We Can’t Believe People Are Replacing Their AirPods with These $20 Earbuds

Before you splurge on a pair of AirPods, pick up a pair of wireless earbuds that over 22,000 shoppers call the "best $20 wireless Bluetooth experience" they've ever had.

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Hard shell luggage? Packed. Swimsuit? Looking good. Travel app? Engaged. Your spring break trip is fast approaching, and almost everything is in place to make it the best trip ever. However, there’s one small detail missing: your trusty pair of earbuds. Plane rides are boring enough—why not arm yourself with ample T-Swift tunes or snooze-worthy soundscapes? Enter JLab wireless earbuds.

Wireless headphones, as the name suggests, offer a fully wire-free experience. They connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth, which allows you to move around while listening to your preferred podcast or album while cooking or folding laundry. Due to their convenience and small size, they’re the ideal travel accessory for both long flights and bus commutes.

What are JLab wireless earbuds?

JLab wireless earbuds are similar in size to Apple AirPods. In fact, the case is small enough to fit in your belt bag. These inexpensive earbuds ring up well under the AirPod price tag of $200 at $20. Don’t let that fool you, though—these buds are more than capable of delivering high-quality sound.

Use intuitive touch controls to cycle through three different sound modes: JLab Signature, balanced and bass boost modes. Plus, tap-activated commands control volume and tracks, play and pause, answer calls and function as your phone’s built-in smart assistant. These commands are ideal for workouts, where it’s not possible to fuss with your phone.

Each earbud works independently thanks to a built-in MEMS microphone in each bud for clear call sound. They’re incredibly simple to charge with the integrated USB cable. Luckily, you won’t need to use the portable charger too often—each pair boasts a stellar battery life of over eight hours on a single charge. In addition, the case holds an extra 24 extra hours of charge for a total playtime of up to 32 hours.

What reviewers are saying about JLab wireless earbuds

Verified reviewer Shaun T. writes, “Stop looking now if you want a pair of low-budget earbuds. I had to return two pairs with decent Amazon reviews that cost around $10, which taught me that spending at least $20 is mandatory. I found multiple reputable websites that declared the JLab Go Air Pop to be the best budget earbuds, and these did not disappoint!

Mozart’s violin concertos sounded fantastic with these earbuds, and they did justice to my favorite pop and indie songs. The battery life is truly unbelievable for budget earbuds. Wearing earbuds longer than eight hours is unhealthy, so a long outdoor trip with multiple recharges in the case is the only scenario that should lead to a full loss of charge.”

Where can I buy JLab wireless earbuds?

Those traveling on a budget need not worry—like our favorite affordable luggage, it’s possible to snag a pair of JLab wireless earbuds on deep discount. However, at the generous price of $25, you don’t need to wait for a markdown to make your purchase worthwhile. Pick up a few pairs for yourself and as a gift for an avid traveler.

Enjoy a generous savings of $5 when you buy a set today, putting these inexpensive earbuds at under $20 per pair. That leaves plenty of travel budget to splurge on high-quality luggage brands like Reader’s Digest editor favorites Monos and Béis. Or, shop the best luggage deals and pick up a few extra luggage tags with your savings.

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