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Cat Puns

Make everyone meow out loud with these cat puns!

Are you a cat or dog person? Discover our collection of funny cat puns and jokes that are sure to make both cat and dog lovers laugh.

Gym Kitty

Q: What did the gym coach say to the cat? A: Have you paid your annual fleas?

Rich Kitty

Q: What do you call a cat that throws all the most expensive parties? A: The Great Catsby

Smart Kitty

Q: What is a well-read cat's favorite book? A: Of Mice and Men

Another bad cat joke

Q: Wanna hear a bad cat joke? A: Just kitten!

How Cats Drive

Q: What kind of sports car does a cat drive? A: A Furrari.

Beauty Cat

Q: What do you call a cat that’s a beauty influencer? A: Glamourpuss.

Spoiled Kitty

Q: What do you call a cat that gets anything it wants? A: Purrr-suasive.

Christmas Cat

Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with Father Christmas? A: Santa Claws!

Under Arrest

Q: What do you call a cat that gets caught by law enforcement? A: The purrpatrator.

Pretty in Purple

Q: What’s every cat’s favorite color? A: Purrrrrrple!

Obsessed With Meowself

Q: What does the narcissistic cat say as she looks in the mirror? A: I am pawsitively gorgeous.

Poor Kitty

Q: What did the cat say when he went bankrupt? A: I feel so paw!

Online Shopping

Q: Why don’t cats like shopping online? A: They prefer a cat-alogues.

Cat Computer

Q: Why was the cat sitting on the computer? A: He was keeping an eye on the mouse!

Mixed with Vinegar

Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? A: A sourpuss!

Cat’s Pajamas

Q: What do cats wear at night? A: Paw-jamas.

Octopus or Cat?

Q: What do you call a cat with eight legs that likes to swim? A: An octo-puss.

First Aid Kitty

Q: Why did the cat join the Red Cross? A: She wanted to be a first-aid kit!


Q: There were 10 cats in a boat and one jumped out. How many were left? A: None, because they were all a bunch of copycats.

Feline Upset

Q. What do you call it when a cat wins first place at a dog show? A. A cat-has-trophy.

The Fur is Flying

CAT TO OWNER: Why are you so upset that I shed on the couch? It's called fur-niture!

Run, Kitty, Run

Q. What do you call a sad cat that's in a hurry? A. A Russian Blue. (Credit: @CatPuns)

Kitty Litter

Did you hear about the woman who refused to get her female cat spayed? She was arrested for littering.

Fizz for Felines

Q. Which two sodas does a cat like best? A. Dr. Peppurr and Meowntain Mew.

Flyin’ Felines

Q. What do you call it when a swarm of cats slows down your airplane? A. Purr-bulence. (Credit: @CatPuns)

Britain Kittens

Q. What's a British cat's favorite fantasy book? A. Hairy Pawter and the Philoso-purr's Stone.

Shorthair Cat

Q. What do you call a kitten that cuts her hair really short? A. A bob cat!


A CAT'S FAVORITE LITERATURE CHARACTERS: Holden Clawfield Jay Catsby Catticus Finch (Credit: Buzzfeed)

Cat Cops

Q. What did the cat do after her home was broken into? A. She called claw enforcement.

Meow Romantic

Q. What's a tomcat's ultimate romantic goal? A. To find a nice girl cat and whisker away.

The Love of His Lives

A cat is making a declaration of love to his beloved. “I’d die for you!” he tells her. She looks back at him skeptically and replies, “Oh yeah? How many...

Cat Fight

Q. What do cats do after having an argument? A. Hiss and make up.


Q. Why don't cats mind when someone copies them? A. Because imitation is the sincerest form of cattery.

Shakespurr (Part 1)

Q. What's a cat's favorite Shakespeare play? A. Romeow and Mew-liet.

Shakespurr (Part 2)

Q. What's a cat's favorite Shakespeare quote? A. "Tabby, or not tabby, that is the question."

Sick Kitty

You're not feline well? Do you need a purramedic?

Shoe Sleeper

Q: What do you call a cat sleeping in your shoe? A: Puss in boots.

Star Trek Cat

Live long and pawspurr

Cat Lies

Q: What did the cat say when his friend asked if he was lying? A: I'm not kitten you.

Purebred Cat?

No wonder he has such cattitude.

Sleepy Cat

Q: Is he catatonic?
 A: No, just taking a cat nap.

Cat Puns

I am not a scaredy cat.

But, I must admit, cat puns freak meowt.

Stack of Cats

Q: What do you call a big pile of cats? A: A purramid