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Can You Guess the Popular Cat Breed Based on Its Kitten Picture?

We'll give you a few hints, starting with: They're not in alphabetical order. Just read the clues and try not to pass out from cuteness overload. Ready, set, guess!

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American curl cat cute little ginger kitten in the fluffy pet comfortably settled is asleep feeling happy in the morning.
Nitikorn Poonsiri/Shutterstock

I sometimes get teased for my ears

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) reports my ears are similar to the lynx, with long tufts fanning outward at a 90-degree arc. You might also recognize me for being perky and alert. I even wear a surprised expression that will likely make you smile. My breed comes in all colors and patterns, in both long and shorthair varieties. I am a medium-sized cat, and you will recognize my walnut-shaped eyes.

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American curl cat; central face focus


American curl

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Siamese cat lying in the bast basket
Vasiliy Koval/Shutterstock

I am really talkative

My rasp or yowl might even come off as annoying, according to Petfinder. But you forget all that staring into my deep blue, almond-shaped eyes. My paws are dainty and oval-shaped, while my legs, neck, and tail are long. My ears are quite large, like the love we share snuggling on the couch. Here are all the secrets I would be telling you if I could talk.

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Beautiful brown Siamese female cat on sandy background, portrait
Dmitry Bunin/Shutterstock



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Maine coon kitten
Grigoriy Pil/Shutterstock

I’m surrounded by myths and legends

I’m even the official cat of my state. I’m known for hunting mice and my coat is suited for harsh winters—but it doesn’t stop me from being incredibly soft. I have large, tufted paws which help me to walk on top of the snow even though I’m a bigger cat. My large, oval-shaped eyes usually come in green, gold, or copper, and under the right circumstances, they can even be blue. Vetstreet reports that my communication style is a chirping trill rather than a meow, an incongruous sound coming from a gentle giant. These affectionate cat breeds will love you as much as you love them!

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Maine Coon. The largest cat. A big cat. Maine Coon
ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock


Maine Coon cat

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close up Domestic (siam thai cat ) Korat cat resting with selective focus
Jill WT/Shutterstock

I’m angelic

While my silver-tipped, blue coat has a halo effect, that’s not all that makes me angelic. I’m super affectionate, plus, according to the CFA, there are five “hearts” around my body. My head looks like three hearts: one looking straight on, another by glancing at the top of my head, and the third is my nose. The fourth heart is seen in the chest area when I am sitting up, and the fifth heart is beating inside of me. Find out why cats purr.

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Domestic Korat cat laying on sofa
Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock



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Tabby Manx Cat portrait for New Years, Christmas, Valentines Day
Jenny Pierce Photos/Shutterstock

Just don’t call me “Stumpy”

I’m known for being a working cat, so it’s good I’m strong, smart, and active. My most notable feature is what I lack: a full, fluffy tail. Vetstreet reports when there is no tail, we are called “rumpys.” But when at least three vertebrae are fused at the end of the spine, we are referred to as “rumpy risers.” For tails longer than a stump but shorter than a typical tail, we are called “longys.”

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Manx cat is a unqiue breed with no tail. A brown, yellow and white color of a cat with no tail image.



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Ragdoll Kitten Blue Eyes Cat at home
Serita Vossen/Shutterstock

Girls like to play with me

Well, who wouldn’t love to cuddle with my semi-long, silky coat? I’m a pointed breed, which means my body is lighter in color than my face and features, and my eyes are blue and oval-shaped. I come in three patterns, but I’ve already said too much. One last thing: I reach my full coat color by age two. If you’re a dog person too, see if you can identify the dog breed by its puppy picture.

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Ragdoll cat lying on the wooden floor
Maciej Matlak/Shutterstock



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Little fluffy Grey Persian Maine coon kitten lies and sleeps on a gray pillow . Newborn kitten, domestic Kid animals and cats concept.
Kuzina Natali/Shutterstock

I’m famous

Back in my country of origin, I appeared in hieroglyphic references as early as 1684 B.C. Other breeds probably get jealous of my luxurious coat—though some may not appreciate my adorable, pansy-like face. I’m not the most active cat around, but don’t judge…my main job is to look pretty!

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Close up of Persian cats Playing in a Cat Cafe coffee shop
mayura benjarattanapakee/Shutterstock



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3 LaPerm kittens sitting inside brown suitcase
Linn Currie/Shutterstock

I’m known as a barn cat

As I’m one of the cutest cat breeds, it’s not the greatest nickname; I’d rather you pay attention to my short or long wavy hair. And if you’re asking me for tips at the salon, I’m going to suggest you get a perm, but I’m biased. After all, they look great in every color and coat pattern. Petfinder reports while I love to pounce on the catnip mouse, I also enjoy quality time sitting on my human’s lap.

