Review: My House Was Never Really Clean Until I Used the Bissell Steam Shot

The Bissell Steam Shot cut my cleaning time in half and my house has never looked better.

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I love deep cleaning. But when it came to the crusty, dried mystery stains and messes in my house, no amount of Lysol seemed to lift the gunk. I was wasting more paper towels than I care to admit. Although I love a good home remedy for cleaning, I needed more than some professional cleaning tips to get my house sparkling again. Thankfully, there’s an underrated little machine that does the job better than I ever could—and that’s the Bissell Steam Shot cleaner.  

What is the Bissell Steam Shot? 

The Bissell Steam Shot By Andrea Carrillo Pd EditAndrea Carrillo/

The Bissell Steam Shot steamer is like a handheld power washer. It operates with a 6.6-ounce water tank that shoots hot steam from its spout and all kinds of attachments. The machine itself is tiny, but it helped me lift gunk that’s been there for who knows how long.

Unlike vacuum mops and robot mops, buying a separate cleaning solution isn’t necessary. In fact, it’s even discouraged. Just add distilled water to the tank and you’re ready to get steamy. 

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Why is the Bissell Steam Shot trending?

On TikTok, the Bissell Steam Shot hashtag has over 10.9 million views. Users, especially those on #CleanTok, say it has solved all their cleaning woes. (Here are more TikTok-approved cleaning tricks.) 26,000 ratings on Amazon don’t lie, either. It might look small, but users love its cleaning power, durability and portability.

How I tested it 

I first scoped out a few places for testing, including the bathroom, kitchen and various hidden spots. Once the Steam Shot was plugged in, I had to wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up. Reviewers say to be careful about overfilling the water tank to prevent a household geyser. And after each use, I just dump any extra water to always start the next one with a full tank. 

After using the Steam Shot in multiple locations, I found myself looking for even more hidden spots to spray. I was like a detective, searching and steaming anywhere with a speck of dirt. Faucets? Sparkling. Laundry room detergent drawer? Glistening. Glass? Crysal clear. By the end of the week, I’d cleaned every room in the house. 

The only thing I’m not enthusiastic about is that steaming is only half the job. You still have to wipe away the water and wet dirt to fully clean the surface. It’s not a much different process than paper towels and Lysol, but there is less scrubbing, less waste, less chemicals and less dirt. 

Do be warned! Steam is hot. After a cleaning session, the machine traps pressure from the steam. To prevent the hot cap from exploding in your face, either let the machine cool off for 10 minutes after unplugging or slowly release the water cap to let the steam out.


The Bissell Steam Shot Window ShotAndrea Carrillo/

What I love most about the Steam Shot is that it helps me tackle even the most hidden (and dirty) places in the house. One of which is the inside of my windows. Mine were almost black with dirt and gross to look at. Since this was my first location, I proceeded with caution. 

I had the extension hose attached and lightly sprayed the windowsill. Surface-level dirt started flying everywhere and the more pressure I applied on the trigger, the more dirt that flew. Eventually, I figured out that the extension hose wasn’t necessary, but testing out the different attachments just takes trial and error.

After wiping down the surface, the inside of the windows looked brand new. I even used the steam to remove some years-old dried sticker glue (even homemade cleaner couldn’t get that off). 


The Bissell Steam ShotAndrea Carrillo/

We already consider the Steam Shot to be one of the best cleaners for bathrooms and kitchens. In the bathroom, I found toothpaste buildup in the sink, shampoo and conditioner puddles in the shower and dirt hidden throughout the toilet seat handles. I steamed everything in sight.

Even with a regular weekly cleaning schedule, it’s amazing what gets left behind in the crevices of the bathroom. For the sake of hygiene, I just used the Steam Shot’s regular nozzle instead of the brushes, which worked perfectly. 


The Bissell Steam ShotAndrea Carrillo/

For me, the fridge is a hot zone for sticky, crusty messes. I try to clean out my fridge on a weekly basis, but its corners and depths are tough to reach with just a paper towel. In my testing frenzy, I realized some produce had gone bad and left an unsightly mess. The steam left the drawer spotless.

