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Can You Pass This Tricky American Flag Quiz?

Steeped in tradition, the stars and stripes unveil an inspiring past.

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Original flag of the United States depicted by Betsy Ross.
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June 14, 1777

On this day the Continental Congress resolved that America’s flag should feature 13 white stars on a blue field and 13 alternating red and white stripes, chosen to represent the 13 original colonies. By 1916, President Woodrow Wilson established every June 14 as Flag Day, and Congress enacted a statute in 1949 to do the same. You’ve likely seen plenty of American flag photos, but how much do you know about our grand old flag? Test your red, white, and blue IQ below. You might want to brush up on these American flag facts before you start the quiz.

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george washington painting
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The first unofficial American flag (under George Washington) had what instead of stars in the upper left-hand corner?

A. A solid blue square
B. The British Union Jack
C. Washington’s profile
D. A bald eagle

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UK flag- Unated Kingdom flag, national flag concept
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Answer: B

The British Union Jack was in the upper left-hand corner of the first unofficial American flag. Check out these other interesting facts that will blow your mind.

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American national flag folded to show a single star representing one of the original 13 colonies and red, blue and white stripes in a full frame background view
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An act signed in 1818 by this president called for the flag to have 13 stripes and one star for each state.

A. James K. Polk
B. James Buchanan
C. James Madison
D. James Monroe

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james monroe

Answer: D

James Monroe signed the act for the flag to have 13 stripes and one star for each state. If you think you’re a flag expert, see if you can guess the U.S. state by its flag.

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Vintage camera lens close-up isolated on black

What iconic World War II image won its photographer the Pulitzer Prize?

A. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal
B. V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt
C. The Face in the Surf by Robert Capa
D. Mushroom Cloud over Nagasaki by Lt. Charles Levy

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raising the flag iwo jima
Joe Rosenthal/AP/Shutterstock

Answer: A

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal won a Pulitzer Prize. Make sure you also check out these 10 tricky U.S. war questions.

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Retro old television in vintage white wall background

As this 1950s TV show begins, a flag appears as the narrator touts someone’s “never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way.”

A. Smallville
B. Adventures of Superman
C. Superboy
D. Metropolis

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the adventures of superman

Answer: B

The Adventures of Superman.

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close up to clock face

When hung outside, the flag should only be displayed from when to when?

A. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
B. Noon to 6 p.m.
C. Sunrise to sunset
D. Sunset to sunrise

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American flag
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Answer: C

The flag should be hung outside from sunrise to sunset. These are other etiquette mistakes people don’t realize they make with the American flag.

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star spangled banner flag usa
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The flag that inspired 1814’s “The Star-Spangled Banner” had 15 stripes and 15 stars. Which two states had joined the original 13?

A. Vermont and Kentucky
B. Alabama and Maine
C. Alaska and Hawaii
D. Louisiana and Mississippi

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Montpelier pinned on map.

Answer: A

Vermont and Kentucky joined the original 13 colonies in statehood. Check out these 50 facts about these. 50 U.S. states.

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Man's hands holding a folded American flag
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Why is the American flag folded into a triangle?

A. To make sure no part of the flag (that is not on display) touches the ground
B. To showcase the stars, which symbolize America as a new constellation
C. To honor the battleships that have served us throughout history
D. To symbolize the tricorn hats of colonial soldiers during the Revolutionary War

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Feathered black felt hat, for man or woman, on tentpole in a military camp at a reenactment of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
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Answer: D

The American flag is folded into a triangle to symbolize the tricorn hats of colonial soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

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