A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

25 Funny Friend Memes to Send to Your Bestie

You'll want to send these to your bestie ASAP.

Reminiscing With My Bestie About The Rd Memes We Sent Each Other
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Friends who meme together stay together

Your friends are some of the most important people in your life. They are always there for you when you’re feeling down, support you unconditionally, and never fail to make you smile. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express your relationship, but these funny friend memes really say it all. Since you probably love finding the best memes to send to your friends, whether they be the silliest funny animal memes or the cheesiest love memes, look no further than these funny best friend memes to really get them laughing. What better way to send your pals some love than through your shared sense of humor?

We’ll be best friends forever because you already know too much
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They know all your secrets

They may even know you better than you know yourself.

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When you start thinking about how much you love and appreciate your BFF
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What would you do without them?

One of the greatest people you have ever met.

When you and your bestie end up on different paths but still support each other no matter what
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Your number one fan

They root for you no matter what.

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Me and my best friend taking a selfie for Facebook
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How does my hair look?

Make sure to snap enough photos so you both find one you like.

when your best friend tells you that she can't find the man she's dating on social media
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Under investigation

This is a case for the FBI.

the moment when you vow to never let your best friend
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Partners in crime

If they go down, you go down with them.

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Meme text: Getting comfy to FaceTime your BFF because you know it’s going to be a long one
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Best time of day

You never run out of things to talk about, including these funny friend memes.

Meme text: Running to help your best friend in their time of need
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On my way!

They are there for you through thick and thin.

Meme text: Finally getting to share all the juicy secrets you learned with your besties
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Girls’ night

They always have the best gossip. Bookmark these funny friendship quotes to share with your BFF!

Meme text: When you and your bestie reminisce on old memories
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The good ol’ days

No one will laugh with you like they do.

Meme text: When your friend says you can get ready at her house
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Just bringing a couple things…

I can leave all this here, right?

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Oh, Don’t Worry. Your Secret Is Safe With Me … And My
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A package deal

You know you’re about to call your BFF as soon as you hang up.

I Love You Because You’re Just As Weird, If Not Weirder Than I Am.
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Mutual weirdness

I can’t believe I found someone who has more odd quirks than I do.

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Texting Your Friend If You Can Come Over, But You’re Already In Their Driveway
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I’m closer than you think

I’ll be there in 30…seconds.

When Mom Says You Can Have A Sleepover
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For all the childhood besties

The best feeling in the world.

You And Your Best Friend Driving To Target
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Road trip!

You always have the most fun together, even when doing something mundane.

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Right After You And Your Best Friends Say You’re Going On A Diet
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Starting tomorrow

Pizza is healthy, right? What if we order a salad with it?

Me On The Phone With My Bestie When A Minor Inconvenience Occurs
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Can you believe it?

They will always take your side.

Explaining To Your Bff For The 100th Time That You Don’t Care If They Cleaned Their House; You Only Care That They Have Wine
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Pinot or cabernet?

As long as they have the wine, you’ll be there in a Prosecco.

You When Someone Hurts Your Best Friend
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Ready for battle

No one can upset my best friend…only I’m allowed to do that.

Ready To See Your Bestie After A Long Week Apart
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The highlight of the week

I can’t wait to sit on the couch and do nothing with you.

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My Besties And I As Senior Citizens Still Laughing At The Same Stories
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Together forever

You’re stuck with me.

You’ll Always Be My Deerest Friend
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Oh deer

I’m quite fawn’d of you.

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Laughing At All The Memes Your Bff Sends You
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The funniest person you know

Some of these funny friend memes, perhaps?

I’ll Always Share My Last Cookie With You
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True love

The makings of a beautiful friendship. If these funny friend memes reminded you how much you love your bestie, surprise them with one of these best friend gifts for every type of friend.

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