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20 Adorable Christmas Dogs You Will Wish Were Under Your Tree

These precious photos of Christmas dogs and puppies are sure to put you in the holiday spirit

cute pit bull puppy sitting on a plush rug in front of chistmas tree and wrapped gifts
HadelProductions/Getty Images

The cuddliest Christmas dogs

There’s plenty of cuteness that comes with the Christmas season, and some of the sweetest holiday cheer, without a doubt, comes from looking at puppy pictures and photos of Christmas dogs. The tails, the tinsel, the puppy eyes—who can resist? Even if you’re spending the holidays with your own pet, take a moment to scroll through these funny, delightful and jubilant pictures to get a healthy dose of holiday happiness. Then send this to a fellow dog enthusiast—it’s a gift for dog lovers that keeps on giving!

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Four Super Cute and Sleepy Bernedoodle Puppies Hang in Holiday Stockings
Jason Cameron/Getty Images

The sweetest stocking stuffers

We wouldn’t mind seeing one of these cuties in our Christmas stocking this year.

New pet for Christmas
svetikd/Getty Images

Santa’s newest reindeer

Move over, Rudolph—Fido’s here to take the lead on Christmas Eve.

A Chocolate Labrador puppy sitting among the Christmas decorations - 8 weeks old
cmannphoto/Getty Images

Master decorator

This little cutie is a total pro at decorating the Christmas tree. His next task: Stringing the lights.

Santa Claus. Dog dressed as Santa Claus.
Liukov/Getty Images

Santa Paws is coming to town

And he’s delivering the best dog toys to all the good pups in the world.

Young, charming puppy and a festive box
Sviatlana Barchan/Getty Images

Festive puppy

Opening all those Christmas gifts must have tired this pooch out!

Litter Of Christmas Puppies
carebott/Getty Images

Dogs in a box!

Who wouldn’t love seeing these small dogs under the tree?

Poopsie Christmas Looking at Cookies from Above
saje/Getty Images

A sweet treat for a sweet dog

Sorry, Santa—the Christmas cookies were just too good to resist.

Santa Claus holding a husky puppy
Per Breiehagen/Getty Images

Santa’s new best friend

An honorary title among Christmas dogs: St. Nick’s right-hand pooch! This cute husky picture would even make Scrooge crack a festive smile.

Woman at home with her puppy at Christmas time
retales botijero/Getty Images

Christmas snuggles

Makes you want to snag some matching Christmas sweaters for you and your dog, right? Bonus points if you get ugly Christmas sweaters.

Bull Terrier Puppies by their presents in front of the Christmas tree
Copyright by Quicksnap Photos/Getty Images

Paws on the presents

We bet those boxes have the tastiest dog treats in them. Santa’s spoiling the pups!

Chihuahua Puppy In Christmas Stocking In Front Of Christmas Tree, Close Up
GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

A small but mighty Christmas gift

This little pooch is one of the cutest Christmas pups we’ve seen! Those puppy eyes are irresistible.

Red and white Welsh Corgi Cardigan against the backdrop of Christmas decoration
Svetlana Belkina/Getty Images

Opening Santa’s gifts

We bet this pup got some fun dog puzzles and healthy dog treats—perks of being on the nice list.

Cute baby boy dressed as santa with a samoyed puppy in a basket with Christmas decor all around
ArtMarie/Getty Images

Dreaming of a white dog Christmas

A pint-size Santa + a festive fluffy dog = one of the most adorable Christmas photos ever.

Golden Retriever puppy in front of a Christmas tree
Nevena1987/Getty Images

Dapper Christmas dog

So proud to be Santa’s smallest reindeer!

Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies in a Santa costume
alkir/Getty Images

A Corgi Christmas

Corgi pictures are cute on their own, but a Christmas-themed Corgi picture? Cuteness overload!

Labrador puppy with a tiny blue hat sleeping in front of a Christmas tree
Stefan Cristian Cioata/Getty Images

Christmas snoozing

A little nap to wrap up a big day!

Jack Russel Puppy Sitting on a sheet of wrapping paper on a chair with Christmas Decor
JLSnader/Getty Images

The ultimate Christmas puppy pose

We’d put this on a Christmas card in a heartbeat.

cocker spaniel puppy wrapped in a bow and stretching and yawning on a blanket in front of a christmas tree
Yegor Terentev/Getty Images

All wrapped up

And pulled together with a lovely Christmas bow.

French Bulldog puppy and Boston Terrier on sofa wearing sweaters in front of Christmas tree
Rebecca Nelson/Getty Images

A mighty holiday duo

Waiting for someone to drop a Christmas appetizer, no doubt.

mini australian shepherd Puppy Sitting On Bed At Home With Christmas Gift Box
Anna Kraynova/Getty Images

Christmas sniffs

Sniffing out Santa’s gifts has never looked so sweet.

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