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93 Funny Pictures That Will Crack You Up

Take a break and laugh your way through the silly side of life with these funny pictures

A Chihuahua lobster at the beach.
Posh_portraits/Getty Images

Funny pictures that’ll have you in stitches

Need a little mindless entertainment? Look no further. We’ve got a great mix of funny pictures that are guaranteed to give you a good laugh. We rounded up funny dog photos and comical cat photos, then we threw in some funny family photos to really get you roaring.

For even more comic relief, check out these silly monkey photos, hilarious bird photos and cute animal photos that are so amusing you’ll want to share them with everyone. You may as well bookmark this page—you’ll want to browse it again the next time you need a laugh.

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Hispanic people sleeping in theatre
John M Lund Photography Inc/Getty Images

Snooze fest

We don’t know what this audience was watching, but we’re willing to bet it wasn’t one of the funniest movies of all time. No way could they snooze through those laughs!

A child covered in chocolate cake on his face
Erikona/Getty Images

Can I get a napkin, please?

He may be a messy eater, but this dapper little dude knows when he needs help keeping his clothes neat. Don’t worry, kiddo. There are plenty of clean jokes to make you giggle while you demolish the rest of that cake.

Crazy teenage beach boys fooling around
Lothar Knopp/Getty Images

Warning: folds under pressure

Spring break hits everyone hard after a long day in the sun and surf. But what would a vacation be if you didn’t text funny photos and laughable vacation memes to your friends?

Mature man with beard and sunglasses, outdoors, chicken sitting on head
Sean Murphy/Getty Images

Ugh … another bird on my head

And you thought your dandruff problems were annoying! Try living with birds pooing on your head every day. For more woe-is-me humor, check out our favorite Monday memes.

Young man doing pushups on rural road whilst giving dog a piggyback
Zave Smith/Getty Images

Man’s best workout partner

We’re pretty sure workouts are a lot more fun when you have a cute dog for a workout partner. If this photo made you laugh, you’ll love these funny movies on Amazon Prime.

Man with Son on Rollercoaster
Zia Soleil/Getty Images

I can’t look!

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do it for the kid—even if that means riding one of the scariest roller coasters in America. If you fall, well, there are funny obituaries for that. (Kidding! Just a bit of dark humor.)

Cat's out of the bag: Little Girl Holding Cat, Unamused Cat From Childhood
Jena Ardell/Getty Images

The cat’s out of the bag!

Begrudgingly, that is. Judging by this cat’s body language, he is not amused and would rather hide out in the grocery bag a little longer. And speaking of common phrases, you’re going to want to have these funny sayings on hand the next time you’re looking to earn an LOL.

Work from home with kids children. Father working on laptop in bedroom with child daughter on his back. Funny candid family moments. New normal during coronavirus quarantine lockdown.
~UserGI15613517/Getty Images

Leapfrog break!

Remote work can be challenging when you have kiddos at home, but it sure makes for some funny pictures of people trying to get the job done despite small distractions. This one is practically a funny work meme in the making.

Sausage dog festive walk
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images/Getty Images

The abominable snowman

More like the adorable snowman. With his cute puppy-dog eyes and button nose, this is one snow monster you’d be happy to encounter. And for more comical canines, check out the best dog memes.

Female toddler unrolling toilet paper
Steven Puetzer/Getty Images


The good news: She’s using toilet paper. That’s always a bonus when it comes to the bathroom. The bad news: She’s using all the toilet paper.

Burrowing owl peck
Carlos Carreno/Getty Images

Peck on the cheek

It’s a good thing owls mate for life, because it’s clear that the honeymoon is over for Milton and Hazel. For more lovable animals that’ll make you laugh, sit down with one of the best animated movies ever made.

Bulldog trying to get through a cat door
Alaska Photography/Getty Images

Me stuck

When your cat sister says you’ll fit through the door just fine and you fall for it because you’re a lovable but dopey dog, it sure makes for some funny animal pictures.

Annual Gallup Balloon Rally Lifs Off
Douglas Tesner/Getty Images

Can you see me now?

Regardless of her size and fabulous red lipstick, the Frog Princess can’t seem to get anyone’s attention. Loving these funny pictures? You’ll crack up at these hilarious limericks.

Group of marathon runners stretching on sidewalk, one wearing chicken head
Michael Blann/Getty Images

Chicken legs

Why did the chicken cross the road? To stretch her legs! OK, so it’s a little on the nose. Get more chuckles for your buck with dozens of funny “why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes.

young red headed girl short hair brown eyes and freckles playing violin in the house teasing cat with the bow of violin cat is reaching up to bow trying to grab it above its head girl is smiling
Melanie Acevedo/Getty Images

Let me play!

