Review: Keep the Bathroom Floor Slip- and Drip-Free With This Hygienic Stone Bath Mat

Never step on a soggy bath mat again, thanks to the Sutera stone bath mat.

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Stepping on a soggy, squishy and soaked bath mat is anything but pleasant. And it doesn’t just feel terrible, it’s actually unhygienic. You can wash a bath mat, but holding moisture makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. I officially ditched my fabric mats for a Sutera stone bath mat and haven’t looked back since. 

What is a stone bath mat? 

The Sutera stone bath mat is a replacement for a traditional fabric mat. It’s made of Diatomaceous Earth, a compact and natural material made from fossilized plankton. Water soaks into the material quickly, always leaving a dry mat in its wake.

But the mat isn’t just for the bathroom. Even if you have a washable rug, it’s useful just about anywhere water is involved, including the kitchen sink for dishes, under pet bowls and near a pool or hot tub. I personally used it in the bathroom and it completely changed my shower hygiene.

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Sutera stone bath mat features 

The stone bath mat is 5 inches long and 16 inches wide. It comes in granite, slate and gray color options to best match your bathroom décor. It’s one inch thick and weighs about 6 pounds. Included in the kit are the stone mat, an anti-slip mat to go underneath and sanding paper for maintenance. I chose the gray color, which matched my white tile floors perfectly. 

How I tested it 

 Before And After Sutera Stone Bath MatAndrea Carrillo/

The mat comes wrapped in a thick, plastic bubble casing in a cardboard box. While not exactly the most sustainable option, plastic is necessary to protect the stone material. The stone feels like textured cement, and I noticed some dust on my hands after carrying it. This is normal, according to the instructions, and all it needs is a good rinse before use.

In the shower

For my shower that evening, I happily tossed my dingy fabric mat to the side and gently set up the anti-slip and stone mat next to my shower. When reaching for my towel, a few drops hit the mat and just as quickly vanished.

While I usually dry off as much as I can while in the shower to prevent a mess, I stepped onto the mat completely to test it out. My feet left imprints as if I had just stepped in wet cement, but the water started to absorb into the mat in seconds.

I just wish my entire bathroom floor was made of Diatomaceous Earth! My feet dry instantly, but unless I’m getting completely dry on the mat, I still drip water when walking from the shower to the sink. It also takes some time for the water to completely absorb. My footprints were still visible for about 15 minutes after my shower—still better than a fabric bath mat! 

My bathroom is pretty small. As much as I try to make the bathroom look bigger, there isn’t much floor space. I don’t want the mat to get dirty with hair, dust or dirt (I have to sweep my bathroom floor often), so I find it best to prop the mat against the wall when not in use. Setting it up can be inconvenient, but if you have enough space in your bathroom, this shouldn’t be an issue.  

What fascinated me is the sanding tool. A circle piece of sandpaper-like material is meant to keep the mat fresh. Instructions say to sand down the mat every few months to keep it in top shape. I love that I don’t need to replace this household item, I just have to maintain it. 


  • Absorbs water quickly 
  • Made of natural Diatomaceous stone  
  • Available in different colors 
  • Includes an anti-slip mat and sanding paper
  • Useful for the bathroom, kitchen or outside
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Covers a small area 
  • More expensive than other mats


Rd Ecomm Stone Bath Mat Absorbs Evaporates Via Sleepsutera.comvia merchant

Does the stone bath mat really work? 

Germs love hiding in moist places. The material alone makes stone bath mats an ideal and cleaner alternative to fabric mats. They dry faster, last longer and hold less bacteria.  

How long does a diatomaceous mat last? 

Because diatomaceous mats are anti-microbial and high-quality, they can last for up to three years with proper maintenance. Give it a rinse and sanding every so often to ensure it holds up.  

Do stone bath mats mold?  

Traditional fabric bath mats are a hub for bacteria because of the moisture. Stone mats’ ability to dry quickly reduces the bacteria and mold potential.  

What other reviewers had to say 

Family members and house guests notice dirty mats. Read these reviews from other users who upgraded their mats.

I first purchased this mat several months ago and am amazed how it quickly and completely dries my feet,” writes five-star reviewer Kerry Leslie. “One step on this mat is all it takes. I liked it enough to purchase three more for family members.”

Love these bathmats,” raves Janice Gaddy, another five-star reviewer. “Amazing how they dry the feet almost instantly. Beautiful design. Will last a long, long time. Already got another for my daughter’s birthday gift. Thanks, Sutera!”

My family loves this mat! I bought it for my bathroom after hating stepping onto a wet mat night after night,” says verified purchaser D. Cha. This mat is amazing. It soaks up the water and dries up super fast. No more stepping on a damp mat!” 

Final verdict 

Even with a bathroom cleaning routine, I’m so glad I don’t have to make washing bath mats another item on that to-do list. The stone bath mat solves the problem of wet floors and bacteria-infested mats. It saves time on wash and cleaning days, and I’m comforted that it’s a cleaner, slip-free alternative.

Plus, I’m saving money on buying new mats, which I love. The gray color goes with anything and maintenance is super easy. For anyone looking to declutter or invest in high-quality home pieces, I’d recommend a stone bath mat. They’re sleek, clean and won’t gross you out when they’re wet.

Admittedly, they’re a little pricey. But they do last for years, so the price per use is worth it. Thanks to the Sutera stone bath mat, fabric bath mats are officially on my list of things in my bathroom to get rid of. I might even get one for my kitchen!

Where to buy a Sutera Stone Bath Mat 

Rd Ecomm Stone Bath Mat Via Sleepsutera.comvia merchant

The stone bath mat is available on the Sutera website, where you can buy one, two or three mats. You can also shop on Amazon. Believe me, once you try one, you’ll buy it for every room in the house. 

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