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15 National Geography Bee Questions Only Geniuses Will Get Right

How well do you know your world geography? Take a whack at these questions, culled from past National Geographic Bee competitions, and see how you measure up.

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Iberian Peninsula

Question 1

Which continent includes the Jutland and Iberian Peninsulas?

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City lights on world map. Europe. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA
NASA images/Shutterstock


Europe. We started with an easy one, but see if you can pass this geography 101 quiz next!

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Vintage (1907 copyright-expired) map showing countries and trade routes
Chad McDermott/Shutterstock

Question 2

In 1971, the British government ended its protectorate in the Trucial States. These states form what present-day country on the Persian Gulf?

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DUBAI, UAE - JANUARY 20: Burj Al Arab hotel on January 20, 2011 in Dubai, UAE. Burj Al Arab is a luxury 5 star hotel built on an artificial island in front of Jumeirah beach


The United Arab Emirates. Get that one too? Next, take this mensa quiz to find if you’re really a genius.

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Map view of Nepal on a geogprahical globe

Question 3

Sikkim, a region between Nepal and Bhutan, is part of what country?

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Taj Mahal on a bright and clear day


India. If you’re acing this test, see if you can pass this elementary school math quiz.

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Geographic map of European Sea of Azov close

Question 4

The Sea of Azov borders Ukraine and what other country?

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Moscow,Russia,Red square,view of St. Basil's Cathedral in winter


Russia. If you got this one right, don’t miss the 25 toughest riddles ever.

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Scandinavia on a world map with Finland in focus

Question 5

People in the most populous Scandinavian country celebrate a festival of light called St. Lucia Day to mark the start of the Christmas season. Name this country.

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Scenic panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) pier architecture in Stockholm, Sweden


Sweden. Brush up on the rest of your geography skills with these geography facts everyone always gets wrong.

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Geographic map of part of Europe

Question 6

Which capital city, located about 20 miles from the Adriatic Sea, is a major industrial center for Albania?

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Skanderbeg square and Skanderbeg monument in Tirana in a beautiful summer day, Albania


Tirana. If you made it this far, give Einstein’s riddle a go and see if you can solve it.

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Map 7
Yanik Chauvin/Shutterstock

Question 7

Iqaluit, which means “place of fish,” is the biggest community on the largest island in the Arctic Archipelago. Name this island.

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Dramatic Mountains Breaking Through the Coastal Clouds in Auyuittiq National Park on Baffin Island near Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada


Baffin Island. If you can find the missing word in this logic puzzle, you might be a genius.

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Question 8

Hiva Oa, one of the main islands in the Marquesas Islands, belongs to what European country?

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Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. Bay of Taiohae, French Polynesia.



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Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Question 9

Cenotes, or sinkholes, such as those found on the Yucatan Peninsula are associated with which rock—basalt or limestone?

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Cenote Samula is 7 km from center of town Valladolid in Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
Peter Zaharov/Shutterstock


Limestone. You might want to try this trivia quiz that only geniuses will get right if you got this one correct!

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Ecuador map background
Alexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock

Question 10

Because Earth bulges at the Equator, the point that is farthest from Earth’s center is the summit of a peak in Ecuador. Name this peak.

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Chimborazo volcano and sheep on the moor, Andes, Ecuador


Chimborazo. If you got that right, check out the rest of these science trivia facts everyone always gets wrong.

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Macro Globe Map Detail 22 Alaska
Kent Weakley/Shutterstock

Question 11

A city on Baranof Island served as the principal town of Russian America until Alaska became a U.S. territory. Name this city.

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A landscape photo with water in the foreground showing sunrise on Mount Edgcome, Sitka, Alaska
Ros Fraser/Shutterstock


Sitka. Now, can you ace this state capitals quiz, or test your knowledge with these U.S. state facts?

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close up of the central america area with Costa Rica in sharp focus

Question 12

Name the eastern-most national capital city in Central America

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 Aerial view of the modern skyline of Panama City , Panama
Gualberto Becerra/Shutterstock


Panama City. Brush up on your history with these history questions everyone always gets wrong.

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Close up of a cactus in the Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA. Succulents and other desert vegetation in sandy dunes, sky and red rocks in the background. Vegetation of an arid region in the United States.
Alex Lerner/Shutterstock

Question 13

Which city is more likely to have desert vegetation?

A. Phoenix

B. New Orleans

C. Denver

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Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.


A. Phoenix. Don’t miss these 15 fascinating facts about America you never knew.

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Macro Globe Map Detail 05
Kent Weakley/Shutterstock

Question 14

Which city is located on Puget Sound?

A. Seattle

B. Portland

C. Sacramento

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View of downtown Seattle skyline in Seattle Washington, USA


A. Seattle. Check out these other U.S. trivia facts your history teacher never taught you.

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North America chart
Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

Question 15

Which state was the first to secede from the United States in the months leading up to the Civil War?

A. Nebraska

B. South Carolina

C. Maryland

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Sean Pavone/Shutterstock


B. South Carolina. If you’re thirsty for more knowledge, be sure to check out these 100 facts about practically everything.

[Source: National Geographic Bee]