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100 of the Most Adorable Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say “Awww”

These cute animal pictures will have you making puppy dog eyes at your computer screen.

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Puppy taking a bath in a kitchen sink with soap bubbles on his head
cuppyuppycake/Getty Images

Cute animal pictures you really need to see

We know you can’t resist cute animal pictures, so we gathered 100 of the cutest animal pictures we could find for your ooh-ing and aah-ing pleasure. Some of the cutest animals in the world might be critters you didn’t even know existed! Of course, when you’re going for maximum cuteness, you can’t go wrong with baby animal pictures. There’s just something about a tiny, fluffy, uncoordinated wee one that makes our hearts melt like butter. And it doesn’t stop with cats and dogs! If you’re not lucky enough to live in the country, the adorableness of cute farm animals will get you browsing land listings. Really, we’d like two of every animal, please. Noah had the right idea!

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baby goat
Courtesy Tara Dickinson/Country Extra

This cute little baby

Starting our cute animal pictures off with an intense need to cuddle this kid!

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two dogs carrying one stick
Courtesy Jennifer Pustejovsky

These best friends

Nothing bonds two dogs like sharing a stick, except maybe sharing cute animal pictures with your friends.

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two cats looking out a windo
Courtesy Trish Settecase

These neighborhood watchers

They’re keeping an eye on things.

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Annie the cat
Courtesy Alyssa Jung

This sleepy cat

So sleepy!

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dog on a leash
Courtesy Peyton Cutolo

This thirsty doggo

Get this guy a water, stat!

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two large dogs sitting near christmas tree
Courtesy Loren Gereg

These Christmas boyos

When Santa comes, they’ll be ready for him. Ready and posing for a cute animal picture, that is.

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two cats, one on top of the other, squished in a small space
Courtesy Jim Gember

This sleepy cat that needs a headrest

One cat might be enjoying this more than the other.

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two young horses in a field
Courtesy Susan Nardi/Country

These playful horses

These horses look like they’re best buddies.

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cat with a gift bow on its head
Courtesy Alison Kanski

This sassy cat

I don’t want to be a present! I only want to be a cute animal picture.

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two dogs in a field of flowers
ourtesy Susan McManus

These dogs in a flower field

Try to keep your eyes open for the next picture!

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two cats sitting together; one is thin and dark, the other is large, fluffy, and orange
Courtesy Jennifer Cole

These opposites

Whether fluffy pumpkin or sleek shadow, friendship bridges every divide.

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dog sitting in a folding camp chair in the lake
Courtesy Anita Lantz/Country Extra

This happy camper

Hope he doesn’t float away!

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This funny-looking animal

Possum? Monkey? Either way, he’s a cute animal picture!

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lab and beagle dogs pose together on a grassy hiking trail
Courtesy Diane Alsen

These hiking buddies

Look at that mountain view!

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dog and cat friends
Courtesy Jeanne Hamilton

These unlikely snoozers

We all need a nap, and what’s better than napping with a cuddle buddy? Especially if they’re warm-blooded, and you’re not!

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Dog digging at the beach
Courtesy Beth Howard/Farm and Ranch Living

This dog with lots of energy

She heard there was pirate treasure buried on this beach.

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cat and dog friends
Courtesy Mary Duggleby

These conspirators

Do you really think you could open the treat cupboard?

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cat friends
Courtesy Angie Grosland Jones

This mustachioed pair

These kitty bros definitely know how to get into (and out of!) trouble together, as well as cute animal pictures.

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small bird hanging upside down off a person's hand
Courtesy Roxanne Miller

This topsy-turvy bird

Getting his exercises in. One-two, one-two!

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two cats cuddled in a woven basket
Courtesy Joan Traenkle

These snuggly siblings

They’ve been attached at the hip since birth.

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goat friends playing
Courtesy Casey Errante

These free wheelers

Who’s driving this thing?

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dog friends
Courtesy Jenny Leech

This Chihuahua Captain

All aboard the good ship Pyrenees!

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sheep snuggling a dog with its face
Courtesy Louise Dunham/Farm and Ranch Living

These fluffy friends

We love ewe!

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cat sleeping on a couch
Courtesy Alexandra Kelly

This exhausted cat

Another tiring day of sleeping, eating, and posing for cute animal pictures. Yawn.

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two cat friends sitting on top of each other
Courtesy Allie Zamow

This perplexing perch

Please, get nice and comfy. Don’t mind me.

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dashing dachshunds in suits
Courtesy Lisa Shapiro

These dashing dachshunds

Is the car here yet? We’re ready to make our entrance!

