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20 of the Cutest White Dog Breeds

You'll want one of these beautiful white pups in your home ASAP!

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We’re paws-itive you’ll love these cute white dog breeds

There’s a lot of debate about what the cutest dog breeds are. Some people think the biggest dog breeds are the most adorable, while others think black dog breeds take the cake. Well, we’re about to throw another hue in the running: white dog breeds. These white dog breeds are some of the cutest small dog breeds, medium dog breeds, and large dog breeds we’ve ever seen. Get ready to say “aww” when looking at these cute canines.

Close up portrait of samoyed in forest
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The Samoyed dog is one of the most beautiful white dog breeds out there—just look at its pure, fluffy coat! This thick coat is meant to protect these dogs from harsh winter conditions, as they were bred to work in cold climates. In addition to being absolutely adorable, this Russian dog breed is known for being friendly, smart, and highly energetic. It looks like Sammies always have a sweet smile on their faces, but that’s actually a feature meant to prevent them from drooling and forming icicles on their faces. It’s a practical (and incredibly cute) feature that sets them apart from the pack.

Another thing that sets them apart is their independent nature—something that can make training a challenge, according to Steffi Trott, owner and founder of SpiritDog Training. “If you have a Samoyed, expect to invest quite some time to teach [them] the basics such as not pulling on [a] leash or coming when called.” Plus, they have the cutest curly tail.

Cute Bichon dog with yellow ribbon outdoors
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Bichon Frise

Look at that all that fluff! The Bichon Frise is one of those small white dog breeds that make you smile as soon as you see one. These dogs are small, sturdy, adaptable, and curious. They’re incredibly friendly, as they generally get along well with adults, children, and other dogs. The Bichon Frise is also pretty easy to train—these canines love learning new tricks and showing them off to anyone who will watch. They’re the ultimate triple threat—fluffy, fair, and fun!

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The Akbash Dog

The Akbash Dog is one of the rarer big white dog breeds out there. This breed comes from Turkey, where the dogs were originally bred to guard livestock. As such, it’s in their nature to herd, protect, and be independent. They’re also smart, loyal, loving, and, of course, adorable! Fun fact: According to Claudine Sievert, DVM, the Akbash breed name derives from the Turkish “akbas,” which means “white-head.”

Coton de Tulear dog running outdoors in nature
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Coton de Tuléar

Known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar,” the Coton de Tuléar is a white dog breed that has an interesting history. The nobles of Madagascar loved having these charming pups as pets—so much so that they actually banned common people on the island from owning them. The nobles also didn’t want their precious pets to leave the island, so they were isolated from the world for centuries. They weren’t discovered by others outside of Madagascar until the 1960s. They became popular in Europe, and the American Kennel Club even registered its first Coton de Tuléar back in 2014.

These adorable dogs are known for their gorgeous white coats and fun personalities. They’re witty in nature and love to amuse their companions. “These little dogs are very friendly and rarely exhibit problematic behaviors, such as reactivity or high prey drive,” Trott explains. “This makes them perfect beginner dogs.” You may even see one of these cuties walk on its hind legs!

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Above view of white great pyrenees dog by entrance of farm home or house door asking begging to go inside
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Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is one of the most adorable and calmest big white dog breeds. “The Great Pyrenees are more calm, collective, and patient,” says Jeremy Willis of pededucate.com. Don’t let their mellow demeanor fool you, though—they’re known to be powerful guardians of their companions, so they can jump into action if needed. The Great Pyrenees has a signature thick white coat that makes them look majestic and fluffy. You’ll want to run your fingers through their soft coat for hours!

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Maltese dog portrait
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The Maltese is one of the most recognizable small white dog breeds—just look at its incredible coat! These toy dogs make the perfect lap companions and are known for being charming and playful. Make no mistake, though—they can alert their owners if something bad is afoot. If you want a Maltese, make sure you have a daily grooming routine set up so their gorgeous coat stays in good shape.

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West Highland White Terrier

Fair warning: A West Highland White Terrier (also know as a “Westie”) may steal your heart. This is one of the most adorable white dog breeds you can encounter. Their plush look is inviting, friendly, and snuggly—but there’s more to this toy dog breed than meets the eye. Terriers are meant to be hunters and can be tough when needed. They’re smart, confident, and make loyal (and adorable) companions.

Hiking is our thing
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White Swiss Shepherd

The pointed ears, the white coat, the sweet smile—these are just a few things that make the White Swiss Shepherd a great white dog breed. They’re closely related to the German Shepherd and are a herding breed by nature, which means they’re attentive and agile. They’re also great with kids and are very loyal to their owners. Trott says this breed has an intense desire to work and learn, which comes in handy with training. “Training a White Swiss Shepherd will come easy,” Trott explains. “They excel not only in beginning obedience training, but also in dog sports such as agility or competition obedience.” Smart, loyal, and cute—what’s not to love?

