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15 Viral Riddles and Brain Teasers That Will Leave You Stumped for Days

How many of these popular riddles can you solve? Take a stab at these brain busters (including some tricky viral Facebook riddles you've seen in your feed).

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compilation of three riddle images
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Get those brain gears turning with these tricky viral riddles

Sometimes, our brain needs a good workout. Between work, family, and just life in general, we seldom get time to sit down and flex our brain muscles. It’s important to test our critical thinking and logic skills, though. Sure, you could find some brain-busting emoji riddles to solve, but another great way to test your skills is by solving popular riddles.

You know those riddles; the ones that seem so obvious, but are actually tough once you really think about them. You’ve seen these riddles while scrolling through Facebook—and maybe even peeked in the comments to see who solved them correctly. Perhaps you wanted to solve these Facebook riddles later, but couldn’t find them once you refreshed your feed. Gah! Are they lost in the riddle world forever?

Nope! In fact, we have them right here. Here are some viral riddles that’ll get your gears turning (they’re also great riddles for teens to solve). Good luck!

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four human figures
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1. Mr. Smith had four daughters

If you use Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this popular riddle pop up on your feed. Test your smarts and see if you can solve it (it’s a bit tricky!)

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five figures, one father and four children
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2. Someone’s mother has four sons

Another popular riddle including family! How long will it take you to solve this one?

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how many ducks are in this image?
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3. How many ducks do you see?

So many ducks, so little time. How many ducks do you see in this image? It’s not as obvious as you think…

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a, b, and c blocks
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4. How many letters are in the alphabet?

Fair warning: the alphabet song won’t help you with this viral riddle.

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figures represent mother and daughter
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5. If Theresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother

Time to figure out what exactly you are to Theresa with this viral riddle. Get ready to test those logic skills! Then, check out these riddles for teens for some real brain twisters.

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how many triangles do you see?

6. How many triangles

You may think this is obvious…but is it really? Look it over and see how many triangles are actually in this puzzle.

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how many squares do you see?

7. How many squares do you see?

Alright, think you got the triangle one right? Keep the winning streak going by identifying how many squares are in this puzzle.

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four math equations using illustrations to denote numbers
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8. This viral Facebook math puzzle

Calling all math whizzes—we’ll be so impressed if you can solve this Facebook riddle. Good luck! After you solve this one, see how many of these emoji riddles you can solve.

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faucet pours into 8 cups with various closures and pipelines
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9. Which cup will fill first?

This is a popular Facebook riddle that’s been shared countless times. Which cup will fill up first? Take a close look at the cups and see for yourself.

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plain hat on purple background
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10. London Bridge riddle

This viral riddle challenges you to identify the name of a man on the London Bridge. Can you figure it out using only a few clues?

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five human figures
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11. Five people in a room riddle

You’ve likely seen this one since it’s a popular riddle, but can you answer it correctly? Test your logic skills and find out.

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three lions and three wildebeests
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12. River riddle

This is a popular riddle that’s tricked many people—see if you can solve it on your first try!

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fishing boat illustration
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13. Four men fishing on a boat riddle

This is one of those viral Facebook riddles that’ll leave you scratching your head—how the heck do you answer it?! Make sure you don’t peek in the comments before you solve it on your own.

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human figure walking
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14. Walk on the living riddle

Hmm, this took us a bit to solve—what do you think the answer is?

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two shoe illustrations
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15. The length of one shoelace riddle

Math and shoe enthusiasts will love this popular riddle. How quickly can you solve it?

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Alright, how did you do? If you need more brain challenges, see how many of these brain teasers you can solve.

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