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Can You Guess the Dog Breed Based on its Puppy Picture?

We'll give you a few hints—these pups are the most popular according to the American Kennel Club and we'll even throw in the adult weight and height and even a few hallmark traits of the breed. Ready, set, guess!

puppy tea cup poodle dog
Armen Kosyan/Shutterstock

I’m adorable in any size

Take your pick—black, white, or apricot because you can’t go wrong with one of these adorable curly breeds. Another hint, this breed comes in three sizes: a standard (45 to 70 pounds), miniature (15 to 17 pounds) and toy (6 to 9 pounds). Perhaps its popularity has to do with the cuddle factor. It’s hard to resist a cheek rub with that curly and soft coat—which by the way, is actually hair, not fur. And bonus—its hypoallergenic. Need inspiration for naming your puppy? Start with the most popular dog names right now.

Mouse close-up portrait on white background



One Month Puppy Rottweiler Running In Nature

I’m fiercely protective of my family

You can just tell this pup is going to be a big one when it grows up. Take a closer look, and you might just guess the breed from the telltale traits of the broad head, almond-shaped eyes, and black canvas coat with defined rust colored markings on the muzzle, paws, and chest. Tipping the scales between 80 to 135 pounds and standing at 22 to 27 inches let’s just say this pup probably won’t be a lap dog for long. It’s also commonly associated with these “facts” about dogs that are totally wrong.

 Adult Rottweiler lie on the wooden bridge , natural summer forest background



Running cavalier king charles spaniel puppy from front
DTeibe Photography/Shutterstock

I’m a gold medalist cuddler

Just gaze into those big, sweet puppy dogs eyes, and you’re hooked. This compact little nugget of cuteness is just about the height of ruler and only weighs 13 to 18 pounds, ideal for lap sitting and snuggling. Also, characteristics of this breed are the silky, medium length, coat with patches of red, chestnut, jet black, or black and tan.  No matter what breed you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a pup that’s perfect for you on our list of 50 shelter dogs that need a home this year.

A purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog without leash outdoors in the nature on a sunny day.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This small-size pup is the perfect compromise for cat and dog lover. But here’s a question: can cats eat dog food, too? 

A cute little Shih Tzu puppy in a basket with a blooming Azalea bush as the background.
Darren K. Fisher/Shutterstock

Some people call me the “lion dog”

This posh pup has a noble Chinese ancestry and to this day, carries itself with a bit of playful arrogance. Although it’s a toy breed and tiny (9 to 16 pounds, and standing between 8 and 11 inches), the body is sturdy and compact. Pet parents may opt for shorter cuts or go all out for a long flowing look with the hair on top of the head gathered up into a pretty bow.

Shih Tzu
Angel Sallade/Shutterstock


Shih Tzu

english bulldog puppy

I’m the national dog of England

The wrinkles and short, blocky body are characteristics of a few well-muscled breeds, but this particular pup will always be close to the ground, given his short, stocky legs, and adult height of around 15 inches. But if you think you can carry him around like a short toy breed, you may need to beef up your own muscles because this tenacious bruiser will weigh between 40 to 50 pounds once he’s grown. These dogs are prone to overheating. Be sure you know these 11 warning signs of heat stroke in dogs.

Portrait of an adult English Bulldog, outside on the nature



skinny beagle puppy in natural green background

I’m pretty vocal when I catch wind of an interesting scent

This pup already has something to howl about, and it likely involves hunting. You can’t get past the large expressive eyes, floppy ears, and melt-your-heart puppy face, without snagging a cuddle—as long as you don’t try to snuggle too long. This hound as a wanderlust quality. But what kind of hound it is? The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes two heights of 13 inches (under 20 pounds) and 15 inches (20 to 30 pounds).

beagle puppy, beagle puppy at home.



happy puppy of golden retriever

I was the first dog ever to be on a postage stamp

This pup commands attention immediately with its exceptional good looks. Even as a puppy, you can see the broad face and chiseled cheekbones, that are typical of this breed. And take a gander at that strapping chest and burgeoning athletic build. It’s not a lap dog with a mature weight between 55 to 80 pounds, but this family favorite will want to sit on your lap and cuddle. Here are some more adorable puppy pictures that will melt your heart.

