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30 Hilarious Fall Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Autumn’s Humor

Get ready to send all these fall memes to your autumn-obsessed friends

Oh my Gourd, RD fall memes
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Fall memes that will keep you laughing all season long

The first day of fall is nearing, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been ready for sweater weather, apple picking and Halloween since January. If you needed another reason to get pumped for the best season there is, we have the best memes that will have you chuckling over your PSL. These fall memes are, of course, relatable, über funny and autumn obsessed. Time to embrace fall and your love for this cozy season!

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“i Never Want Summer To End” They Said
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Take a backseat, summer

‘Tis the season for spooks, pumpkin spice and roasted turkey. If you’re looking for the best fall activities, look no further than these seasonal ideas to add to your fall bucket list.

Me The Second The First Leaf Changes Color
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Sweater weather

Comfy, cozy and chic. For more of that cozy feeling, don’t miss these fall quotes that will make you feel warm inside.

You When Your Friend Says Summer Is Ending Too Fast
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It’s fall, y’all!

Agree to disagree. Check out these fall captions for all your autumn Instagram posts.

When You Step On A Leaf That Doesn’t Crunch
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A waste

How dare they! Don’t miss the best fall weekend getaways that both the adults and kids will enjoy.

Every Day I’m Rustlin’
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Party rock

Patiently waiting for the beat to drop. Find out the best places to spot fall foliage in America—there might be one close to you!

The Season Of Leggings And Scarves Is Finally Here
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Bundle up

Comfy and cute. For even more fall laughs, check out the corniest Halloween jokes you’ll want to tell everyone you know.

My Favorite Color Is October
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A true beauty

How can it not be? Don’t forget to bookmark this fall home-maintenance checklist to prepare your house for the season.

Contemplating If I Should Wear Winter Clothes For The Morning, Or Summer Clothes For The Afternoon
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In-between days

Time to put a spell on the warm weather and make it disappear. By the way, this is why Americans say fall and not autumn.

When Someone Says It’s Too Early For Pumpkin Spice And You Realize You Don’t Need That Kind Of Negativity In Your Life
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Manifest the pumpkin

It’s never too early. Check out these other foods that taste better in the fall so you can stock your kitchen accordingly.

Brace Yourselves Pumpkin Spice Everything Is Coming
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Pumpkin spice and everything nice

The true taste of fall—and a flavor on many people’s fall food list.

Prepare Thyself
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Fall in a cup

Pumpkin spice is upon us.

Me When They Release A New Fall Themed Coffee Flavor Gettyimages 1271828932
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Gulp, gulp

Just take my money so I can satisfy my taste buds.

We Did It Ladies Leg Shaving Season Is Officially Over
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The first day of fall

The beauty of pants.

My Fall Scented Candles Are The Only Thing Getting Lit This Weekend
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The best kind of lit

Cinnamon and pumpkin spice and gingerbread, oh my!

My Family On October 1
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Get ’em while they’re hot

You can never have too many pumpkins.

The Calendar Says August, But My Heart Says Pumpkin Spice
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That sweet smell

Fall, please come faster.

When You See The First Spirit Halloween Of The Season Pop Up
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Pure joy

Possibly the greatest store of all time. Don’t miss these cheap Halloween decorations you can DIY for the spookiest season ever.

Me For The Next Three Months
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No judgment

Give them pumpkin to talk about. Check out more Halloween puns that will have you laughin’ till you’re coffin.

Me In September Even Though It’s Still 80 Degrees Outside
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A/C on high

Repeat after me: September means fall.

Cruising Into October Like Gettyimages 1097675912
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Pumpkin on the brain

Last one to the pumpkin patch is a rotten gourd.

Can We Please Not Experience All Four Seasons In One Week
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Every year

Winter in the morning, spring by lunchtime, summer in the afternoon, fall in the evening.

Why Is It Cold Everywhere Except My Bed?
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How you know it’s fall

The coziest time of the year to go to sleep.

It’s Hoodie Season!
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Like a hug with sleeves

Extra points if the hoodie doesn’t belong to you.

Me Breaking Out The Spooky Memes
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Trick or treat yo’ self

If you’re looking for some good ones, we have you covered. Don’t miss these spooky Halloween memes that will have you howling with laughter.

Me On The Phone To Mother Nature In September “where’s The Fall Weather?”
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Come on now

Why is it still 90 degrees?

Me When I Catch That First Whiff Of Pumpkin Spice
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It’s spooky season

Smells like fall. After you bookmark these fall memes, check out the scariest movies of all time to watch this Halloween.

Me Brewing Some Pumpkin Spice
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Double, double, toil and trouble

Creepin’ it real.

Happy “force Your Partner To Go Apple Picking” Season!
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Fall activities

Apples on apples on apples. Check out the best place to go apple picking in every state so you can add them to your bucket list (after you finish reading these fall memes, of course).

Just Waiting For Football Season To Start
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Almost tailgate time

Time to scream at the TV.

Ready For Sweats Apple Cider Fuzzy Socks And Coziness
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Warm fuzzy feeling

Sigh, this is the life. Now that you’re laughing at these fall memes, don’t miss these genius pumpkin-carving tips you’ll want to take note of for next time.

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