30 Animal Riddles That Are Serious Mind Benders

You'll have a whale of a good time trying to figure these out!

Learning becomes so much more enjoyable for kids when you make it fun for them. Taking something like riddles for kids and using them as a teaching tool can expand little brains and help them work on critical thinking. Plus, with something like these animal riddles for kids, they’ll learn so many fun facts about the animal kingdom!

Just like with math riddles for kids, these animal riddles will really make young ones think about what animal might be the answer. But when you’re quizzing them with rhyming riddles or fun “Who am I?” games, they’re more likely to jump in and not feel like it’s work. To make this even more of an interactive experience, you could have your kids draw the animal they think is the answer! Ahead, find 30 animal riddles for kids, and once you’ve mastered those, hop over to these easy riddles for even more fun.

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What am I?

1. The height of my legs—usually around 6 feet—is taller than most humans. What animal am I?

Answer: A giraffe.

2. I’m an animal you might love, but I’m too big to be your pet. I have an extremely long trunk, and it’s said I never forget. What am I?

Answer: An elephant.

3. You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you’re afraid. This is something that you might eat, as well as its eggs that it laid. What animal am I?

Answer: A chicken.

4. I hide my treasure in the ground, my tail is big and fluffy. If you spot me in a tree, please don’t call me scruffy. What am I?

Answer: A squirrel.

5. It takes me two weeks to digest food, but then again, I’m not noted for being fast. What am I?

Answer: A sloth.

6. I have two long ears, and I don’t walk, I hop. What am I?

Answer: A rabbit.

7. I have wings but I am not a bird. I am small, colorful, and beautiful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. What am I?

Answer: A butterfly.

8. My name sounds like something you might use on your hair or eat for dessert. What am I?

Answer: A moose.

Speaking of moose, learn the correct plural of moose.

9. The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go Z to A. What am I?

Answer: A zebra. By the way—can you solve this tricky “how many letters are in the alphabet” riddle?

10. I’m spotty and speedy, but not at all greedy. I look like a leopard but don’t try to play me at cards. What am I?

Answer: A cheetah.

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Animal riddle with paw printrd.com

Easy riddles animal riddles for kids

11. I’ve got lumps on my back and I live on the sand. I’m strong and I carry you over the land. What am I?

Answer: A camel.

12. I live upside down. I see with my ears and don’t use my eyes, and on Halloween, I’ll give you a big surprise. What am I?

Answer: A bat.

13. Play me with a ball and bat or hear me chirp in a top hat. What am I?

Answer: A cricket.

14. I have a mane but I’m not a lion and I wear my shoes to bed. What am I?

Answer: A horse.

15. I wear a tuxedo in the snow and skate on my tummy across the ice. What am I?

Answer: A penguin.

16. I live in the woods. I am very big and furry. I like to eat fish and berries. I love honey as much as you do. What am I?

Answer: A bear.

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Rhyming riddles

17. I’m an animal you might love, but I’m too big to be your pet. I have an extremely long trunk, and it’s said I never forget. What am I?

Answer: An elephant. Discover the real reason why elephants have such big ears.

18. I am known as a king, and the jungle’s where I reign. It is hard to tame me, and I have a large mane. What am I?

Answer: A lion.

19. I like to hop around, and I’m a tadpole when I’m young. I am green and I croak and catch flies with my long tongue. What am I?

Answer: A frog.

20. I am a strange creature, hovering in the air, moving from here to there, with a brilliant flare. Some say I sing, but others say I have no voice, so I just hum as a matter of choice. What am I?

Answer: A hummingbird.

21. I have horns but I can’t beep. I like to bleat but I’m not a sheep. What am I?

Answer: A goat.

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Hard animal riddles

22. I’m born pink in color but then change to black and white. I’m easy to feed, as my favorite food is bamboo. What animal am I?

Answer: A panda bear.

23. I’m able to turn my head around 270 degrees and I’m noted for being quiet in flight. What bird am I?

Answer: An owl.

24. I’m the only mammal that can’t jump. What animal am I?

Answer: An elephant.

25. I move without wings, between silken strings, I leave as you find, my substance behind. What am I?

Answer: A spider.

26. What peels like an onion but still remains whole?

Answer: A lizard.

27. I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I?

Answer: A kangaroo.

28. I live in the ocean and move slowly. I eat clams and have five arms. What am I?

Answer: A starfish.

29. I have a hole in my back and legs I lack. I live where I can’t breathe and I eat without teeth. What am I?

Answer: A whale.

30. Cupid without a bow, Donner with no kebab, one who dances, one who prances, all dragging present-giving dad. What am I?

Answer: A reindeer.

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