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45 Friday Memes That Will Have You Laughing Into the Weekend

These funny Friday memes will kick off your weekend with a much-deserved laugh

Friday Memes 26 1
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Funny Friday memes that will make you say TGIF!

After a long week at work, nothing is more rewarding than that Friday feeling. You know the one—that feeling of relief, excitement and sweet, sweet freedom. While Monday memes, Hump Day memes and coffee memes are sure to give you the giggles, there’s nothing like some good laughs at the end of the week. What better way to kick off the weekend than with the best memes about the best day of the week? So swap out your jeans for sweatpants, let your hair down, grab your favorite snack and get laughing at these funny Friday memes to start the weekend right. Then, read these Friday quotes to help you have a great day.

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I Can Smell The Weekend
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And exhale all that negativity that can be put on hold until Monday. Still have a few hours of the workday to go? These funny work memes will help you make it through.

Friday Got Me Like
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Strike a pose

Too cool for school. Check out these back-to-school memes that will crack you up before the big day.

Friday Memes 3
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See ya!

If you feel the urge to email, call or text, please don’t. Same goes if you’re taking a long weekend, in which case you might want to send a few of these vacation memes too.

That Its Friday And I Just Got Paid Look
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I’ll be getting the expensive wine this evening. If you’re loving these “happy Friday” memes, check out these back-to-work memes that are way too relatable.

When You Wake Up And Realize Its Friday
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You’re kidding!

It’s finally here. Start planning your toast for happy hour!

When You Think Its Thurday But You Find Out Its Actually Friday
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Sweet relief

We made it. This just may be the perfect “good morning” meme to your work bestie.

Leaving Work On A Friday
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Peace out

As soon as the clock strikes 5, we let the weekend memes do the talking. When Monday rolls around, these motivating Monday quotes will take the edge off.

Its Friday
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The best day of the week. Text your BFF these funny friend memes that will start off your weekend right.

Getting Ready For Friday Night
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Time to prepare

How does this shade look? If you’re celebrating someone special this weekend, these funny birthday memes will also come in handy.

Leaving Work On A Friday Like
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Leaping into the weekend

And possibly ending with a pirouette.

When You Go To Sleep Friday Night Knowing You Dont Have To Get Up For Work The Next Day
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Sweet dreams

The bed just seems even more cozy. Of course, if you’re a parent, your Saturday morning might not be all that relaxing—in which case, enjoy these all-too-relatable mom memes with a (really strong) cup of coffee.

When Your Boss Asks You To Do Something At 5pm On A Friday
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Don’t you realize it’s wine o’clock?

Raise Your Hand If You Love Fridays
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But seriously, who doesn’t? If you love this one, you’ll paws-itively adore these dog memes too.

Everything Can Wait Until Monday
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It can wait

I got 99 problems, but they can all wait until Monday. Definitely one of the most relatable “happy Friday” memes on this list.

That Friday Glass Of Wine
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Much deserved

It always tastes just a little bit sweeter.

Its Friday! Lets Get Out Of Here!
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Au revoir!

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the bar, where you can share these adorable animal memes with your buds.

Its Friday Time To Pawty
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Raise the woof

The ulti-mutt end to a long week. Sorry, we can’t resist a good dog pun!

After Work On Friday
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A beautiful feeling

It’s going to be a good weekend, filled with great weekend memes.

Since Last Friday
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So true

And I’ll probably be excited again next Friday too.

Orange You Glad Its Friday
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Eye roll

But I actually am feeling pretty glad. And really, who doesn’t love a silly fruit pun?

Friday Memes 21
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Where have you been?

Glad you finally decided to show up!

Friday At 4.59pm
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On your mark …

… get set … go!

This Is My Friday Face
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The most genuine of smiles.

Friday Memes 24
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Breathe it in

Deep breaths. If that doesn’t scream happiness (er, silently), we don’t know what does.

Friday Memes 25
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Important phone call

Hello? Yes, I’ll be there soon. And I’ll bring even more wine puns with me.

Friday Memes 26 1
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Big hugs

But it always does.

Hey Mom! I Can See Friday!
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So close

It’s coming!

Me Working On Friday
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Excuse me, I have an important call.

Get In. Its Friday.
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Where to?

Hello, my name is Scruffy. I’m your Uber driver. More of a cat person? These cat memes will be just what you need to start the weekend right.

What I Really Do On Friday Nights
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Netflix? Is that you?

The best kind of evening.

Friday Memes 31
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Totally tardy

You’re late, Friday! We’ve been waiting for you all week—when else are we going to read these funny Friday memes?

Friday Memes 32
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On the case

It doesn’t take a detective to realize that Friday is the best day of the week.

Friday Memes 33
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Laptop closed = the weekend has begun. No need to look at these funny work quotes until Sunday night!

Friday Memes 34
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Frightfully good

Even Jason would have to agree: Nothing beats a Friday. Except maybe Halloween, since it comes with these Halloween memes.

Friday Memes 35
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Hip, hop, hooray—it’s officially Friday!

Friday Memes 36
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Three blind working mice

Sorry, Charlie. There’s something wrong with my eyes, and I won’t be able to read my emails until Monday morning.

Friday Memes 37
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Jammin’ tunes

Well, the Bangles did, but they were wishing it was Sunday! We know you’re singing in your head—check out these awesome funny songs to sing along to all weekend.

Friday Memes 38
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Weekend warriors

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Friday Memes 39
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Just hangin’ out

Just swinging by to say you’re doing great and it’s almost the weekend!

Friday Memes 40
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Sweet dreams

It’s not me, Monday—it’s you. When that time does roll back around, though, make sure to always do these things on a Monday.

Friday Memes 41
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I heart …

We always recommend wearing your heart on your sleeve—or in this case, across your chest.

Friday Memes 42
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Congratulations are in order! You made it through another week!

Friday Memes 43
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20/20 vision

You don’t need perfect vision to see Friday on the horizon.

Friday Memes 44
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Say cheese!

No forced smiles on a Friday, especially when looking at these funny Friday memes!

Friday Memes 45
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Taking it in stride

We made it! Now take advantage of those two glorious days and fill them with important things like asking Siri a bunch of funny questions and looking through these funny photos.

Additional reporting by Lucie Turkel.

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