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The 6 Best Refrigerator Brands, According to Appliance Experts

In the market for a new fridge? These top-rated refrigerator brands are reliable, innovative and tailored to your family’s needs.

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The best refrigerator brands to buy in 2022

After years of storing away plenty of produce and leftovers, your fridge is finally on the fritz. Maybe it isn’t staying as cold as it should, or the motor is noticeably louder. Or maybe you’ve simply had your fridge for around 10 years and think it might be time to start looking for a new one. A refrigerator is a big purchase, and it’s important to research not just the best refrigerators but the best refrigerator brands before you make a decision.

So, what is the best refrigerator brand? It’s the one whose appliances are reliable and last for years, of course, but it’s also the one that’s right for you and your family—whether you want a budget option, something loaded with smart tech or a fridge that professional chefs would go gaga over. Lucky for you, we’ve scoped out the best options, so all you have to worry about is setting the right temperature for your fridge and focusing on fridge organization. That said, you’ll also want to know the best time to buy these appliances to get the biggest bang for your buck.

What to consider when buying specific refrigerator brands

Whether you’re looking at high-end fridges for your kitchen, inexpensive second fridges for your garage or mini fridges for your basement, there are a few factors you need to consider.

  • Brand reputation. There’s a reason certain brands have been a top choice for decades. While it may be tempting to try a shiny new brand on the market, the big brands have years of positive reviews to back up their products.
  • Customer service. Even the best fridges may need to be serviced from time to time. When looking at brands, consider how easy or difficult it is to get in contact with them. Try chatting with customer service reps for recommendations and advice before you purchase to determine how friendly, quick and reliable the service is.
  • Warranty options. Some brands may only have a one-year warranty on parts and labor, while others have extended warranties for certain parts, like compressors, that are known to wear down after several years.
  • Key features. Look for adjustable temperatures, movable drawers and shelves for customization and easy fridge cleaning, and energy-saving functions like LED lighting or Energy Star certification. Also consider freezer position, as well as extras like water dispensers and Wi-Fi connectivity.

How we selected the best refrigerator brands

To narrow down the many options out there, we consulted appliance experts, combed through user reviews and chose products with at least a 4-star rating. We also made sure to choose a variety of options, depending on what you’re looking for.

These are our picks for best refrigerator brands of 2022:

  • Best overall refrigerator brand: LG
  • Best budget refrigerator brand: Frigidaire
  • Best high-end refrigerator brand: Sub-Zero
  • Best smart refrigerator brand: Samsung
  • Best energy-efficient refrigerator brand: Whirlpool
  • Most reliable refrigerator brand: GE

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LG logo
courtesy LG

Best overall refrigerator brand


When you start researching refrigerator brands, you’ll find that LG frequently tops the “best” lists. With high star ratings, stellar user reviews and a huge selection at a variety of price points, this trusted brand has something for everyone. Its fridges are also very reliable, earning J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Appliance Satisfaction study for its French door–style refrigerators, as well as being innovative. In fact, LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door fridges—which feature a glass panel that allows you to see what’s inside the fridge without opening it—just won the prestigious Product of the Year award.

“LG has been manufacturing top-of-the-line refrigerators for more than 60 years, which means they have a lot of experience in the industry,” says Alex Woollam, a licensed plumber and founder of Waterline Plumbing. “Their models are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, so you can be sure that your refrigerator will use less electricity over time.” He’s also a fan of LG’s advanced refrigeration technologies, including LED lighting, automated freezing systems, automatic cleaning features, climate-control options and more.

Bonus: LG has 24/7 customer support, and the fridges come with a two-year warranty that can be extended to five or 10 years.


  • Long-lasting models that rarely need servicing
  • High-tech features, such as a light-up, door-in-door feature and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Wide variety of products, from basic models to high-end options designed for specialty foods and beverages


  • Slightly higher starting price point because of the added features

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Frigidaire logo
courtesy Frigidaire

Best budget refrigerator brand


While Frigidaire does make high-end refrigerators, it also offers high-quality models at lower price points. Some of its cheap refrigerators start in the $200 to $300 range, while other brands start around $400. You can also find larger models with more functions, such as ice dispensers or side-by-side doors, for about half the cost of similar fridges from other brands, making Frigidaire great for anyone who wants to get a fantastic deal without sacrificing functionality.

Many models are also Energy Star certified and have additional energy-saving features like LED lighting and auto-close doors. Plus, Frigidaire offers a SpaceWise system of refrigerator organizers, so you can customize your fridge space as well as maximize it—something that’s especially handy for home cooks and larger households. Some fridges include these parts, and others are available for you to buy separately.

And customers love the brand. You’ll find thousands of glowing reviews on Home Depot, calling out the fridges’ reasonable prices, roominess and overall efficiency.


