of a guard dog because Murphy, Rusty, Goldie, Tucker, Sunny, Ellie, Abby, Simba, Bailey, and Cooper are more likely to lick intruders than bite them. These are the 14 things every puppy should have.

German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd

If you could describe a German shepherd in one word, it would probably be confident. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted to family members, and have an air of aloofness. Their suspicious nature activates their protective mode when strangers approach family members. With trademark qualities of guarding, patrolling and protecting, it’s no wonder popular German favorites are names that exude confidence and bravery like Baron, Sarge, Blitz, Cheyenne, Kaiser, Klaus, Loba, and Ziva are on the list. And Shep and Gretchen made the list too, honoring their German heritage.

French Bulldog on chair 9
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French bulldog

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, one of the most walkable cities in the United States, you’ll notice one breed walking on the sidewalks more than any other. According to the AKC, the “Frenchie is the crème de la crème of dog breeds in San Francisco” and AKCs fourth most popular breed. Visme data includes bulldogs, but this petite variety is in its own class, so to speak. Popular Frenchie names on Wag, include Felix, Rocky (after the famous Hollywood Frenchie), Bently, Dylan, and Cain for boys and Stella (that cutie from TV’s Modern Family), Lola, Pearl, Honey and Pippa (the name of crooner John Legend’s sweet Frenchie). These are 19 things your dog really wants from you.

Cute English bulldog laying down on the grass,selective focus


Admit it, when you think of a bulldog, adjectives like stubborn, stocky, and slobbery immediately come to mind. So it’s not a big leap for popular names such as Napoleon, Hugo, Winston, Tank, and Diesel to be an ideal match—minus the slobbery part of course! Other popular names for this breed known for their unique lovable wrinkly faces and snorty sounds are Louis, Otis, Stitch, Bruce, and Miles. By the way, bulldogs are especially prone to this health danger.

Puppy dog ripping ball apart Beagle dog purebred


Beagles just seem to have that permanent, youthful puppy look, no matter how old they are. Maybe that’s why they’ve been a popular dog breed for so long. Beagles are cheerful and affectionate but will be very tempted to leave your side to chase down a scent they picked up from one of the millions of receptors in their nose. Most popular monikers include Baxter, Barney, Bagel, Watson, and Hunter (you could smell those picks a mile away), the obligatory Snoopy, along with Shiloh, Freckles, Libby, and Copper round out the top ten. Beagles are great with kids. Check out what other breeds like to chill with your offspring.

cute toy poodle standing inside house and looking outside
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Pet parents of this notably posh breed preferred names that begin with “P,” and names descriptive of froufrou fur and personalities like Peluche (fluffy dog), Princesa (princess), Puffy, Pelusa (fluff), Pierre, Curly, and even Poodle. Feminine choices like Lana and Muneco, rounded out the most popular picks for this breed that would rather be actively playing with its pet parents instead of spending time at the groomer. These lively and loyal companions come in miniature, standard, and toy varieties.

Beautiful Rottweiler dog
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Rotties, as they are affectionately known by adoring fans and pet parents, are notorious for being guard dogs largely due to their powerhouse stature and massive head giving them an intense intimidating appearance. But hey, that big head is oh-so-cuddly and lovable too! Large and in-charge popular Rottie names like Bruno, Zeus, Brutus, Rocky, Tyson, Diesel, Rex, Bear, and even feisty additions like Layla and Roxy are befitting of their fiercely loyal and protective nature of their family.

Beautiful yorkshire terrier playing with a ball on a grass
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Yorkshire terriers

Yorkies are extremely affectionate but you have to earn those licks and snuggle times on the sofa by spending time doting on them. And don’t let that supermodel like appearance fool you. The breed of origin is a little sketchy. It’s namesake, Yorkshire, England would like to claim origin but Scotsmen working in Yorkshire mills is another theory floating around and probably the link to some of the popular names such as McDuff, Fergus, Scotty, and Melvin. Toto, Ruffles, Henry, Fendi, Gotti, and Scruffy complete the top 10. Here’s how to keep your pup from getting bored while you’re at work.

German Shorthair Pointer dog outdoor portrait on beach rock

German shorthaired pointers

While the Visme data doesn’t specifically list German shorthaired pointers, they are classified under the retriever category because when it comes to pointing and retrieving, this breed takes the top trophy in the hunting field. It can flush out, point, and retrieve, so names such as Griffey, Shane, Bode, Jet, Coal, Riley, Porter, Hudson, Oakley, and Lucca are certainly fitting of this adventurous, on-the-go hunter. Pointers use their tails to point to prey but all dogs use their tails to communicate a host of emotions. Next, find out the unbelievable facts you never knew about your dog.

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