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40 Funny Vacation Memes That Are Way Too Accurate

Needed vacation essentials: luggage, wallet, passport, vacation memes!

Vacation Memes Ft
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If you’re just starting to plan, are in the middle of packing, or just came back from your trip, these vacation memes will hit close to home. Look to these best memes of 2021, summer memes, or these travel jokes for even more laughs!

When your vacation days get approved
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Step one complete

Getting time away from work isn’t always easy but now that that’s done, you can begin planning your dream vacay. Enjoy these working-from-home memes to kill some time before taking off. 

When Everyone Decides To Go To The Quiet Beach
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Great minds think alike

Talk about a peaceful vacation—not! Speaking of thinking alike, you and your bestie will enjoy reading these funny friend memes a little too much. 

Traveling With Kids Be Like...
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It’s the kid life

Remember the days when it was just you and one to two bags? Not anymore! You’ll probably find these family vacation stories all too relatable.

Running Out Of Work The Day Before Vacation
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See you later!

After staring at the clock waiting for it to strike 5 p.m., it’s time to get out and enjoy those days off.

When Memories Reminds You About Your Vacation A Year Ago
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Happy memories

Vacations are about making memories. It just hurts a tad bit when you’re reminded of them while in the middle of the workday. Don’t be blue—laugh it off with these Labor Day memes that are sure to get you celebrating the end of summer.

Vacation Mode Activated
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Embracing the vacation

Vacation is here and we are living for every second of it. Catch us reading good morning memes, laughing, and splashing all day long.

Coming Back To The Office After Your Trip
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The struggle is real

After a period of no emails, calls, or anything work-related, coming back to reality can be tough. Now, all we can do is sit back and reminisce while laughing at these back-to-work memes

When The Outfits For Your Vacation Come All At Once
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Vacation time means a whole new wardrobe

You can’t blame us for wanting brand new outfits for vacation! Now all we have to do is get the right selfie and caption to keep our followers up-to-date.

When You Forget To Put Sunscreen On
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Tan lines but make them red

While we wait for the sunburn to turn into a golden tan, read these beach puns that will have you in a punny mood all day. 

Leaving Everything Behind And Enjoying The Dog Days
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The dog days of summer

We can’t be sitting around in the heat doing nothing. Follow this dog meme by heading out on vacation with your essentials to avoid this summer’s heat.

When The Work Never Ends
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Where vacation and work meet

We would definitely choose a dreamy destination over a cubicle anytime. Not sure where to start? Check out the best vacation rental websites.

Can You Reach Me? No
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Ignorance is bliss

Vacation time calls for utmost peace and quiet. The only noise we want to hear is the sound of laughter after reading these vacation memes. Keep up the laughs by learning these short jokes that everyone will enjoy! 

Vacationing On A Budget
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Bringing the vacation home

It’s called saving! Live the lavish life at home and save a few bucks here and there.

When You Finally Book Your Vacation
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Done talking the talk

The feeling you get after you’ve finally booked the flight you had talked about countless times. To kill some time before your vacation, read these “what do you call?” jokes that will have you laughing all the way to your destination. 

An Hour Into The Family Vacation
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Car ride besties

A road trip with kids is utterly blissful. Right?! While on vacation, check out these hilarious back to school memes that are way too relatable.

Trying To Explain To Everyone The Carefully Detailed Itinerary You Made
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Itinerary 101

After curating the world’s most detailed itinerary, there is not a moment to spare for questions, so pay attention! Traveling in the United States? Find your state joke before you go! 

When You're Only Gone For A Weekend But Pack 15 Outfits Just In Case.
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Never unprepared

Each day calls for at least four outfit changes in our eyes. One can never be overpacked or over-prepared!