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Champion LaPerm cat on bronze background fabric
Linn Currie/Shutterstock



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Red lined Kitten
Patricia Blasco/Shutterstock

I’ve got spots

While I’m mostly known for my spots, I come in 12 different colors. You’ll love my short, tight coat, which keeps my grooming demands low. I love playing games, and I’m friendly with kids. I’m also known for climbing up high, so you may find me on top of your tallest bookshelf. I’ll keep an eye on things from up there, but I’ll come right down when you call my name. Here’s how to train me to do exactly that and more.

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Cute Ginger Cat lays on floor. White Background.
Eva Gattuso/Shutterstock



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Black cat outdoors
Marie Charouzova/Shutterstock

I’m called the “parlor panther”

I can be leash-trained, and I enjoy playing fetch—but I’m not as hyper as a monkey like some people might suggest. My shiny black coat and golden eyes will win your heart instantly, just like my lighthearted attitude, though I’ve been known to challenge my owner to a staring contest. Trust me, I’ll win! One of my favorite things to do is spread my body over my owner’s newspaper while she’s reading.

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cute black bombay cat with bright yellow eyes



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Cats and kittens
Laralou Photography/Shutterstock

I’m hungry for breakfast

I’m great with kids and even friendly with other pets and am cuddly and affectionate. Who wouldn’t want to pet my thick and plush coat? As a female, I weigh between eight and 13 pounds. But my male counterpart weighs between 14 and 20 pounds. My owner thinks she owns me, but it’s really the other way around.

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Housecat cauht in a yawn on coffee table
dLion Photography/Shutterstock



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brown kitten of siberian breed
Massimo Cattaneo/Shutterstock

I’m a Russian national treasure

I’m even mentioned in Russian fairy tales and children’s books. Plus, my breed appeared in Harrison Wier’s book Our Cats and All About Them in 1889. My sweet face will draw you in, especially my eyes, which can vary in color from gold to green and everything in between. I might even have blue eyes or two different-colored eyes. My dense triple coat, which comes in all colors and combinations, is water-repellent—perfect for playing in the water. If you like dogs as much as cats, check out the cutest dog breeds as puppies.

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Gorgeous fur cat of siberian breed in a garden,long haired hypoallergenic pet
Massimo Cattaneo/Shutterstock



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Cute Exotic kitten cat

I’m the lazy person’s Persian

I look pretty similar to the Persian breed, so it’s a common mistake. But I’m easier to take care of—you see, I’ve got short hair, so I don’t require all that daily grooming. I’m often seen as one of the cutest cat breeds because I look like a soft, round teddy bear. I’m also quiet, sweet, and loyal.

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The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a short-haired version of the Persian.



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Russian blue cat portrait - Pedigree Cat
Jaroslaw Kurek/Shutterstock

I like my routine

My bright blue coat and striking green eyes will get your attention. But I’m actually more gray than blue because my guard hairs are tipped with silver. While I love to hang out and welcome guests to my home, I prefer an organized schedule. Dinner is at 5 p.m. sharp, and I’ll make sure to remind you. My dignified nature goes without saying—after all, my ancestors came from cats kept by the Russian Czars.

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Russian Blue Cat close up face
Daydream Photographie/Shutterstock


Russian blue

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Norwegian Forest Cat / Siberian

I’m a late bloomer

I’m not fully grown until I’m five years old. I’ve got a rugged appearance with a waterproof double coat and a long, bushy tail to withstand harsh Scandinavian winters. My eyes are generally green, gold, or copper, but they can be blue as well. I’m a total homebody, and I love hanging out on a perch with an outside view. If I have an accident on your carpet, you’ll want to find out how to get rid of that stubborn cat pee smell.

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Norwegian Forest Cat / Siberian


Norwegian Forest Cat

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Three Scottish Fold marble color kittens in a white wicker basket. raised their heads up. kittens with blue galazami. Place for text - medicine concept, pets, vaccinations and allergies, animal protec
Yuliia Hurzhos/Shutterstock

Whooo’s there?

Since my ears fold forward and downward, some people say I look like an owl, pixie, or teddy bear. But the truth is, all my fellow kittens are born with straight ears. Then, at around three to four weeks of age, our ears begin to fold.