Move aside, human violinist. It’s my turn meow! If you’re on the hunt for bigger belly laughs, press play on one of the funniest sitcoms of all time.

Boatload of apples
Aaron McCoy/Getty Images

How do you like them apples?

The best funny photos speak for themselves. And this one is saying, “Wow! That is a boatload of apples!”

Girl (4-5) caught in the act, making a mess with ice cream
Elva Etienne/Getty Images

Out of cone-trol!

Pardon the ice cream pun, but this little girl’s face says it all. Next time, lick the cone instead of smearing it on the window, kiddo.

man covered by Post It
Paul Harizan/Getty Images

Stick to it

This guy is taking stick-to-itiveness to a new level. It might have been more productive to write down some funny inspirational quotes and stick them on his desk.

Girl In Tutu Showing Stretches To Bulldog
LWA/Getty Images

Touch your toes like this

Funny pictures with kids and dogs are something we never get tired of seeing, especially when a pretty little ballerina is trying to inspire a cute bulldog. Now that’s a recital we want to see!

Portrait of smiling newborn baby girl
Westend61/Getty Images

I woke up like this

This little sweetie knows how to strike an adorable pose that gets our attention. And the attention says, “Cuddles, please!”

jumping on others face
Here it is/Getty Images

Get off my face!

Cats just being themselves sure make for some hilarious cat memes. Take our furry friend here, for example. She doesn’t care who she steps on when there’s a can of tuna with her name on it.

Parents kissing baby
Tuan Tran/Getty Images

Enough smooches already!

We can’t get enough funny baby pictures, but we’re pretty sure this irresistibly cute baby just wants to take a nap in peace.

Snowman And Puppy
EllenMoran/Getty Images

Hey, that’s my arm!

It’s all fun and games until someone wants to use your arm for a game of fetch. Considering we’re not snowmen, we find funny animal pictures like this one a complete riot.

Mature man sleeps on the armchair whilst he holds his baby daughter
Justin Paget/Getty Images

Conked out

Funny pictures like this reveal the truth of parenting: It’s rewarding, but boy, is it exhausting. If your kiddo is making you feel about 900 years old, you’ll appreciate these laugh-out-loud funny jokes about aging.

Hispanic boy and dog with beach gear in backseat of car
Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

Beach vacation, here we come

Here’s a laughter fact you’ll agree with: Dogs can be funny, but those furry goofballs are extra hilarious when dressed in human clothes.

Young man hanging out on pommel horse looking at smartphone
Westend61/Getty Images

Hump day be like …

This probably isn’t the most productive of ways to spend hump day. Instead, laugh your way through Wednesday with some funny hump day memes.

Skeleton driving a car as seen through side window
wwing/Getty Images

Scared silly

Oh, look: It’s that face you make when your best friend tells you a “humerus” skeleton pun.

Old jeans pretending to be the legs of a scarecrow sitting on a high chair in the garden, flower pot on top.
aire images/Getty Images

The headless scarecrow

If this scarecrow ever encounters the Wizard of Oz, he’s going to want to ask for more than a brain. He’ll need a heart, some courage and—oh, right!—a torso.

Stuffed teddy bear laying on couch
benhood/Getty Images

All tuckered out

After a long and stressful day, we can bear-ly keep our eyes open either. Maybe we can snuggle up with this cuddly bear and read our favorite funny book.

woman and dog playing in the park
Kohei Hara/Getty Images

The other hot dog

This sweet little dachshund doesn’t seem to mind that his mom is telling everyone at the dog park he’s her cute little hot dog.

Two little cute girl practicing yoga pose on a yoga mat together at front yard.
Nitat Termmee/Getty Images

Say “om”

Forget the yoga studio. Grab your mat, hit the backyard and let these little yogis lead you to zen.

Baby Wearing Funny Mask
Charles Gullung/Getty Images

I am not amused

Parents can’t resist a few props when taking funny pictures of babies, but this cutie would rather hear a hundred dad jokes than be her father’s muse.

Fluffy dog in a stroller
Image by Marie LaFauci/Getty Images

Cotton candy canine

Who needs a groomer when the wind can give you the blowout of your dreams? And remember: Fresh from the salon means paws off the dirty ground!

A fun picture of girl holding her head next to her
Smile/Getty Images

Heads are gonna roll …

… right off the cliff! Funny pictures of people playing with scale make for the best vacation photo captions. (That goes double if you’re visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa!)


Why do cats love laptops so much? We would ask Mittens, but she’s too busy breaking all the Zoom etiquette rules.

