Beis vs Monos: Two Game-Changing Luggage Brands, But Which Is Worth the Splurge?

When it comes to Beis vs Monos, which is the true winner?

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Picking the right luggage is almost as difficult (and critical) as picking the right hotel on vacation. What size do you need? What’s the budget? How long is the trip? Travel accessories make any trip go a little smoother. But when it comes to the most popular luggage brands, which is the right choice? Here’s the rundown on Beis vs Monos luggage.

Monos and Beis may not be heritage brands like Samsonite or Rimowa, but both carry a wide variety of bags, suitcases and accessories. Although they offer very similar products, there are some key differences.

Beis vs Monos: What’s the difference? 

In a nutshell, Monos is slightly more expensive and understated, as opposed to the trendy Beis pieces. Both have all the essentials from carry-ons to luggage sets. But the final decision might come down to budget and personal style. 

Beis is very deliberate with the features and marketing of its luggage. Key lanyards, built-in weight indicators and secret compartments are just some of the amenities offered. The soft bags flaunt canvas and vegan leather, while the rolling luggage opts for a polycarbonate hard shell. There’s also a much wider range of bright colors for the Beis bags, targeting people who love to travel in bold style. 

Monos, on the other hand, answers to a more refined traveler. Its bags and suitcases are minimal, chic and maybe a bit more durable. Colors mostly stay in a neutral palette, but there’s a choice of nylon, vegan leather and polycarbonate hard shell for the luggage. Monos is also a climate-neutral brand and contributes 1% of revenue to fighting climate change.

All about Beis 

Beis Weekend Bag On Suitcase Andrea Carrillo JveditAndrea Carrillo/

Beis was founded by actress Shay Mitchell in 2018. You might’ve seen it pop up on your social media feed or in the airport. It’s trendy but for good reason. Each piece prioritizes functionality and style. Unique features are strategically placed around the luggage, solving some of the most frustrating packing mistakes

Luggage options

Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or an international adventure, Beis has lots of cute luggage options. Polycarbonate suitcases protect belongings and users love the built-in weight indicators and zippered pockets. Weekend warriors and commuters appreciate the portability of the Weekender bags and work totes.

Accessories range from packing cubes and makeup bags to toiletry bags and water bottle slings. It even sells luggage for kids. There are arguably more options than Monos, and the children’s, pets’ and babies’ departments are a bonus. 

Special features

Beis is extremely functional. Depending on the piece, some of the luggage has built-in weight indicators, TSA locks, compression pads and all kinds of separate pouches. The totes, diaper bags and Weekenders also have lots of hidden features like key lanyards, hidden pockets and straps.

One of its best and most notable features is the extra storage compartments throughout the Weekenders, toiletry bags and accessory bags. I recently took my Mini Weekender on an international trip and was surprised by how many items fit inside (yes, it counts as a personal item!). Just be mindful that canvas scuffs easily and carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder can strain your neck and back. 

Shipping, returns policy and warranty

Beis does a good job of packaging and shipping. The packaging does have a big “Beis” sticker, so beware of porch pirates. Rolling luggage comes with a lifetime warranty if a zipper breaks or the shell cracks. There are 45 days to return or exchange an item if you’re not loving it. There’s also a $10 handling fee for returns, but exchanges are free.

All about Monos 

Monos is everything frequent travelers want in a sleek luggage brand. The sustainable bags look and feel luxurious, but many users are shocked at the price. It’s affordable luxury without compromising quality. In fact, each piece undergoes a rigorous testing process. For every bump in the road, reviewers say Monos handles it all. 

Luggage options

If you’re looking for carry-on bags and checked luggage, Monos has a series of models. Even though they’re made of aerospace-grade polycarbonate, the rolling suitcases are extremely light, leaving more room for clothes and souvenirs. For something more versatile, try weekender bags, duffels, backpacks and more travel accessories to complete pre- and post-flight packing. There may be fewer options, but Monos covers the basics and covers them well. 

Special features

Compression pads and straps in the rolling suitcases make sure everything’s tight and locked in. Just pick between hard vs soft luggage. The handles are durable and light, and all the suitcases include a laundry bag, two shoe bags and a vegan leather luggage tag. Toiletry bags, suitcases and even a belt bag sport the same, no-frills look. 

“I was impressed by the caliber of construction, lifetime warranty and careful attention to detail,” writes Senior Shopping Editor Caroline Lubinsky in her carry-on review. I own the Metro Weekender and have to agree: Monos takes care of every detail. The fabric feels soft, durable and extremely luxurious. 

Shipping, returns policies and warranty

Shipping is quick and I appreciated that my Metro Weekender arrived with a complimentary dustbag. A lifetime warranty covers all damage except cosmetic wear and tear, regardless of whether it was bought from Monos or a third-party retailer. To return a Monos bag, send the unused item with the original packaging intact. You have 100 days to make a return too. 

The bottom line 

Beis Vs Mono bagAndrea Carrillo/RD.Com

There are so many luggage brands to choose from. We get it. But when it comes to Monos vs Beis, both are options with a lot of strengths. The price point on both is comparable and even more affordable than other brands, and the features are travel lifesavers. From extra storage space to helpful add-ons, it’s tough to choose between the two. 

For those who prefer to stay on trend, accessorize in bright colors and have an everyday bag, Beis may be the better option. Travelers who want to invest in solid, sleek and performance-forward luggage will appreciate the quality of Monos. At the end of the day, it might not be a battle between Beis vs Monos at all. If you can’t choose between the two, who says you can’t mix and match?

Where to buy Beis luggage

Find Beis luggage on their website and at major retailers like Nordstrom and Revolve.

Where to buy Monos luggage

Monos luggage is primarily available on the brand’s website.

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