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47 Funny Monday Memes to Start Off the Week with a Laugh

These funny Monday memes will wake you up faster than your morning coffee

Don't Sleep On Rd's Monday Memes
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Monday memes to get you through the day

Monday definitely takes the cake for being the worst day of the week, but with great hatred comes great responsibility—humorous responsibility, that is. Since most of us are in agreement that Mondays are the absolute worst, there are many funny Monday memes out there that make getting back into the swing of things just a little more bearable until it’s time for these Hump Day memes and Friday memes.

We’ve put together some of the best memes about Mondays that you’ll want to share with everyone you know ASAP. The beautiful thing about Mondays is that we’re all in this together. We all feel that unique pain, but these funny Monday memes will help! (So will coffee memes and, you know, actual coffee.) To procrastinate a little more on this never-ending day, check out these good morning memes and have a great day memes for even more laughs before settling in to start your workday.

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Monday, Already?
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It’s here

The weekends go by too fast. If these funny Monday memes don’t cheer you up, these cat memes will.

I Haven’t Been This Tired Since Last Monday
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It’s so strange how this keeps happening every week! Check out these happy birthday memes that will help you have a great celebration even if your big day is on a Monday.

Ready To Start The New Week Meme


Is anyone really ever ready? If you’re ready for a vacation instead, check out these hilarious vacation memes that are way too accurate.

That Monday Morning Glow
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Good morning!

In need of a breath mint and a Monday morning meme. Your co-workers will thank you.

How I Feel About Monday’s…
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Just a small tantrum

Is it the weekend yet? If tantrums are a regular part of your life, we bet you’ll relate to these mom memes.

Me Every Monday
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Don’t mind me

I’m just going to lie here for a couple of minutes. Admit it: This funny picture is way too relatable.

Me Before Monday My Morning Coffee
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Soothing the savage beast

It’s so important. You might be feeling this way when you go back to work as well.

May I Have A Monday Sized Cup Of Coffee To Go, Please?
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Cream and sugar

I’ll take the largest size you have. To make someone’s day, pay it forward by paying for the drink of the person behind you, then spread some additional cheer with these kindness memes.

What’s That Smell? Oh, It’s Monday…
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It smells like the death of the weekend and the beginning of a fresh workweek.

Why Is Monday So Far From Friday, Yet Friday Is So Close To Monday?
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Seems fishy

Who can we petition to get this changed?

Monday Memes 11
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It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s a fresh start. Here are more wholesome memes that will make you smile.

Monday Memes 12
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Words of encouragement

We’ll make it to Tuesday soon enough.

Hello! I’m Here To Make Your Monday A Little Better!
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Spoiler alert: It worked. Dog memes always have a way of doing that!

How You Sit At Your Desk At Work On A Monday
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Looking at memes, obviously

How else are you supposed to get inspired if not for these “happy Monday” memes? Maybe with some hilarious animal memes instead?

When The Alarm Goes Off On Monday Morning And You Have To Think If You Really Need Your Job
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Pros and cons

Is it really worth it to wake up so early?

Monday Memes 16
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That was fast

We will likely never learn our lesson on this one.

Monday Memes 17
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At least it feels that way

The longest day of the week. As for Mondays when Mercury is in retrograde? That math might break our brains.

Monday Memes 18
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New week, new you

Start the week strong by feeling good about yourself … and try to hold on to that feeling past 10 a.m.

I’m Just A Friday Girl Living In A Monday World
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A different vibe

Let the countdown to the weekend begin.

Monday Memes 20
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Please go away

Is this too much to ask?

And For My Next Trick, I’m Going To Make The Weekend Disappear
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Just a little Monday magic for you. (If only!) These Monday motivation quotes might be the next best thing.

Me Driving To Work On Monday
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Don’t talk to me

It would just be best if you didn’t say anything.

Warning Going To Sleep On Sunday Will Result In Monday
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Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Dear Monday, It’s Not Me, It’s You
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It’s you

That’s how the saying goes, right?

When You Can’t Believe What A Week It’s Been, But It’s Only Monday
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Long day

Reward yourself with a nap, and maybe share one of these funny friend memes with your bestie to get through the day.

Monday Memes 26
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Let’s all pray.

Monday Memes 27
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Have no fear

Heroes don’t always wear capes. Here are more funny coffee quotes for java lovers.

My Monday Morning Face
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Still cute

It’s a look. He probably needs these funny dog pictures to cheer up.

Mr. Owl, How Many Sips Of Coffee Does It Take To Get Through A Monday?
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Let’s find out

One, a-two, a-three—yeah, not enough.

Ready To Conquer Monday
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You got this

Only four more days until Friday!

A parent and child tell each other stories inside a cosy tent lit up in a dark room of their home
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It tells itself

There’s a reason it’s called the Sunday Scaries.

Trying To Smile At Work On Monday Morning 473868076
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Smiling through the exhaustion

Whether on a Zoom call or in person, we all know that struggle. Like a funny Monday morning meme, these good morning quotes will help.

Monday Memes 33
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We’ve all had those days

Aren’t they all.

Are You Ready For Monday Meme

Simple math

On Monday, every chart in a work meeting looks like this.

Monday Memes 35
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A worthy adversary

It’s almost like it happens ~52 times a year or something. If your Monday looks a lot like your Sunday, only less fun, you’ll appreciate these working-from-home memes.

Monday Memes 36
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Horror story

Even Freddy Krueger is afraid of his alarm clock on a Monday morning.

Monday Memes 37
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Peace and quiet

Just pipe down for one second, please. Some of us at this conference table still haven’t fully woken up and are trying to read these Monday memes to cope.

Monday Memes 38
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Zombie commute

Because we’re all the walking dead on a Monday morning. If you’ve got a major case of the Monday blues, check out these funny work memes to brighten your day.

Monday Memes 39
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Stiff competition

There’s no doubt who would win a Monday-versus-Friday competition. Our money is on the TGIF titan every time.

Monday Memes 40
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Goodbye, weekend

Why are those “Hope you had a nice weekend!” emails always so jarring? Ignore your inbox for a few more minutes, and check out these funny work quotes to make the workweek a little more bearable.

Monday Memes 41
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Sunday scaries

Must … stay … awake.

Monday Memes 42
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Pound the alarm

We’re guessing you got this riddle right! After all, there’s nothing scarier than an alarm clock going off at 6 a.m. on a Monday morning!

Monday Memes 43
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Eyes wide shut

Blinders on, please!

Monday Memes 44
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Cry me a river

This is worse than a song about heartbreak. Check out these funny songs to get you out of a Monday funk.

Monday Memes 45
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Weekday warrior

Mondays get a bad rap. What about Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

Monday Memes 46
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Sleep tight

Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day: Thank you.

Monday Memes 47
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All tied up

When the day’s just not going right, blame it on the fact that it’s a Monday. If you want to try and improve your Monday luck, check out these things you should always do on a Monday, according to experts.

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