Labrador retriever dog in autumn heather flowers


Labrador retriever

German shepherd puppy relaxing on a warm summer day

I’m one of the hardest working and smartest dogs around

The saddle coat is also a trademark of the Corgi, but this breed gets a lot taller (22 to 26 inches) and heavier (50 to 90 pounds). The colors of the saddle coat are different in this breed—usually a black and tan or a black and red. It carries its head high, and it’s tail low. Find out 15 secrets dog trainers won’t tell you for free.

German Shepherd Dog resting outdoors in a field.


German shepherd

Little Yorkshire Terrier posing an grass. Yorkie Dog
Steve Bruckmann/Shutterstock

My groomer is on speed dial

Aww, just look at those big, round puppy eyes on that scruffy yet delicate little head. The puppy cut is quite popular unless she’s in the show ring, then it’s a full length, to the floor. Always black and tan, this short-legged breed won’t grow too big. In fact, you can probably carry its entire body weight of seven pounds fairly easily around town, which this diva pooch wouldn’t mind at all.

A purebred Yorkshire Terrier dog without leash outdoors in the nature on a sunny day.


Yorkshire terrier

German Shorthair Pointer puppy

My web feet make me an excellent swimmer

Are those speckles or freckles? Whatever you call them, they are distinctly cute on this little pup. The coat may have a lot of variations with its patches of solid color and speckling, but the colors can only be liver and white. Its coat is short and thick and feels a little rough, which is ideal because this breed points to a gun dog heritage.

German Shorthaired Pointer portrait


German shorthaired pointer

VARIOUS Miniature American Shepherd or Miniature Australian Shepherd or Mini Aussie puppy, Black Tri, sitting in flower meadow
Alessandra Sarti/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

I’m a smaller version of my Australian cousin

It’s smaller than it’s sheep herding cousin—at 13 to 18 inches, it stands about half as tall as a sheep and is certainly lighter than one, too, at 20 to 40 pounds. While its appearance is identical to its larger cousin, this pup prefers the company of horses instead of sheep and is a dedicated and loyal companion when traveling to horse shows. When it is not minding the stable, he loves to compete in agility, herding, and rally events. Check out these things you need to know before getting a new puppy.

Nala the Miniature Australian Shepherd, portrait
Helen Rose Gabriel/Shutterstock


Miniature American Shepherds

Beautiful puppies Bloodhound in the basket.
Helen Sushitskaya/Shutterstock

My top-notch sniffing skills are considered legal testimony in a court of law

This pup is inquisitive from birth, but when it’s not on active duty as a super sniffing sleuth, it is typically lazy as the day is long. The pup’s long ears grow as does its body to a hefty 80 to 110 pounds and 23 to 27 inches tall. No doubt the thin and loose skin folds and ridges along the face contribute to its renowned tracking ability, but we like them because they’re adorable.

Bloodhound puppy in the woods



dachshund puppy
Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock

My roots are in Germany and I love to burrow

These clues may narrow it down for you—the breed comes in two sizes (standard and miniature) and either a wire-haired, long-haired, or smooth coat. The tapered muzzle sits atop a broad chest with a body longer than it is tall at five to six inches for a mini version or eight to nine inches for the standard size.

Black and tan dachshund dog on exhibition on a leash
Zanna Pesnina/Shutterstock



VARIOUS Great Dane, puppy, spotted

You might confuse me for a small horse

This pup will be huge one day and could easily tower over you when it stands on it hind legs. It may even outweigh you with a full-grown weight between 110 to 175 pounds. But while its size could be alarming to strangers, the good looks of its nicely chiseled, broad face will help win people over.

Great Dane puppy with flipped over ear


Great Dane

cute puppy Pembroke Welsh Corgi with one ear standing up outdoor in summer park
Natalia Fedosova/Shutterstock

I’ve roamed the halls of Windsor Castle

Fans lovingly refer to the backside of this breed as a “loaf of bread.” And those short legs carrying a long body aren’t going to get much taller growing into just 10 to 12 inches tall. Other hallmark traits are the tulip shaped ears, a bushy curly tail and a fox-like face with a smile fitting of royals. Let the “oohs” and “ahhs” continue: check out the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.

