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55 Wholesome Memes You Can’t Help But Smile At

These wholesome memes will make you smile in spite of yourself.

Get Ready For Your Daily Dose Of Wholesome Content
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The rumors are true. The Internet actually can be a heartwarming place. With so much negativity being pushed to the top of our screens every time we hop online, it’s easy to forget how much good there is going on in the world. So we created some of the best memes that will warm your heart, much like these cat memes, dog memes, happy birthday memes, feminist memes and Friday memes. These wholesome memes may even make you feel a little nostalgic, so you’ll want to send these around as soon as you see them.

In Case No One Told You Yet Today, You’re Doing Great
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Friendly reminder 

You’re doing the best you can, and that’s awesome. This would be such an encouraging good morning meme to wake up to, don’t you think?

Love And Support Button
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I got you

If only this button were real so you could send it to your pals. Instead, this funny friend meme will just have to do.

When You Wake Up For Work But Remember You Have The Day Off
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Back to work? No, back to bed.

When You’re Waiting For Your Bestie And Finally See Them
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Love you

What’s worse than being apart from the people you love? Not being able to pet these cute animals.

When You Get That Random Boost Of Motivation While Procrastinating
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A pleasant surprise

The key to having a great day? Procrastinating just long enough to be hit with inspiration but not so long you miss your deadlines.

Me When Im Sad
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Mom hugs

There’s nothing in the world quite like a hug from a mother. In addition to these wholesome memes, these heartwarming true stories will restore your faith in humanity.

When Someone Remembers Something Small About You
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Happy tears

When a friend remembers a small detail about us, it helps us feel seen. Read up on the most remarkable stories of the most unlikely friendships.

When Your Partner Says You Should Both Work On Your Relationship
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Say no more

Anyone have a soldering iron?

When I Tell My Bestie Something I Have Already Told Them So Many Times
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Repeating stories

Hey, we can’t remember everything. You’ll want to send these funny best friend tweets to your BFF immediately.

Tiptoeing Over The Newly Swiffered Floor As If That Doesn’t Make It Dirty
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Such a wholesome gesture

It’s the thought that counts.

When You Get Your Homework Back And It Has A Sticker On It Because You Did Great
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A job well done

Who wants to start a petition for adults to get stickers at work?

When You Look For Someone Who Always Has Your Back
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It’s me

If you want to count on someone, try counting on yourself first.

Me Giving The Uber Driver Five Stars Because They Didn’t Talk The Entire Ride
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Calling all introverts

Small talk while being trapped in a car with someone is a personal nightmare.

Remembering That Its Okay To Take A Break And Rest
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Naps are OK

You’re doing the best you can!

When Your Best Friend Tells You That You’re More Like Family
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Right back at you

I’m not crying—you’re crying.

When You Just Saw Your Friend Yesterday, But They Act Like It’s Been Forever
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I love you

Everyone should greet their best pals like this.

When Youre Short A Few Cents But The Cashier Says It’s Fine
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Day is made

It may be a small amount of money, but it can have a big impact on your outlook for the day. Here are some more small acts of kindness that can instantly brighten someone’s day.

When My Friend Asks If I Have Time For A Heart To Heart
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Make time

I’ll be there for you.

When A Baby Smiles At You
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Happy baby

There’s just something about baby smiles—especially when they are directed at you. If you laughed at this, you’ll love these funny baby photos.

Me Taking A Picture Of My Favorite Person
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Spoiler alert: It’s you!

Your Bestie Taking A Hundred Photos Of You Until You Get One You Like
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New profile pic

It’s all about the angles.

You’re The “yee” To My “haw”
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Just some Western love

My favorite cowboy.

When Your New Friend Tells You They Love You For The First Time
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So heartwarming

Our friendship just hit the next level.

Opening Up A Brand New Book And Smelling That New Book Smell
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Possibly better than reading

Smells like an adventure. Readers, these book memes will make you feel seen.

When You Go Back To An Old Hobby And Youre Still Good At
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Still got it

It’s like riding a bike.

When You Finally See A Bud On The Plant You’ve Been Watering For Months
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It’s happening

Flowers are coming.

Whenever You Feel Down Or Lost, Just Remember That You Are Growing Every Single Day
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Some water and sunlight should do the trick.

When You Open The Pickle Jar On The First Try
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Thank you, thank you

Hold your applause.

When You Come Home And See Your Dog
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Pure joy

Will there ever be anyone more excited to see you? Check out these absolutely adorable photos of baby animals that will warm your heart.

You And Your Deadlines Meeting Each Other On Time
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It happens

And now you can rest.

When You’re Going Through Old Photos
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The nostalgia

Stroll down memory lane. It has a nice view.

Next Time You Cringe At Something You Did In The Past, Remember It Means That You’ve Grown As A Person
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You: new and improved.

When You And Your Friends All Go Down Different Paths But Are Still Friends In The End
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Good friends offer endless support no matter where life takes you.

When Someone Makes You Your Favorite Food
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True love

A home-cooked meal is peak thoughtfulness. Not sure how to return the favor? These stories on the touching kindness of strangers are about to inspire you.

When You And Your High School Bff Meet Up After A Long Time, But You Both Remember The Inside Jokes
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Wholesome memes for friends

It’s like no time has passed.

When Your Grandparents Are Telling The Story Of How They Met
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Love story

They found the most beautiful kind of love.

When You Pick Up A Book After A Long Day Of Stress
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Happy reading!

Books are the best therapy.

My Past Self Seeing That I Accomplished Something I Never Thought I Would
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Nailed it

You did it!

How You Looked At Your Partner When You First Met Vs. How You Look At Them Now
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So romantic

They were your favorite person then, and they are your favorite person now.

When You’re Sad And Put Your Headphones In To Listen To Your Favorite Song
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The cure

Music has power.

When Your Friend Likes Something You Recommended To Them
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My love language

Share the love by sharing the things you love.

When You Still Give The Delivery Guy A Good Tip Even Though He Did A Poor Job Because You Know He’s Just Doing The Best He Can
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In cash

We’re all just trying to make a living. Don’t miss these kindness memes that will inspire you to spread cheer.

When The Person You Like Likes You Back
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My heart just grew three sizes.

Love Is Keeping Each Other Warm
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There is no better feeling.

When You Aren’t Depressed That It’s Monday Because You Actually Love Your Job
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It’s possible

We still need coffee though … and these coffee memes.

When Grandpa Let You Win The Game Even Though Hes Much Better Than You
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Your number one fan

He just wanted you to be happy.

When You See Your Best Friend Hitting It Off With Their Crush
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Love is in the air

Your bestie deserves everything.

That Face Someone Makes When They Are Watching You Open A Present They Got You
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The only thing better than receiving a present

There is just something so sweet about gift-giving.

When A Random Person Runs After You Because You Dropped Something
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This is a game-changer if you’ve dropped your wallet or keys.

When You’re Sick, But Your Mom Brings You Soup And Ginger Ale
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Soups on

Momma knows best.

When Your Partner Posts A New Picture
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Wholesome love memes

You just adore them so much.

When A Bee Lands On You, Remember That You Were Just Confused For A Flower
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Hold still

You’re a beautiful flower.

When A Toddler Hands You A Plastic Phone And You Pick It Up To Say Hello
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Ring ring

It’s the rule.

Waiting For Your Partner To See The Meme You Texted Them From Across The Room
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Check your phone

Hello from the other couch. You can also try sending them a cute pun while you’re at it. 

When You Finish A Huge Assignment And Close All Your Tabs
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The best feeling

Finally at peace. Now that you’ve smiled your way through these wholesome memes, keep the smiles going by looking at these cute puppy pictures.

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