Young elephant seals (Mirounga leonina)Antarctica
David Madison/Getty Images

You so crazy

Bubbles thinks she’s got the pipes of Mariah Carey, but Finn isn’t impressed with her funny songs. He’d rather look at the cutest wild animal photos than listen to another tune.

Dog having a bath
Keep It 100/Getty Images

Look, ma, I’m a unicorn

Giving a dog a bath is something pet parents probably dread as much as the dog does, so why not have a little fun with it and snap some funny photos of your pup while he’s soaped up?

African penguins, wide angle portrait
Mike Korostelev/Getty Images

I’m ready for my close-up

Tired of Mr. Jabberjaws interrupting the weekly Zoom call with his oh-so-boring shark facts, this little guy gets up close to reel everyone in with some fin-tastic shark puns.

Cat and dog with masks
GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Think Mom will know the difference?

These two thought it would be fun to see if their pet parent could tell the difference between them with silly masks on. Reader, she did. But it sure made for some hilarious photos of cats and dogs together.

Juno, a Beluga Whale, greets a young girl at the viewing window at Mystic Aquarium.
Tim Clayton - Corbis/Getty Images

Photo bomb

No question about it: This is one of the best funny photos we’ve seen all week! This little girl clearly wasn’t expecting this fun-loving beluga to take the photographer’s instructions—”say cheese“—seriously.

Golden retriever chewing boy's (9-11) homework
ColorBlind/Getty Images

The dog ate my homework

In an attempt to get his human to focus on the important things in life (namely, playing fetch and eating treats), this pup decided to take matters into his own hands—er, paws.

Playful puppy clinging on to a floor wiper being used by a child on a tiled floor
Elva Etienne/Getty Images

Sploot-o-matic floor mop

A mop might give your floors a sparkling shine, but a splayed-out puppy looking for a ride will give you a giant grin. For more smiles, browse our list of funny ’80s cartoons.

Senior Black Man with Long Haired Dachshund
adamkaz/Getty Images

Open wide!

My dad is always worried about me eating human foods. But I ask you: Why do humans drop food on the floor if they don’t want you to eat it?

Dgwildlife/Getty Images


Who ate all the nuts?! Once you’ve stopped cracking up at this little guy, browse some calming pictures.

drawing on sleeping dad
sturti/Getty Images

What an artist

You snooze, you … are subjected to having your child write all over your face. Oops! These funny pictures are just laugh-out-loud hysterical. On that note, every parent can relate to these hilarious back-to-school photos.

baby funny face
Imgorthand/Getty Images

A face only a mother could love

Sorry, Mom, there’s a real stinker in there.

cat in the air
yordanka caridad/Getty Images

Watch out!

Bombs away! These happy pictures will take your mind off things.

miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images


We don’t know what this baby girl is so excited about, but it’s making for one of the funniest photos here. Want more belly-aching laughter? You won’t be able to unsee these funny stock photos.

selfie cats
SetsukoN/Getty Images

Hang on a sec

These cats need to get their selfie angle just right. Here are more funny animal pictures you need in your life.

proposal rejection
AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

Was it something I said?

We’re thinking this funny photo might not have ended in a happily ever after. Yikes! Maybe they just need these funny marriage quotes to make this situation a little better.

horse smile
chimpyk/Getty Images

Say cheese!

This laughing horse probably took a look through all these funny photos too.

little baby big shoes
NatanaelGinting/Getty Images

Too big

He’ll grow into them—eventually. Check out these cute kid mistakes for even more laughs.

hippie dog
Anna Zisk/Getty Images

Just fab

Say what you want, but this pup knows how fabulous she looks in this collection of funny pictures. Looking for more canine chuckles? These dog cartoons will make every dog owner chuckle.

Courtesy William Blankley

What a deal!

Every item 99 cents! Unless of course, it’s even less! Though it could be more! Just fill up your cart and don’t question it. Get a look at some more hilarious signs worth slowing down for.

courtesy Hamish Steele

We all have our priorities

After all, which would you watch on a Friday night: Harry Potter or the Pope’s funeral? One grandma isn’t afraid to admit her answer. If you’d pick the real-life event instead of the world of magic, check out these historical photos that give us a glimpse into the past.


Tough cookie

If we could look even half as intimidating as this little dumpling, we could finally get some respect around here.

Eric Gevaert/shutterstock

Dance practice

Can’t stop the boogie when the music’s in these youngsters—even while Mama’s watching.

Courtesy Tom Kenney

Drink away the pain

This sign is even more honest than we get after a few glasses of wine. And these funny cartoons about day-to-day life are sure to give you a laugh.