Beautiful dog pembroke welsh corgi among yellow leaves, portrait
Natalia Fedosova/Shutterstock


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

doberman puppies

I have a side-hustle in law enforcement

A couple of things will change on this pup right away. Tails are docked shortly after birth and ears are cropped from floppy to erect and positioned high on the head (if the pet parent is following AKC breed standard). Always black and tan, this lean breed will weigh between 60 and 100 pounds when fully grown.

Doberman pinscher poses for the camera. Outdoor photo


Doberman pinscher

 Australian Shepherd Puppy

Sometimes, I have two different colored eyes

The variety and individuality of this pup’s coat are pretty unique with colors such as blue merle, black, and red with white markings and copper points. But even more distinguishing are the “ghost eyes” of blue, pale blue, brown, or amber with cool flecks and marbling. When it matures, it will reach about 40 to 60 pounds. Find out the 14 things you need to buy for your new dog.

Australian Shepherd
Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock


Australian Shepherd

Mittelschnauzer puppy. Mittel Schnauzer pup sit on green grass
Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock

In the 15th century, I was a barnyard ratter

Look closely, and you can see the beginnings of two hallmark traits of this breed: bushy eyebrows and beard. In time, the eyebrows and beard will feature prominently with the deep-set eyes. Another hint, its larger cousin is almost identical to this smaller version which stands at a mere 12 to 14 inches tall and weighs 11 to 20 pounds.

Miniature schnauzers playing in to the park
Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock


Miniature Schnauzer

A pure bred Wheaten Terrier puppy dog in a playful mood.
Dipali S/Shutterstock

Fans know me as “wheatie”

The farmlands of Ireland were the ancestral home of this pup. It will grow into a sturdy and square shaped body of about 30 to 40 pounds and around 17 to 19 inches tall. Interestingly, the low-shedding, wavy coat starts dark and gets lighter—resembling the color of wheat. The goatee is a signature trait of this breed as are the eyes, which are always somewhat hidden behind its hair.

Irish soft coated wheaten terrier dog
Dora Zett/Shutterstock


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

landseer dog puppy pure breed mother and puppy water training

My stellar rep for looking after young children is unmatched

If it is not apparent, this pup is going to bust out and be a dog of mammoth proportions. At a whopping adult weight of 100 to 150 pounds (and 26 to 28 inches tall), it’s basically like having an adult human in your house—well, except for its webbed paws. But as far as family members, this furry and ginormous lifeguard couldn’t be a sweeter, patient, and more devoted family member. If you’re looking for a quiet dog, these are the 13 breeds that don’t bark much.




Boston Terrier Puppy
Ron Rowan Photography/Shutterstock

Please forgive my farting, snoring, and snorting

Always dressed for a night on the town in its “tuxedo” coat this pup with a charming and comical personality is party portable even when fully grown at around at 15 to 17 inches and up to 25 pounds. Here are two more clues—it hails from a famous East Coast city and the droopy puppy ears will eventually stand erect on the head.

Boston terrier dog female outside. Dog in beautiful red and yellow park outside.
Ron Rowan Photography/Shutterstock


Boston Terrier

Cute little dog - greeting card idea with wooden background in summer. Maltese pup.

Aristotle once said I looked like as a “cloud floating in the sky”

To be fair, we’re only showing one version of this adorable itsy-bitsy pup. Some pet parents opt for a shorter shaggy cut while others go all-out for a glamourous longer style. Either way, if the big dark eyes and gumdrop nose don’t tip you off, here’s a few more clues: standing between seven to nine inches and weighing under seven pounds this pup is in the toy group and its coat is never any color but white. Check out these unbelievable facts about your pooch.

Young maltese dog in a meadow
Dora Zett/Shutterstock



Havanese puppy dog
Sandra Huber/Shutterstock

I’m super affectionate and outgoing

This puppy coat is shorter and softer than the more extended and silky adult version. However, the coat in some dog will become “corded” as they become young adults and look like a mop of tassels. Its small body (7 to 13 pounds) is longer than it is tall reaching just 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches. Can’t identify the breed yet? Here’s one more hint: it is the only dog breed native to Cuba.