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Scottish fold cat
Andrey Tairov/Shutterstock


Scottish Fold

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Little tonkinese kitten

I’m a social butterfly

Since I sometimes get bored when left alone, I do better with another kitty of my same breed around. You see, I love to talk, but I’m not as loud as a Siamese. My breed comes in a variety of colors: natural, champagne, blue, and platinum in solid, point, and mink patterns. One last clue: My paws are more oval than round. Learn how to keep your cat from scratching the furniture.

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Tonkinese cat posing for photos
Igor Corovic/Shutterstock



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Red fleeced cat on the rug

I like to play fetch

My tail is short (the politically correct term is “bobbed”), but that doesn’t hold me back from being active and playful. Playing fetch is one of my favorite games, and I enjoy catching flying insects in mid-air. I’m not the type to hide under the bed, because I’d rather be out and about greeting visitors. If you train me from a young age, we can even go on fun trips together.

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A photo of funny red american bobtail cats three monthes old on blured background
Ievgeniia Miroshnichenko/Shutterstock


American bobtail

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abyssinian kitten wild color indoor portrait, shallow focus grainy photo

I’m a work of art

I’m known for resembling the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats. I’m also recognized by my large ears, muscular body, and almond-shaped eyes that can be gold or green. According to the CFA, recent studies show my breed originally comes from the coast of the Indian Ocean and parts of southeast Asia.

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Purebred abyssinian cat
Ihar Palitanski/Shutterstock



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Little cute kitty yawing
Gosha Georgiev/Shutterstock

I’ve got a lot of history

I’m a blue-gray cat who was carried by knights returning from the Crusades (okay, maybe I just snuck along for the ride). I made my way to some French monasteries, so some people think I got my name by living among the Carthusian monks of France. But because of my fur’s woolly texture, others think it comes from a popular Spanish wool from the 18th century.

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Chartreux cat look
Alenka Krek/Shutterstock



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Bengal kittens sitting in colorful gift box

Don’t mistake me for a leopard

According to the CFA, I’m the only domestic cat breed that can have rosettes, similar to the markings of leopards, jaguars, and ocelots. Our most recognized color and pattern is the brown spotted or the rosetted tabby. Even into our senior years, we maintain kitten-like energy. Catch me if you can!

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kitten of a Bengal cat lays on a chair
Ivan Stupa/Shutterstock



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Cute American shorthair cat kitten
Top Photo Engineer/Shutterstock

I can trace my bloodline back to the Mayflower

My ancestor’s job was to hunt the ship’s rats, but now people think of our breed as playful and friendly. Some might even call me the all-American cat. I come in a variety of colors and patterns, and I have a large head with full cheeks. Because of my short, thick hair, I’m pretty low-maintenance, which is nice if my owner is busy. Learn about more of the friendliest cat breeds.

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Beautiful American Shorthair cat with green eyes.
Andrew Ivan/Shutterstock


American shorthair

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Funny cat. Devon rex. Best friend for human
Sveta Y/Shutterstock

Don’t put me on a shelf

My large ears may bear some resemblance to an elf, but I’m also known for my fur’s rippled wave effect and my long, thin legs. I come in all colors and patterns, including pointed and bi-color. You might think I’m more like a dog than a cat based on my fun-loving, social attitude, not that you can tell from my pouty face. Plus, I absolutely love learning new tricks.

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A photograph of a Devon Rex cat.


Devon Rex

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Sacred Burmese kitten
Borkin Vadim/Shutterstock

I’m traced to a cat named Wong Mau

My ancestor Wong Mau was transported from our home country to San Francisco in 1930 by a U.S. Navy doctor. We are smaller cats, with a walnut-brown coat, though it’s darker around the face, ears, feet, and tail. Our breed is fearless and we are known for trying daring stunts that look impossible.

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An European Burmese cat



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Sacred Birman kitten, birma Cat
Borkin Vadim/Shutterstock

I’m multicultural

I arrived in the United States in 1959, but my roots trace back to England, France, Australia, and Germany, according to the CFA. I’m a colorpoint, so I’m born white and I develop more color as I mature. I’m especially noticed for my lovely, white paws, which make me one of the cutest cat breeds. I’m thought of as gentle and quiet and also known for doing well around young children and other pets. If you’re not careful, I might just hypnotize you with my striking blue eyes.

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Sacred Birman Cat, birma
Borkin Vadim/Shutterstock


Birman. Want even more cute purr-fection? Get a look at the 44 most popular cat breeds as kittens.

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