Andrey Kuzmin/Shutterstock

Conked out

After a long day of folding laundry, we’d love to sleep just as soundly as this cute baby.

Courtesy Joao Grassi

A church with humor

You don’t need to be a Christian to appreciate this cheeky church sign. Don’t miss these other hilarious church signs for more chuckles.

Eddie Mulholland/REX/Shutterstock

A new palace

Kate Middleton might be used to the luxuries of Buckingham Palace, but she still seems impressed with this swanky Bug-ingham Palace.

Alexandra Giese/Shutterstock

Haircut needed

This alpaca looks about ready to ditch the farm and hit the waves. Cowabunga!

Malakhova Ganna/shutterstock


This adorable newborn is already practicing silly faces.

courtesy Haggysack

Bela’s proverbs

From “Don’t count your chickens because they need privacy” to “It’s all fun and games until Darth Vader comes,” this kid knows what’s up. Don’t miss these other hilarious test answers from kids.

courtesy Texas Uncorked

Max occupancy: ?

We’re going to play it safe and keep it under 50.


Shocking discovery

“This button makes WHAT noise when I press it?!”

courtesy ReverseMermaidMorty on Reddit

Unique design

This sports car is a ’90s kid’s dream. Does it come in Hot Wheels form? Check out some more photos of the wackiest cars ever built.


Just chillin’

Apparently, this baby could conk out just about anywhere.

courtesy Jerry Ryle

Polite warning

San Francisco has clearly mastered the art of subtlety.


Steal a bite

This little girl can’t wait to dig into her birthday cake—even without candles. Or a fork.

george green/Shutterstock

Womp womp

This cow may have tried to make a run for the hills, but she didn’t get very far. We can only hope her friend will give her a boost.


Bath time is overrated

If you thought Grumpy Cat had the cranks, stay out of the way of this unhappy feline.

courtesy spritzerfritz

Something’s not quite right

Hopefully, hot dog eaters look closely before loading up. Otherwise, they’re in for a rude surprise.

Mark Lehigh/Shutterstock

If you were looking for a sign …

… here it is!

courtesy Nate Horman

Filling the void

Flat-rate shipping? $7.20. Filling that empty void? Priceless.


Beast is a beauty

No question about it: This show-off horse knows its hair is lookin’ fine. Check out these hilarious cartoons that prove animals are funnier than humans.

courtesy Jake Bruner

Well, he’s not wrong

“I was really into Mortal Kombat as a 6th grader,” writes Reddit user Call_me_caution, who posted this childhood homework. Yeah, we could tell.


Crazy hair

This alpaca might want to consider a new hairdresser.

courtesy Reddit user goush

So is it or isn’t it?

Let’s clear this up before there’s an emergency.

N sky/Shutterstock

Baa or bleh?

Not everyone loves the camera, and this sheep is no exception. Defense mechanism? Silly face.

ILYA AKINSHIN/Shutterstock

You lookin’ at me?

“What, you think it’s funny that I use a blanket for fur? Tell me, human, what do you use when you’re cold.”

courtesy Keavon Chambers

Unclear where to enter

Los Angeles’s Griffith Observatory might have a clear look at the cosmos, but it doesn’t have a clear idea of where to enter.

Zanna Holstova/shutterstock

Well-rounded diet

We don’t always want our veggies either, Kitty, but they’re important!

Pitipat Usanakornkul/shutterstock

Who who who, me?

Who says fawns are the only forest animals with a deer-in-the-headlights look?



This baby girl is starting her drama-queen career young. At least she’s ready for her close-up!

courtesy Michael Beard

Pop culture mix-up

Well, Star Wars is pretty close. And Superman did come from space. For the rest, we have no explanation.

Green Mountain Exposure/Shutterstock

Hungry hungry moose

If you thought you looked weird during candid eating shots, try being this moose.

Jens Christof-Niemeyer/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Something fur-ocious ahead

Not sure which is worse: the “warnung” or the terrier it thinks is threatening. Check out these other hilarious typos you won’t believe were printed.

JGibbs Images/Shutterstock

Just a taste …

We might need a second sip, just to make sure it tastes how we remembered it.

Courtesy Phyllis Caplan Heyburn

Aisle of death

The cheery Christmas decorations make this ominous aisle even more disconcerting … and hilarious.

Courtesy Andrea Matthes

Unfortunate doors

This probably isn’t the look Coca-Cola was going for with its truck design.

Nataliya Nazarova/Shutterstock

“A meal without wine”

One question: Do mimosas change things?

Niklas Heisters/Shutterstock

Selfie time

This monkey sure knows how to pose for a funny photo. The question is: Can it use Snapchat filters?

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