Happy little black and white havanese puppy dog is standing in the grass
Sandra Huber/Shutterstock



American Shetland Sheepdog puppy
Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

No, I wasn’t the one who saved Timmy from the well

Can you guess this Scottish breed? Its wedge-shaped face will become longer and its dense double coat will grow after puppyhood, while its ears will always be three-quarter erect. It’s just 13 to 16 inches tall and 15 to 25 pounds, but bears a striking resemblance to it’s larger cousin best know for rescuing a boy who wandered away and fell into a well.

Sable shetland sheepdog puppy is standing in the autumn park. Shetland collie or sheltie. Close up. Pet animals.
Tikhomirov Sergey/Shutterstock


Shetland Sheepdog

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy standing by an exposed moss covered tree root.

I hate to brag, but I can pull about ten times my body weight

We know what you’re thinking—the distinctive coloring and handsome, hunky face sure looks like some dog found in the Swiss Alps. You might be right because this pup will grow into mountain-like proportions of 70 to 115 pounds and stand tall in the snow at 23 to 28 inches. But this particular Swiss mountain variety is the only one to have a long, silky coat. Check out the 30 things your dog wishes you knew.

Dog - Bernese Mountain Dog is on the gras
Zoltan Katona/Shutterstock


Bernese Mountain Dog

Brittany spaniel puppy
Troy Nikolai Garma/Shutterstock

I like to snuggle as much as I like to hunt

Let’s see; we have the chestnut and white patchy coat with a side of adorable freckles on the muzzle; these freckles or “ticking” as the AKC calls it may also appear on the legs and body as pups mature. If the colors and markings don’t give it away, think about this—it is a leggier hunting breed and taller than some of its spaniel cousins at around 20 inches and with only 30 to 40 pounds to carry, it’ quick and agile at fieldwork. It’s essential your dog eats the right kind of food to stay healthy and maintain its weight These are the dog food brands vets feed their own furbabies.

Beautiful dog. Portrait of hunting dog Epagneul Breton. Brittany Spaniel. Hunting season time.
Troy Nikolai Garma/Shutterstock



young liver and white working type english springer spaniel pet gundog puppy

My profile reads: loves long walks, playing fetch, and swimming

You know it’s some type of spaniel right? But the spaniels look so much alike, especially when they’re pups, that it’s difficult to differentiate between the varieties. So, here’s a hint: It is medium size and will get about 20 inches tall and weigh from 40 to 50 pounds.

close up of the head of a liver and white working type english springer spaniel pet gundog


English Springer Spaniel

Curious Mastiff Puppy , few week old, standing on grass, portrait

My strength is of Herculean proportions

The muscular body and thick legs are already prominent on this pup. Oh, and that black, wrinkly face mask will be as big as a dinner plate one day. Once an adult, its appearance can be intimidating to strangers as it will grow into “mass-ive” (Hint! Hint!) proportions at around 30 inches tall and weigh between 120 to 230 pounds. Yep, there can be a 100-pound difference between males and females, but both are peaceful giants who are fiercely protective of their family.

English Mastiff very attentive
Michal Ninger/Shutterstock



Portrait of a little fluffy Pomeranian puppy
Sergey Lavrentev/Shutterstock

I’m content to be the puffball on your lap

You’ve seen this foxy-like face and curled bushy tail before, but this pint-size feisty demeanor pup won’t get much bigger. In fact, fully grown it will only be about seven inches tall and weigh under ten pounds. It is a spitz variety of Nordic descent with a stand-off coat—a thick undercoat that makes the outer coat stand out from the body. That comes in handy for chilly weather, but this diva won’t be pulling sleds like her larger cousins anytime soon. Here are some of the things your dog actually wants from you.