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American Eskimo Dog
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American Eskimo Dog

We dare you not to smile when looking at an American Eskimo Dog. While these pups are absolutely beautiful, they’re also very smart. They’re so intelligent, in fact, that traveling circuses used to use them in trained-dog acts. Sievert says this breed is gentle, loyal, and loving. “[They’re] always cheerful and playful, and like having fun with children,” Sievert explains. “The dog is easy to teach and train; it seeks to please the owner.”

Sievert notes that the American Eskimo Dog can be suspicious of strangers, but can become good friends with them after socializing with them for a bit. They can also shed their beautiful coat quite a bit, so if you have one, prepare to do a deep brushing a couple times per week to keep the coat in good condition.

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Close-Up Of White Dog Standing Outdoors
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If you’ve seen a white poodle in person, you know how lovable and captivating they are. Poodles can either be miniature, toy, or standard in size, but no matter what their size, their poofy and fluffy coats are arguably their most prominent (and cutest) feature. Poodles are also naturally athletic, easy to train, and smart. “Poodles are considered the second most intelligent dogs in the world, after [the] Border Collie,” Sievert explains. Smart and adorable—what a combination!

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Dog, gorgeous Afghan hound, full-length portrait, against the background of the autumn forest, space for text
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Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of those most distinguished dog breeds. Many people associate their long, silky coats with a regal and dignified look, but there’s more to this long-haired beauty than meets the eye. Afghan Hounds are independent, intelligent, and fiercely loyal. Their coats can be multiple colors, but if you see a white Afghan Hound, their striking beauty will make quite the impression.

White dog,Japanese spitz Cute Pets
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Japanese Spitz

While they look nearly identical to American Eskimo Dogs, Japanese Spitz dogs are their own breed. These dogs are known for their fox-like features and fluffy white coats. They’re also known for their wonderful personalities. “Japanese Spitz dogs are very happy and outgoing,” Trott says. “They are highly intelligent and learn quickly with positive reinforcement techniques.” They also typically get along well with kids and other dogs. And just look at that face—how sweet!

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Kuvasz Dog Adult
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The Kuvasz is another example of those big white dog breeds that are cute, loyal, and agile. Kuvasz dogs were initially bred to guard livestock, and because of that, they have keen instincts to protect the ones they love—but they’re also gentle with them. They can compete in canine competitions, especially since they’re quick learners and highly intelligent. This majestic pup is truly one of a kind!

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9 weeks running Havanese puppy!
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All right, these dogs are so sweet. Havanese dogs are known for having excellent social skills and can be easily trained, which is why they’re one of the best trick dogs out there. Teach them a trick or two and watch them delight the room!

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The Komondor is one of the most recognizable white dog breeds out there. These dogs are covered in white cords from head to foot, but you can still see their sweet smiles light up their faces. While Komondorok (the plural form of “Komondor”) are primarily known for their unique look, they’re also agile and protective in nature. Imagine the joy you’ll feel as you run your fingers through their cords and give them plenty of scratches!

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Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog breed is cute, confident, and one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. These dogs can have a mixed color palate, but the all-white pups are some of the most striking you’ll see. Canaan Dogs are loyal to their loved ones but are suspicious of strangers due to their roots as pasture dogs. Once they know you, though, get ready—you’ll have a furry friend for life!

Husky Eyes
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Siberian Husky

You know a Siberian Husky when you see one. Huskies have a thick coat of fur that’s a nod to their northern ancestors—and they know how to get a job done. “These dogs were born to work by design,” Willis says. Huskies are also pack dogs, meaning they enjoy the company of others and are loyal to their family. They can also be a little mischievous and chase small animals, but don’t let that fool you—they’re gentle, lovable pups. They can have fur mixed with different colors, but if you see an all-white husky, you’ll be blown away by its beauty.

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Portrait Of Dog In Park
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French Bulldog

The wrinkles, the pointed ears, the contagious smile—what’s not to love about the French Bulldog? French Bulldogs are adorable dogs known for being charming, smart, and lots of fun to be around. Don’t be surprised if a Frenchie steals your heart!

Dogo Argentino Dog.
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Dogo Argentino

One of the most powerful big white dog breeds is the Dogo Argentino. The Dogo Argentino is a strong dog breed that’s loyal and brave (you’d be brave too if you were bred to hunt big game like wild boar). Don’t be surprised if you see this cute dog sniffing everything in sight and spending time with its loved ones. They may look intimidating at first, but once you see their smile, you’ll melt.

Wide picture of a white pomeranian spitz at the blooming meadow
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You know we had to save one of the cutest white dog breeds for last! The Pomeranian is a small dog with a big personality—these dogs have no problem letting people know they’re in their presence. You’ll admire the spunk these lively pups have, and you’ll be impressed by how they captivate a room. These little characters are cute, charming, curious, and very smart.

Whether you like big dogs, small dogs, or dogs somewhere in between, these white dog breeds project some serious cuteness (we won’t judge if you scroll back up and look at the list again).

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