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I Shop Amazon for a Living, and These Are the 15 Things I’m Buying for Summer

These Amazon summer finds curated by our expert Shopping Editor are inexpensive, chic and arrive in time for summer entertaining.

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As a Shopping Editor at Reader’s Digest, I spend my nine-to-five (and several hours of personal time) browsing Amazon. By now I’m pretty well-versed in finding certifiable deals, trending items and even a few under-the-radar must-haves ahead of summer. Whether you enjoy the warm weather by kicking back in the shade with a good book or out and about on hiking trails, I’ve located the very best Amazon summer finds to kickstart the sunny season.

Amazon has thousands of items to prepare homes for the summer. I’m looking forward to the seasonal transition—it’s the perfect time to shed those throw blankets and opt for allergy-banishing air purifiers instead. Here’s everything I’m splurging on this summer, from pretty drinking glasses to flattering swimsuits. The best part? All of these finds are under $100.

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Womens Belt Bag
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The 15 best Amazon summer finds

Belt bag

Surprisingly, this isn’t just one of my favorite Amazon spring finds. This trending belt bag has something of a cult following on TikTok. The Amazon belt bag rivals bigger brands with a selection of 35 colors, an adjustable waistband and lightweight, durable fabric. Right now, it’s 29% off. Don it while running errands or reserve it for the gym to secure must-haves like credit cards, phones and lip balm.

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Platform Crocs
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Crocs platform clog

Platform Crocs are a classic summer staple. They’re both lightweight and waterproof, so they’re perfect for camping and dirty work like gardening. Dress them up with flowing summer shorts, or opt for a laid-back look by pairing them with the best leggings. Whatever you’re wearing, you’re bound to find a color match among 35 different choices.

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Cactus Margarita Glass Via Amazon.com Ecomm
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Cactus margarita glasses

Alexa, play my party mix! These cactus margarita glasses are a charming addition to any outdoor soireé. Made from durable barware-quality glass, these cute cups are safe for the dishwasher and oh-so-fun to drink from. Serve up slushes, shrimp cocktails or rim with salt for a unique way to enjoy spritzers. Be prepared, though—these glasses prompt more compliments than pretty jewelry.

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Tummy Control Swimsuit
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Tummy control swimsuit

Whoever said that modest means frumpy clearly never wore this tummy-control swimsuit. Flattering and stylish, this nylon suit features a cute mesh cutout that disguises trouble areas and offers ample support. Planning on picking up a few pool-ready accessories? Take a peek at the Amazon Outlet for big savings on beach towels and other Amazon spring finds.

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Short Sleeve Silk Pajama Set
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Short-sleeve silk pajama set

Miss the Cozy Earth sale? While nothing can compete with the brand’s top-quality materials, this short-sleeve silk pajama set is still stunning. Cooling, wrinkle-free fabric holds up surprisingly well in the wash. Because they wick moisture, these pajamas are ideal for hot sleepers—especially during the summertime. So are these bamboo pajamas, by the way.

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Solo Stove Portable Campfire
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Solo Stove mini portable fire pit

Here’s a shopping tip: browse through the deals section for hidden Amazon summer finds. One of the best Amazon deals I unearthed is the Solo Stove Lite, available at a generous 22% markdown. This rocket-style stove weighs in at only nine ounces, so it’s the perfect size for travel. The best part is that this tiny fire pit produces virtually no smoke, making it safe to use around kids and pets.

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Elta Md Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer
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Tinted sunscreen moisturizer

As much as we all love sitting out on a beach blanket, protecting skin from sun damage comes first. This unscented tinted sunscreen moisturizer from Elta MD offers an easy way to add a dewy glow while shielding the face from harmful rays. Layer it on under other beauty products, or allow the color-correcting ingredients to work their magic alone.

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Remote Control Tower Fan
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Remote control tower fan

You don’t need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the 20% coupon on this remote control tower fan. Available in pink, white, black and green, this oscillating blade-free fan features a slim footprint for small apartments. Choose between several temperatures and wind speeds to customize the coolness of any room.

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Bed Vacuum
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Bed vacuum

This bed vacuum is an allergy sufferer’s secret weapon. Simply run it along the top of your mattress while changing your sheets to eliminate dust mites, dander and pet hair. It’s a product that will dramatically improve your life if you’re a victim of seasonal sniffles. Get it for under $100 and say goodbye to sneezing yourself awake at night.

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Workout Dress
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Workout dress

We’re no strangers to Amazon workout wear, so it’s rare for us shopping editors to find an exercise product that we simply must have. That said, this workout dress is the key to looking chic during warm-weather runs thanks to built-in shorts and a flattering A-line shape. I know I’m not the only one obsessed with this workout dress—it boasts near-perfect reviews from almost 4,000 shoppers.

As a bonus, it even has pockets!

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Short Sleeve Maxi Dress
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Short-sleeve maxi dress

The best Amazon dresses marry style, versatility and quality—and this short-sleeve maxi dress delivers on all fronts. Available in sizes up to 6X and several different colors, this stretchy dress is ideal for almost any body. Soft jersey fabric and a flowing fit offer a breezy style perfect for sweaty weather.

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Blueair Air Filter
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Air purifier

Like air-cleaning plants, the Blue Air purifier is whisper-quiet and compact. A minimalistic design complements most decor while the unit uses a built-in HEPA filter to capture dander, dust and other allergens. In under 30 minutes, enjoy fresh air, clear sinuses and fewer floating particulates.

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Bamboo Sheet Set
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Bamboo sheets set

It’s easy to find good bedding on Amazon, as evidenced by this inexpensive bamboo sheet set. Breathable bamboo rayon regulates temperature, eliminates night sweats and feels silky smooth to the touch. Despite the cooling properties, washing the sheets is simple—just toss them in with other laundry. No special care is required.

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Zero Gravity Patio Chair
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Zero gravity chair set

Kick back in these zero-gravity chairs for a relaxing afternoon in the shade. A convenient built-in tray holds drinks, Amazon devices and snacks. Easily recline into a comfortable position using your body weight and a clever locking mechanism that prevents folks from leaning back too far.

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Cross Front Wrap Dress
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Cross wrap dress

This cross-wrap dress is the quintessential spring dress. Crafted from cotton and spandex, the dress offers a little stretch and skims over trouble areas for a flattering fit. Choose from prints, patterns and plain colors that go with almost any outfit. It’s ideal for any occasion: slip it on over swimsuits at the beach or wear it out to brunch with friends for endless compliments.

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