Pomeranian spitz. Cream dog. Fluffy
Natalia Fesiun/Shutterstock



cute small bichon sitting in grass in the park, notice: shallow depth of field
Vladimir Nenezic/Shutterstock

Ages ago I was a circus performer

This pup is well-known for its hypoallergenic coat that is wavy and white. At just under a foot tall and 12 to 18 pounds fully grown, this pup is dog show favorite. Its soft and luxurious coat makes it look like a powder puff with legs. But under the fluff, you’ll recognize the peppy gait and playful and inquisitive eyes of this breed. Find out 13 reasons behind your dog’s weird behavior.

bichon frise
Eve Photography/Shutterstock


Bichon Frise

Newborn pug dog playing on wooden floor in garden.

It’s just a rumor—I’m not related to the bulldog

A whole lot of charm and a bit of mischievousness are packed into this stocky stunner. The wrinkles seem to form human expressions to let us know if the pup is happy, sad, or about to get into something it’s not supposed to. This pup comes in apricot-fawn, all black, or silver and all have the trademark black muzzle and tightly curled tail. It certainly has similar traits to certain bulldogs and Mastiff, but its size says it all: At a petite 14 to 18 pounds and 10 to 13 inches, many breeds are ruled out.

Portrait of a nice pug dog in garden
Vera Zinkova/Shutterstock



Chihuahua puppy. Beautiful dog
Phanuwat Yoksiri/Shutterstock

I’d prefer a cat for a roomie over another dog

Go ahead, scoop up this delightful tiny pup and put it in your pocket. Whether long-haired or short-haired this teensy-weensy breed barely registers on the scale at six pounds and a petite five to eight inches. The big saucy eyes set far apart on its apple-dome head already give this pup a distinctive look that is matched by its feisty and sassy personality. Don’t miss these teeny tiny super cute pups.

Female black and tan Chihuahua puppy dog outdoors enjoying warm weather



shiba inu puppy

Ya, I’m adorable but I can be hard to train and moody

It’s no wonder this pup with its eye-catching good looks is one of the popular dog breeds in Japan. With its narrow and triangular muzzle and short and thick reddish coat, this pup resembles a fox. Also like its clever (distant) cousin, its tail is bushy, but this pup prefers to carry it curled over the backside, thank you. Find out 12 secrets your dog’s tail is trying to tell you.

Close Up Head Snout Of Beautiful Young Red Shiba Inu Puppy Dog Staying Outdoor
Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock


Shiba Inu

Two puppies weimaraner

I would love to be your running buddy

Look closely and you can still see the stripes that once covered this whole pup’s body. They disappear in a few days after birth—as do the piercing blue eyes. In time, they will turn to a gray, light amber, or a blue-gray color. But what really distinguishes this dog from many others is its solid and sleek silver-gray coat and its aristocratic stature, standing tall (23 to 27 inches) and lean with chiseled cheekbones and a broad head on a muscular chest and body that weighs 55 to 90 pounds.

weimaraner dog puppy
Eve Photography/Shutterstock



Flashy fawn boxer puppy laying in the grass
Michael Lofenfeld/Shutterstock

I’m actually a lover, not a fighter

Hmm, the broad scale face and wrinkles set on a tri-colored face could suggest a couple of breeds at this puppy stage. But what will become of its ears? That’s where a big clue lies: Ears that are cropped to be long and tapered, standing high erect on the head, will give the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, while ears kept natural will lay flat and close to the cheeks. Make a list: These are the 15 things you need before you get a puppy.

Red and White Boxer Dog puppy playing in garden
Chris Humphries/Shutterstock



Siberian Husky puppy outdoor

I’m the preeminent escape artist of the canine world

With a striking wolf-like face and piercing blue eyes, you’ll be mesmerized immediately with its good looks and ability to “talk” at a young age. Its alert and somewhat mischievous expression continue from puppyhood to adulthood, and its thick coat that loves cooler climates contributes to its maximum of weight of around 60 pounds. They are known to have an overwhelming desire to run, so never let this pup off leash in an unfenced area.

portrait of siberian husky


Siberian husky

Akita Inu puppy closeup. dog sadness

People used to call me a “snow country dog”

A cute little burly bruiser already, this spitz-type pup is native of Japan and a symbol of health, happiness, and long life. As with all spitz-type dogs, it will have a muscular body, narrow muzzle, short and dense coat, and the trademark curled, plum tail. It will tip the scale between 70 to 130 pounds and a tower between 24 to 28 inches. Also, this breed has webbed toes which make them highly skilled walkers on ice and snow. Find out which dog breeds are the most (and least) expensive in the world.