  • Budget-friendly models
  • Customizable shelving for ultimate fridge organization
  • Most models are Energy Star certified


  • Fewer high-tech options compared with some other brands

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sub zero logo
courtesy sub-zero

Best high-end refrigerator brand


If you want a luxe fridge to match your swanky kitchen remodel, Sub-Zero is the brand for you. These high-end refrigerators are specifically designed to extend the life of food, so your produce and leftovers will last far longer with the air-purification system and advanced temperature control. You don’t have to be a professional chef to use a Sub-Zero fridge, but this brand is chef-approved.

What’s more, each fridge is designed to last 20 years or more and is made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel (inside and out) and two compressors rather than one. Residential indoor fridges include a full two-year warranty (many brands only offer one year), as well as a full five-year parts and labor warranty and a limited 12-year sealed system warranty. Many of the models available come panel-ready too, meaning they can easily be designed to blend into your kitchen cabinetry.


  • Advanced systems that help food last longer
  • Panel-ready designs to fit into any kitchen
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting


  • Need to visit a showroom to explore options rather than purchasing online

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samsung logo
courtesy Samsung

Best smart refrigerator brand


Samsung is known globally for its electronics, so it makes sense that this brand is a top choice for smart fridges that can connect to other smart home devices, including your phone. Features like the Family Hub can create grocery lists with voice commands and grocery apps, stream music and even display TV shows and videos from the fridge door. If you have a compatible smart thermostat, you can turn down the heat while baking in the kitchen using the smart fridge controls too.

Even with all these high-tech features, Samsung fridges come in reasonably priced. For instance, a 28.7-cubic-foot stainless steel, side-by-side smart fridge from GE costs about $9,836.99, while a slightly smaller 26.7-cubic-foot stainless steel, side-by-side smart fridge by Samsung is just $1,799.99.

“One quality that Samsung consistently demonstrates is its commitment to innovation,” says Woollam. “They are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the quality of their refrigerators, and this mindset has led them to develop some of the most advanced refrigerators on the market today, including models with AI.”

Plus, the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index recognized Samsung for its high-quality fridges and repair services. Woollam additionally calls out Samsung’s two-year warranty on parts and labor for most models, as well as its five-year-plus warranty for the motor.


  • Advanced smart home connectivity
  • Visual and audio tech on fridge doors with the Family Hub feature
  • Online grocery shopping and delivery function for smart fridges


  • Fewer basic, lower-cost models compared with some other brands

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whirlpool logo
courtesy Whirlpool

Best energy-efficient refrigerator brand


Whirlpool, also the parent company for KitchenAid and Maytag, has earned the Energy Star label for many of its popular refrigerators, making it a top fridge brand for sustainably minded consumers. Whirlpool has earned more than 23 Energy Star awards, beating out other appliance manufacturers in this category. These Energy Star appliances “meet the highest standards for optimum energy and water efficiency set in place by the EPA,” notes Dan Bridleman, SVP of Sustainability at KB Home, and that can also save you a bundle.

Plus, Whirlpool itself has 13 LEED-certified facilities in the United States, meaning its own manufacturing facilities are also sustainable. The brand also quickly transitioned its fridges to a more climate-friendly r600a refrigerant before the end of 2021.

Aside from being energy-efficient, Whirlpool made our list of the best refrigerator brands because its replacement parts are easy to find and affordable. Translation: Your fridge can be repaired as needed rather than needing to be replaced entirely, so it will last a lot longer. Make sure to check out our list of the best washer and dryer brands next.


  • Many Energy Star–certified fridges
  • Affordable products that don’t sacrifice functionality
  • Reliable fridges with parts that are easy to repair when needed


  • Fewer high-tech features

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GE logo
courtesy GE

Most reliable refrigerator brand


GE has been a respected brand for more than 100 years, never skimping on quality while also keeping up with current trends. For those who want their fridge to be as stylish as their marble countertops or subway tile backsplash, GE also offers a design-forward Café line, with customizable hardware and stainless steel, matte or platinum glass exteriors. No matter how simple or luxe you go, GE earns high marks from consumers for its customer service, reliability and quick repair services.

Adam Morris, an electrical engineer at Appliances Made Simple, particularly loves GE for its helpful features and reliability, which can be especially important for large families. “The best refrigerator I’ve encountered is the GE Profile PVD28BYNFS 36-Inch 4-Door French Door,” he says. “This is a huge space that would be perfect for most large families, with a large freezer space as well as a door alarm, smart features and a turbo freeze option.” Imagine what you’ll do with all that space! But first, bookmark these essential tips for how to organize your freezer and keep it clutter-free.


  • Long-lasting fridges that are easy to service
  • Durable against dents, scratches, stains and other damage
  • Excellent customer service


  • Limited one-year warranty

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