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Only True Bookworms Can Ace This Book Trivia Quiz

From children's books to the classics, only true bookworms can ace this book trivia quiz.

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Who is the author of Harry Potter?

A. George R.R. Martin

B. J. K. Rowling

C. Stephanie Meyer

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B. J. K. Rowling

A true Potterhead knows that J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series. George R.R. Martin is the author of the Game of Thrones trilogy, and Stephanie Meyer is the author of the Twilight saga. Prove your knowledge about the boy who lived and try this quiz that only diehard Harry Potter fans can ace.

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Which character in Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is Frankenstein?

A. The monster

B. The orphan

C. The medical student

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C. The medical student

If Frankenstein is one of the books you lie about reading, you probably got this question wrong. Many people who don’t know the full story assume Frankenstein is the name of the monster, but it’s actually the name of the medical student who creates the monster. Test out your cultural knowledge with these trivia questions only geniuses can answer.

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Which Jane Austen novel does Bridget Jones’ Diary use for inspiration?

A. Emma

B. Pride and Prejudice

C. Sense and Sensibility

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B. Pride and Prejudice

Filmmakers draw inspiration from classic Jane Austen books all the time. In fact, Emma and Sense and Sensibility are both inspirations for Clueless and From Prada to Nada, respectively.

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In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne wears this on her bodice

A. The letter A

B. The letter S

C. The letter I

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A. The letter A

Hester Prynne wears a scarlet letter A on her bodice labeling her a sinner in The Scarlet Letter.

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What is the name of the first published Stephen King novel?

A. The Shining

B. Carrie


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B. Carrie

There are too many Stephen King books to count, so this question might slip under the radar. The classic Carrie is the first book he published in 1974. King published The Shinning in 1977 and IT in 1986. Many of the 18 movies that were hit books first are by Stephen King.

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This is the name of the evil alter ego in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A. Dr. Jekyll

B. Mr. Hyde

C. Danvers Carew

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B. Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll has a breakdown, and his evil alter ego is Mr. Hyde.

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Which animal isn’t part of the If You Give … children’s book series?

A. Cat

B. Moose

C. Bear

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C. Bear

Maybe author Laura Numeroff will answer the question about what happens when you give a bear a blackberry. Until then, you’ll just have to read her books about cats, mice, and other animals.

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What is the best-selling novel of all time?

A. Moby Dick

B. Don Quixote

C. A Tale of Two Cities

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B. Don Quixote

An estimate of more than 500 million copies of Don Quixote sold since the release in 1605. Although this book is popular, some people say it’s doesn’t live up to the hype.

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How many unique words are in the Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss?

A. 125

B. 35

C. 50

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C. 50

Seuss was able to tell Green Eggs and Ham with only 50 different words. His editor bet that he couldn’t write a book using fewer words than the 225 words used in The Cat in the Hat, according to Politico.

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What’s the name of the oldest sister in Little Women?

A. Beth

B. Meg

C. Jo

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B. Meg

There’s always a biggest little, and in March family, that’s Meg who is 16 at the start of the story. Jo is 15, Beth is 13, and Amy is 12.

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How does Dorian destroy the painting in The Picture of Dorian Gray?

A. He sets it on fire

B. He stabs it with a knife

C. He tosses it off a cliff

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B. He stabs it with a knife

Dorian Gray stabs the painting with the same knife he used to murder Basil Hallward. If you’re on the hunt for more books like this one, check out the best classic book for you—based on your zodiac sign.

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Which book is not by one of the Bronte sisters

A. Wuthering Heights

B. Jane Eyre

C. Great Expectations

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C. Great Expectations

The Bronte sisters should probably go by the Bronte writers, but none wrote the classic Great Expectations which was penned by Charles Dickens.

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What Robert Frost Poem does Johnny recite to Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

A. “Mending Wall”

B. “The Road Not Taken”

C. “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

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C. “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Two questions in one. Do you know both The Outsiders and Robert Frost poems? Then you know the iconic from Johnny, “stay gold,” comes from “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” The setting is Tulsa, Oklahoma, arguably the most iconic book set in the state. Here’s the best book set in the 49 other states.

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Who was actually the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride?

A. Westley

B. Humperdinck

C. Inigo Montoya

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A. Westley

Westley is the fourth person to take on the name and title of the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride. Westley plans on giving up the role and retiring after rescuing Buttercup.

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Which book is not by a female author?

A. The Great Gatsby

B. A Wrinkle In Time

C. The Handmaid’s Tale

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A. The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald is the author of The Great Gatsby, one of the top 10 books everyone lies about reading.

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