Akita Inu puppy conformation. Red furry dog on a green background



Saint bernard puppy
Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

Rescuing people in an avalanche is kind of my thing

This robust and hefty pup could be a real lifesaver someday, but there’s not many of them registered with the AKC, maybe because having one live in your home is the equivalent of having another human sharing your space. It is after all, colossal in size, towering above young children at 26 to 30 inches and weighing a whopping 120 to 180 pounds. But hey, if you have space, wouldn’t it be great to wake up to that huge chunky sweet face drooling on you each morning?

St. Bernard dog is looking up by wisteria vines in the yard. This Big puppy has her mouth open as if she is about to comment on something
Marie Dolphin/Shutterstock


St. Bernard

Basset hound puppy sits in a clearing in the green grass in the clover flowers
Anna Tronova/Shutterstock

If someone is at the door, I’ll bark and bay loudly

Those velvety smooth ears that frame the mournful eyes and wrinkled brows are just too much! And can you believe the size of their paws? They need them to carry and balance their heavy-boned body and powerful short legs. Speaking of short, this pup will only grow to about 14 inches tall, but at 40 to 65 pounds, it’s not a lightweight by any means.

Basset hound dog portrait having a serious, yet funny cute look, domestic animal and friend
Maria Symchych/Shutterstock


Basset hound

Portrait of rough collie dog in outdoors.

Thank you. My coat is fabulous

This cute pup has a rough coat, but a smooth coat is also seen on the breed. The rough cut is more recognizable because it is of the showiest and impressive coats; with long, flowing hair generously covering everything but the head and legs. Coat colors in both varieties are sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, or white. Oh, and it’s identical in looks to its smaller cousin but a lot bigger at 22 to 26 inches tall and 50 to 75 pounds. This little gal is adorable, but for a true cuteness overload, take a look at 60 of the cutest animal photos that will melt your heart.

sable collie (rough)
Svetlana Valoueva/Shutterstock



Portrait of nice rhodesian ridgeback

I’m known to some as the “African lion dog”

The most telling trait of this pup’s breed identity is on found on its back, where a ridge of hair grows in the opposite direction of the rest of its coat. Another clue: it only comes in one color—wheaten, like the colors seen in a wheat crop, though some pup’s coats may be paler while others have a more reddish color. They command an alert status in their height of 24 to 27 inches tall and their strong, muscular body rounds out between 70 to 85 pounds.

Happy cute english bulldog dog portrait in the spring field of yellow daffodils
Tatiana Katsai/Shutterstock


Rhodesian ridgeback

Westie puppy - West Highland White Terrier dog sitting on green grass

I’m a full-blown type-A personality and like lots of activity

These pups won’t get very big—just 10 to 11 inches tall and 15 to 20 pounds—but their personality and self-confidence far exceed their body size. This lively and handsome little breed is known for its all-white double coat, which looks fluffy (but it’s not) and adorable white-whiskered face with a black nose and dark brown eyes that always suggest a smile.

Purebred adult West Highland White Terrier dog on grass in the garden on a sunny day.


West Highland White Terrier

Portrait of puppy Chesapeake Bay Retriever in outdoors.

Michael Phelps ain’t got nothing on me

With a wavy, waterproof coat that is oily to the touch, this pup was born to swim and loves to hop in a lake or bay. Its naturally athletic body weighs 55 to 80 pounds and stands fairly tall at 21 to 26 inches. They are always a solid color, either chocolatey brown, sedge (reddish gold), or deadgrass (golden). Here’s one more clue, it is the official dog of an East Coast state.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy in grass, curious


Chesapeake Bay retriever

Running Belgian shepherd malinois puppy
DTeibe Photography/Shutterstock

I’m pretty tight with the Navy Seals

The face is a huge clue: As a pup, it already bears a striking resemblance to a German shepherd, Norwegian elkhound, or maybe a Tervuren. Like its cousins, it has the hallmark proud carriage of the head, but this breed has a mask and ears that are black. The coat is a rich fawn to mahogany, with black tips on the hairs. It also has a square build weighing between 40 and 80 pounds and 22 to 26 inches tall. This dog is pretty emotive, so you’ll definitely notice these signs your dog is secretly mad at you.