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small kitten and larger dog on a front porch
Courtesy Jan Brown

This big and little pair

Look at the difference in their paws!

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cat napping on paving stones
Courtesy Alison Kanski

This napping cat

Cat naps are the best!

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small dog sticking out the top of a person's overalls
Courtesy Anna Brittain/Country Extra

This snuggly pup

He’s a country boy at heart.

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cat drinking out of a bird bath
Courtesy Ashley Lewis

This thirsty cat

Big stretch!

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an older dog with a younger dog on his back; sitting in the grass
Courtesy Sue Augustus

These matching pups

Such cuties!

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small turtle in a person's hand
seasoning 17/Shutterstock

This tiny turtle

He may be little, but he is fierce.

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guinea pig wrapped up warm and cozy
Courtesy Gabrielle Nicholas

This cozy squeaker

Could anything be cuter than a guinea pig wrapped in a flannel? No? Case closed.

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cat curled up in a bathroom sink
Courtesy Alyssa Jung

This cat who’ll nap anywhere

I’ve been waiting for you, human!

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a dog and a pig pose for a picture
Courtesy Nicki Parker

This unique pair

Who knew a pig and dog could be such good friends?!

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dog close to the camera
Courtesy Sandy Muller/Country Extra

This pensive dog

Look at that fluff!

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duck family walking around
Courtesy Tammy Ritchie

This fowl family

Nothing beats a day at the lake.

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wide-eyed cat
Courtesy Ashley Lewis

This wide-eyed cat

She can get anything she wants with those eyes.

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one parrot hanging onto another parrot who is hanging onto the bars of their open cage
Courtesy Catherine Balkin

These talented parrots

Don’t mind us! Just hanging out!

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two horse friends in winter attire
Courtesy Lynn Redden

These ski bunnies

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Cute animal pictures, hello!

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orange kitten and black and white goat eye each other closely
Courtesy Stacy Barkan/Country

These cute animals

Can you give me a boost?

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two cats sharing one seat; one cat is pushing the other to have more space
Courtesy Steve Holden

These comfy cats

Well, maybe one of them is comfy.

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dog sitting among broken dishes on the floor
Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

This “bad” boy

You can’t stay mad at that face for long.

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dog on a leash sitting in a snowy landscape near a body of water on a sunny day
Courtesy Amy Pfluecke

This snowy dog

Ahh, pondering life at the beach on a winter’s day.

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smiling dog
Courtesy Carol Sumner/Country

This cheesing dog

A master of cute animal pictures, this pooch knows exactly how to smile for the camera.

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close up of black cat in the sun
Courtesy Alyssa Jung

This thoughtful cat

Chicken or fish for dinner?

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dog and bunny nuzzle in the grass
Courtesy Andrea Stetson

This tan and white duo

A bunny and a dog? It doesn’t get cuter than that!

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happy dog in smiling woman's arms

This happy dog

How could you not fall in love with that wrinkly face?

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happy large black dog with a flower perched on his head; smiling in the sun
Courtesy Michelle and Jonathan Lo

This nature-lover

A flower child!

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two baby goats snuggled together sitting on a blanket
Courtesy Leanne Lauricella

These smirking goats

The sass!

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dog admiring a butterfly
Courtesy Victoria Lorrekovich Miller

This gentle lepidopterist

The pooch and the monarch… it’s like a fairytale!

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two small dogs sitting on the couch dressed to go out in cold weather with neck warmers and hats with pom poms on top
Courtesy Cindy Johnson

These bundled up pups

They are ready for the cold!

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sleeping cat
Morgan Cutolo/rd.com

This sleeping cat

White whiskers on a black cat are the cutest thing ever.

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large dog sitting alert in the grass
Courtesy Denise and Frank Sebastianelli

This lounging dog

She has such a beautiful coat.

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kitten sitting on older cats back
Courtesy Isagani Rabino

This cat duo

Look at those faces!

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small dog with its head out the car window and hair blowing back on a sunny day near farmland
Courtesy Beth Howard/Farm and Ranch Living

This dog with a blow-out

I feel just like Beyoncé.

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dog on asphalt in late orange sun
Courtesy Joelle Zimmerman/Farm and Ranch Living June/July 2017

This majestic dog

Look at the sun shining off that gorgeous coat.

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cat and dog friends lounging
Courtesy Kerdie Bates

These lounging pals

No matter how fluffy you personally are, you’re always more comfortable on an even fluffier pillow.

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two dogs trying to hold on to the same ball
Courtesy Lisa Milligan

This playful pair

The simplest things can entertain dogs for hours. Just like us and cute animal pictures.