When The Baby Starts Crying And The Plane Hasn't Even Taken Off Yet
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Every flyers nightmare

One thing everyone can agree on no matter if you’re a baby or a full grown adult—flying is never fun. If you can relate to these vacation memes, you’ll be able to relate to these funny tweets

After Someone Asks To Change The Itinerary
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Please no changes

After blood, sweat, and tears, we sure hope no changes are made to this perfectly detailed itinerary.

Realizing Today Is The Last Day Of Vacay Before Going Back To Reality
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Reality check

Going back from bliss to the normal routine can be rough. Now that the vacation is over, post a picture with one of these beach captions to remember all the fun times you had. 

Getting The Picture Perfect Post To Let Everyone Know Where You Are
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Instagram worthy

How else will everyone know you’re off jet-setting around the world?

Deciding If I Should Book Another Trip Like...
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Travelers debate

If it were possible, we’d be going on weekly vacations! While you decide on your next adventure, the easiest decision you’ll make is to read these animal memes.

When They Ask Are We There Yet?
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Road trip struggles

Nothing says a good ol’ fashioned road trip like constantly hearing the number one question on everyone’s mind constantly.

Laughing Through The Pain After You Go A Bit Too Hard Spending All Your Money On Vacation
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Shopping express

We have a few ideas about where some of that money went. At least you can say your t-shirt souvenir is pretty cool! 

The Calm After The Chaos Of Airport Check In
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Airport mode

After arriving a few hours early, getting everyone scanned and checked, everyone gets their own quiet time before the flight.

Checking In Physically, Checking Out Mentally
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A nice welcome

After reading travel quotes and waiting for the day to come, the day is here. Clock out and simply live after reading these vacation memes! 

Forgetting How To Work After Coming Back
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Disappearing act

It’s almost as if everything went blank. This is a common side effect of vacation frenzy.

Reminding Everyone They're Stuck At Home While You Go On Vacation
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Farewell all

Some goodbyes are hard, while others are slightly easier. Vacation goodbyes are definitely our favorites! Laugh at these travel cartoons as you set off on your journey.

When You Try To Look Like A Local But Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb
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Tourist behavior

After trying to understand how to become one with your surroundings, it simply isn’t enough.

Relaxing On Your Vacation After Working Day And Night To Pay For It
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Worth it in the end

Working extra and saving does pay off once you get to your destination. Kick off your shoes and relax for a bit! The perfect way to wind down after scrolling through these vacation memes is to go through these hilarious cat memes

After Day 1 Of The Vacation
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Easiest nap time

No matter how old you get, after a busy day of new adventures we all could sure use a long nap.

When You Forget Something At Home
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The worst feeling

Ever leave headphones, a bathing suit, or anything else important for your dream vacation? We’ve been there! To make things a little better, laugh at these back-to-school memes that everyone can relate to.

When You Don't Know If You Should Clap Too When The Plane Lands
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To join or not to join

When a plane lands you can hear a few applaud the safe landing but not everyone does it. Do you?

How The Road Signs Look When You Can't Use Waze On Your Trip
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Map malfunction

Even if your favorite map app isn’t working, be sure to have your phone handy though to take the best travel photos from your vacation.

Already Trying To Figure Out Where To Go On The Next Vacation
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Eager beaver

Once you get the vacation ball rolling you just can’t stop!

When The Group Trip Turns Into A Solo Trip
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Riding solo

Planning a group trip can be complicated but someone has to be dedicated to the plans. If you’re missing someone, show them you care even on vacation by sending them one of these love memes.

Vacation = Where The People Aren't
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Human break

Ahhhh… the sound of peace.

When You Can't Even Sleep In On Vacation
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Early bird gets the worm

To optimize the time on your dream vacation, one has to wake up early in the morning. We bet you stayed up all night reading these vacation memes.

When Everyone You Know Wants A Souvenir
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Gift shop

Bring an extra suitcase for all your souvenirs!

Realizing How Much You Spent
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No thank you

Sadly, the things we like cost money, especially vacation. Now that you’ve enjoyed these vacation memes, take a look through these book memes.