I also aimed it at grease, dried condiments, more produce gunk, juice spills and other food-based stains. I tried to clean my stainless steel appliances but found grease to be a hassle to steam clean. But practice makes perfect!

Bissell Steam Shot features 

The Bissell Steam Shot SteamerAndrea Carrillo/

The machine itself weighs 4 pounds and holds up to 6.6 ounces of water. An included water cup helps measure out the liquid, and Bissell recommends using distilled water.

It’s sadly not cordless, but the 20-foot power cord is long enough to reach high and low spots. Toting it from room to room takes more effort since you’ll have to unplug it. Ten attachments, including three color-coded round scrubbing brushes, a grout brush, a flat scraper tool, an angled concentrator tool, an extension hose, a fabric steamer and a window squeegee, make cleaning even easier.  

I love the Pearl Wasabi color (yes, that’s its actual name) as the green matches the gray cord and attachments. Control the water pressure with a steam trigger near the handle.  


  • Small handheld steam cleaner 
  • Portable size
  • 20-foot cord
  • Includes multiple attachments 
  • Holds 6.6 ounces of water 
  • Steam kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Doesn’t need chemical cleaners
  • Works on a variety of hard and soft surfaces
  • Only around $40!


  • Not wireless 
  • You still have to wipe away surfaces after steaming 
  • There’s no water fill line, so it’s hard to tell how much water is inside


How long does the Bissell Steam Shot last? 

With the size of its water tank, the Steam Shot has enough power for up to 15 minutes of steam. This is also dependent on the pressure and job size. 

Can you clean a couch with a Bissell Steam Shot? 

Thanks to the strong pressure and the fabric steaming attachment tool, the Steam Shot works on couches and upholstery. It also cleans carpets, mattresses and pet beds.  

What not to use a Bissell Steam Shot on 

Keep the Steam Shot away from electronics, unsealed floors, water-based paint, porous surfaces and plastic.  

What other reviewers/experts had to say 

 “I ordered this because I kept seeing TikToks of people hyping it up and it honestly did not disappoint!” raves five-star reviewer Hannah. “The tools that come with it allow you to clean literally anything! It is a must!”

“Since my wife got her hands on this, EVERYTHING in my house has been steamed. Windows? Steamed. Stove? Steamed. Entire bathroom? Steamed. Our dogs? Steamed. It is getting hard to see in my house from all the steam. Please send help,” writes Patrick Lagan. “All jokes aside, this is a great tool and would recommend.”

After her Bissell robot vacuum smeared her dog’s poop everywhere, Jess E. was convinced there was no saving ituntil she found the Bissell Steam Shot. “I have no words. This product was so amazing to use. It power blasted all the poop from every possible crevice,” she says. “And now I cannot stop the power trip I’m on with this thing. Shoes? Glowing. Toilet crevice gunk? Don’t know her. Dirty molding? Not today, Satan. There are so many uses for this thing and I am fully addicted.”

Product comparison 

One of the biggest notes reviewers have about the Steam Shot is that they wish it was bigger or held more water. But if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, steam mops are a great alternative. Granted they only work for floors, but they do leave them sparkling. We recommend the Shark VacMop Pro and Tineco iFloor 3

Another option is a trustworthy cleaning product and a Scrub Daddy sponge. But take it from me, a steam cleaner will replace every cleaning product combined.

Final verdict 

I totally understand the hype and convenience of having a steam cleaner. Steam is an underrated cleaning tool that requires no chemicals or really any scrubbing. It’s an eco-friendly home swap that truly works.

You also can’t beat the price, especially because it’s thorough and effective. It doesn’t take as much room as an upright vacuum, and it’s easy to store. I’m already planning on gifting one to friends and family. 

Where to buy the Bissell Steam Shot 

The Bissell Steam Shotvia merchant

For under $50, I could get rid of all my chemical cleaners forever. Do the same by shopping the Bissell Steam Shot from Amazon and Wayfair. Happy steaming!

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