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10 Hilarious Prank Videos That Will Leave You in Stitches

Get ready to actually laugh out loud while watching these comical pranks caught on camera

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These funny prank videos will have you doubling over with laughter

There’s one thing (nearly) everyone can agree on: prank videos are hilarious to watch. They provide us with instant comic relief, as well as great inspiration for our own sneaky April Fools’ pranks. There’s just something about being in on the prank, knowing it’s coming and watching with anticipation as the prankee walks right into the lighthearted trap. We can’t get enough! And lucky for us, there’s no shortage of funny prank videos out there.

In honor of April Fools’ Day drawing near, we’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious prank videos for your entertainment. These pranks for parents, kids and everyone else in your life will get you giggling like there’s no tomorrow. Pranksters, take note—and get ready to laugh.

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Toilet paper T-shirt

Kids say the darndest things, but parents pull the funniest pranks! Case in point: This clever dad who “transformed” toilet paper into a T-shirt, totally flabbergasting his daughter. Need more prank inspiration? Look to the stars and find out which prank to pull, based on your zodiac sign.

Give me a hand, Dad

Kids truly are creative pranksters. Need proof? Watch this little girl pull a simple (but adorable!) prank that doubles as a funny April Fools’ joke.

A lesson in physics

This is a hilarious new twist on a classic prank. Watch as this woman gives her husband two lessons: one in physics, the other in pranking. Keep this one in mind if you’re looking for an April Fools’ prank for your boyfriend.

Here comes the bride

The best man pulls the best prank! In this video guaranteed to make you laugh more, the groom-to-be turns around to see his beautiful bride … only to find someone else wearing white. Hilarity ensues.

Your “phone” is ringing

This is one of those prank videos you watch and think “Oh yeah, I totally could have fallen for that.” See what happens when a mother is rushed to pick up her “phone”; it also makes a great office prank to pull on a co-worker.

The refrigerator reverse

Fans of The Exorcist will appreciate this head-turning (and hilarious) prank. If texting is more your thing, check out these funny April Fools’ text pranks.

Show me the money

Turns out, it pays to get pranked … well, sort of. See what happens when a father tells his son to find the money in the cup—it’s not what you expect. In fact, it’s something you may see in an April Fools’ Day meme!

Just some light grooming …

Don’t take too much off the brows! Watch a wife prank her husband with a DIY eyebrow job gone “wrong.” It’s a funny joke to play on anyone, not just your significant other.

Sponge cake, anyone?

You can’t go wrong with dessert … unless it’s served with mischievous motives. Case in point: this side-splitting sponge cake prank.

The prankster pupper

Turns out, our four-legged pals are sneaky pranksters too. Check out this adorable dog pranking its human in pawsitively sweet fashion.

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