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20 Adorably Funny Cat and Dog Photos You’ll Instantly Love

Check out the silly side of our favorite pets!

A husky smelling a kitten.
Steve New/Getty Images

The best pictures of cats and dogs

Some people only like cats and others only like dogs, but the best kind of people like both cats and dogs. If you’re one of those people you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also probably enjoy these funny dog photos, funny cat photos, and funny animal photos. Keep scrolling to see some adorable pictures of cats and dogs together and some pups that may have had enough of their feline friends.

small kitten and larger dog on a front porch
Courtesy Jan Brown

Big and little

Even though they are very different sizes, NYHC and Venus have been best friends since day one.

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dog and cat sitting together, both looking at the camera
Courtesy Julie & Ed Vickrey

Do not disturb

Tuna the cat was giving her sibling, Lucy a nice back massage before their human rudely interrupted them to take a picture.

large white dog sitting closely with orange and white cat
Courtesy Marguerite Young

Camera ready

These two really know how to pose. Look at those eyes!

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dog and cat sleeping together on the floor
Courtesy Carol Ramsey

Sleeping partners

Those who nap together, stay together.

cat sitting on the dog in the yard in the bright sunshine
Courtesy Michelle Niederriter

Step stool

The perfect place to catch some rays is on the dog’s back.

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dog and cat cuddling
Courtesy Mary Trussell

Holding her tight

The paws must protect his little head.

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dog and cat sharing one pet bed
Courtesy Estee Kahn

Squished together

This bed is only big enough for one.

dog and cat sleep near eachother on a wide windowsill
Courtesy Tom Strickland

Window sill naps

It’s comfier if you rest your entire body on the sill.

cat holding onto dogs head; cuddling on the couch
Courtesy Joe Head

Hush now

Now that I got him to fall asleep and stop barking, I’m never going to take my arm off of him.

cat pulling on a leash attached to a large dog
Courtesy Joseph Collins

Leash fight

This cat is mad that he can’t go for a walk.

dog and cat touching noses
Courtesy Angela English

Harnessed up

Hey dog, aren’t you supposed to be the one in the harness?

two cats and a dog sitting in one chair looking up at the camera with impatience
Courtesy Judy Clark


It doesn’t get any better than dogs and cats together on a chair. If you’re looking for a little less fluff, check out these hairless dog breeds that are just too cute.

large dog and small cat cuddle
Courtesy David Verran

Too big to spoon

This snuggle position probably made a lot more sense when this dog was a puppy.

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large dog in a small cat bed next to a small cat on a large dog bed
Courtesy Lauren Kern

Wrong beds

Since cats rule the house, pictures of cats and dogs on the wrong-size bed are pretty common.

cat looking judgementally at a dog sitting in a "sploot" position
Courtesy Catherine Angelopoulos


This cat is judging the dog for laying down like that. For even more cuteness, check out these dogs that look like bears.

small kitten sitting with two tough-looking large dogs all sharing one dog bed
Courtesy Betsy Otto

Older siblings

You better not mess with this kitten.

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cat giving a hug to a dog
Courtesy Pam Stewart


Nothing can break this bond.

small dog and cat cuddling and looking at the camera as if they were surprised
Courtesy Melinda Jeffrey

Sharing secrets

Can we help you?

large dog leaning on the edge of a bathtub where two cats are sitting inside
Courtesy Lance & Nancy Berry

Bath time

Don’t mind me, just bathing the cats. They’re going to love it!

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cat squeezing into space by the window where the dog is sitting
Courtesy Natalie Klapa

Neighborhood views

Mom, she took my spot.

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