Belgian Malinois young puppy in the park fields
Fesus Robert/Shutterstock


Belgian Malinois

adorable american cocker spaniel puppy

I was the dog on the Coppertone suntan lotion bottle

Do you even need to know the breed to fall in love with those dreamy eyes and curly, long ears that accentuate a darling sweet fact? But if you must, this is the smallest breed of the sporting group (14 to 15 inches tall and 20 to 30 pounds). They were bred to hunt woodcocks with paws that are defined as “cat paws,” compact and round in shape that are ideal for endurance and stability when hunting in fields. They are also a family favorite, along with these 17 other breeds that are great with kids.

dog American Cocker Spaniel in blooming garden
Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock


Cocker Spaniel

portrait of cute puppy Hungarian pointing dog, vizsla stay on grass. brown background
Kseniya Resphoto/Shutterstock

Phew! I was almost extinct back in the 19th century

Originally from Hungary, this medium-size, high-energy breed can grow to a robust athletic build of 45 to 65 pounds and 21 to 24 inches. Its gorgeous coat of golden rust is short and sleek but dense. It prefers to be busy so sofa sitting isn’t happening until the end of the day. In the hunting world it not only points but retrieves and its top-notch sniffing skills are employed by at airport security points. Check out these 13 unbelievable facts you never knew about your dog.

Hungarian hound. Dog look into the lens. Portrait of a Hungarian Vizla. Dog's eyes. Sunny day on the hunt.



Puppy Cane Corso outdoor

Sure I’m big, but I’m also crazy fast and agile

This ancient Italian breed couldn’t be more sweet and innocent but once it grows into an impressive 24 to 28 inches tall and 90 to 110 pounds, its appearance becomes a wee bit intimidating. But behind the wobbly muzzle, sad eyes, and a bit of drool is a sensitive and loving family dog that is extremely protective of its family. This little guy is pretty cute, but you’ll be blown away by these incredible before and after dog adoption photos that will melt your heart.

Portrait of stern Italian cane Corso sitting in the green lawn and looking to the distance
Linas T/Shutterstock


Cane Corso

Border collie puppy
Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock

Look me up on IMDb. I was in Babe, Animal Farm, and Snow Dogs

An intense gaze is a hallmark for this breed and its extreme intelligence gives it the capability to learn numerous words and commands, which is why it’s a star of the silver screen. The bi-color coat is another trait, but more telling is that its predominant ear always matches the primary body color. And it’s a perfect medium size at 18 to 22 inches tall and 30 to 55 pounds.

Black and white border collie running on the green grass
Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock


Border Collie

golden Retriever

I was voted most friendly and outgoing in puppy school

Admit it: You would quit your day job if you could snuggle and play with this happy-go-lucky pup every day. The gold wavy, lustrous coat is oh-so-huggable, and the broad head with the ever-present smile are hallmark traits of the breed. As an adult, it looks longer than it is tall and it will have a strong back that is slightly rounded over the rear. It’s the perfect size to ride in a canoe (it loves to swim!) standing at 22 to 24 inches and weighing 55 to 75 pounds. Don’t miss these 30 adorable dog photos that will brighten your day.

Golden Retriever dog headshot


Golden Retriever

Adorable french bulldog puppy.
Angyalosi Beata/Shutterstock

I’m a lover but have a rep for being stubborn

You might say the ears on this pup look tulip-shaped or like bat ears and they’ll always stand out, even as an adult—just like the wrinkles on its head and muzzle and those big, wide-set eyes on its square head. They’re all accessories that offset the compact, muscular package that’s just 12 inches tall and 20 to 28 pounds.

Adorable french bulldog puppy.
Angyalosi Beata/Shutterstock


French Bulldog.

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