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young girl holds the lead of a brown cow and poses close to the cows head
Courtesy Gina Schauer/Farm and Ranch Living June

These buddies are ready for their close-up

This cow has the sweetest eyes.

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two medium sized dogs sitting on old farm equipment with matching red bandanas
Courtesy Keitha McKinnis/Farm and Ranch Living

These matching dogs

It’s called fashion.

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two cats cuddling in bed
Courtesy Jordan Doyle

These cuddling cats

You probably want to curl up in bed with them too.

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dog standing on two legs with his front paws up in the air
Courtesy Jacqueline Giacalone

This fluffy cutie

Would definitely hug.

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pig looking at the camera through the fence
Courtesy Jason Mullins/Farm and Ranch Living

This nosy pig

You’ve got some dirt on your nose. Here are other adorable pig pictures to brighten your day!

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small dog standing in the drivers seat of a car with his paw on the steering wheel looking out the windshield
Courtesy Kimberly Conner

This nervous driver

Get out of the road!

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black cat looking up a scratching pole at a toy hedgehog at the top
Courtesy Brian Lutz

This ambitious cat

Dream big. You can get it, little guy.

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two pink piglets sleeping closely in their pen
Courtesy Mary Maag

These pink friends

They look so soft.

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dog wearing a knit neck warmer
Courtesy Stephanie Holmes

This fashionable dog

How can you resist these cute animal pictures, especially this one? We love how the scarf color compliments his socks.

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group of four dogs pose for a photo
Courtesy Susan Purdy

This group of furr-iends

The gang’s all here!

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two cats behind the spindles of a bannister
Courtesy Matthew Florence

These cool cats

They clearly run the house.

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low angle of a small dog on a leash walking on a sunny fall day
Geoff Hardy/Shutterstock

This playful pooch

Some pooches need a once-a-week sprinting session, while others prefer one once a day or a long, chilled walk with lots of sniffing stops.

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rear view of three hairless cats sitting in a row and staring intently out a glass door
Courtesy Jami Kenyon

These detective cats

I wonder what’s out there. More cute animal pictures, perhaps?

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three goats standing near the barn door
Courtesy Lauren Ruddell/Farm and Ranch Living

These gorgeous goats

Welcome to our farm. Don’t miss these funny goat pictures that are perfect for kidding around.

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happy bulldog puppy walking in the grass
Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

This excited puppy

Puppy smiles are really the best.

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low angle close up of pug dog sleeping on the floor
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

This sleepy doggo

Dogs are expert nappers. It takes practice!

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happy corgi puppy on his back of the floor of a car
Courtesy Rebecca Johnson

This big belly

Look at that smile and that cute belly!

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cat laying on the bannister railing of the deck on a foggy day
Courtesy Patrick Lewis

This lounging cat

This skinny railing is the perfect place to rest.

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horse with braided bangs wearing a coat
Courtesy Winsley Jerauld

This dressed-up horse

A beautiful braid.

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two white and gray ferrets frolicking in a field of dandelions on a sunny day
Courtesy Kallie Kantos

These ferret friends

Getting some fresh air.

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happy cat on his back on a desk next to a laptop
Courtesy Taylor Cutolo

This happy cat

Working from home has tons of purr-ks.

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Four cats on a white sheet
Courtesy Randy Karg

These newborn kittens

We just can’t stand these cute animal pictures—get a load of these absolutely adorable kittens!

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Two white dogs snuggling on a pillow
Courtesy Audrey Smith

These cuddling dogs

Hope they don’t snore!

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Brown dog resting his head on a a couch
Courtesy Susie Grant

This wide-eyed pup

One more treat, please.

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happy cream-colored dog smiling and sitting in a pile of leaves at the park
Courtesy April Talley

This autumn-lover

Dashing through the leaves, on a brisk autumnal day…

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Cat sitting at dinner table with spaghetti and meatballs and a glass of milk
Courtesy Daniell Shirazi

This first date

He seems nervous… maybe he’s lactose-intolerant?

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Cottontail rabbit with little boy
Courtesy Andrea Koonce

These best friends

There’s nothing like the friendship between a boy and his bunny.

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Baby frog in the palm of a hand.
Courtesy Katherine Lyons

This tiny frog

He’s so little!

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A black cat with her chin being scratched.
Courtesy Alyssa Jung

This black cat

So relaxed.

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puppy running towards the camera in the snow
Courtesy Brandon Tatar

This snow-loving dog

Puppy prints in the snow.

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Gorilla eating a carrot slice
Courtesy Harriet Denning

This carrot-loving chimp

Nothing says cute animal pictures like a chomping chimp!

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