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14 Puppies That Look Like Teddy Bears

These adorable pups look so much like stuffed animals, you'll do a double-take to make sure they're pets, not toys!

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Poodle dog is lying and sleeping in woman's lap
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Are these puppies for real?

No, you’re not seeing things. These are living, breathing, ridiculously adorable puppies that look a heckuva lot like the teddy bears we cherished and toted around when we were kids. We can still tell these cuties our secrets, snuggle close to them during a storm, and tuck them in under our blankets at night—but now we’ll get a nuzzle and a lick in return! Like teddy bears, these pups are all different. Some have a scruffy face, while others are super fluffy. Some are big, and others are small. But they all have incredibly expressive eyes and cute button noses, and we just can’t resist. And because there’s no such thing as too many puppy pictures, when you’re done, check out these 50 cute dog breeds as puppies.

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Four Month old Cavapoo Puppy
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Can you guess the two purebred dog breeds that make up this adorable little nugget? The Cavapoo, also known as the Cavadoodle is a delightful designer mix of a Miniature or Toy Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Both parent dog breeds are ideal for families. Poodles are wicked smart and athletic, and Cavaliers are lap-loving cuddle bugs. Just keep in mind that with a mixed breed, the characteristics of the puppy are unpredictable. According to the AKC, both parent breeds are on the smaller size. The Cavalier weighs between 13 and 18 pounds and is around a foot tall. Miniature Poodles weigh about the same, but they’re slightly taller. The Toy Poodle is smaller yet, at just six pounds and 10 inches tall. Regardless of how a particular Cavapoo ends up, it will definitely be one of the cutest mixed breed dogs you’ll want to bring home.

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samoyed dog puppy lovely
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Always smiling, these oh-so-fluffy little snowballs are one of the 14 ancient breeds most similar to the wolf. Yet, the smiling Samoyed is anything but a wild loner howling at the moon. Samoyeds love to be with their people and thrive on activity and socialization. They excel at lure-coursing and need a lot of exercise to be happy. Although they shed a lot, their coat has an amazing non-stick feature, so when mud gets on that glistening white coat, it’s actually quite easy to rinse off. Sammies aren’t happy when they’re away from their people, but in general, this is how long it’s OK to leave your dog home alone.

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Cute brown miniature poodle puppy close up on gray background
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Miniature Poodle

Is it OK to be a grown-up who still totes a teddy bear everywhere? It is when you have a real-life cutie like the Miniature Poodle puppy. Truly, though, the Standard Poodle and Toy Poodle are just as cute! It’s their soft curls, soulful yet playful eyes, button nose, and wavy hair that make them look like the cuddliest teddy bears ever. Speaking of hair, Poodles have hair, not fur, which grows like human hair and is influenced by hormones. A mama Poodle may experience hair thinning or loss after giving birth to pups, but in general, Poodles don’t shed much, so they are a good breed for allergy sufferers. We could talk about how cute Poodle pups are for days, but we’d remiss if we didn’t mention that they’re also smart little whippersnappers. Loving these teddy bear dogs? How about these dogs that look like bears? (The real kind.)

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Newfoundland Puppy brown at 10 weeks old
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It’s hard to resist the fluffy chonk of a Newfie puppy. Some dogs have a lot of fluff, yet not much body weight. That isn’t the case with a Newfie. They are solid masses of cuteness, with cheeks so snuggly you’ll be looking for ways to work from home so you can spend more time burying your face in all that sweetness. And they may look like cubs when they’re pups, but as adults, they’ll be about the size of a bear! (Well, maybe not quite that big, but you get our drift.) According to the AKC, adult males grow to be around 150 pounds. The neighbors might think you have a real bear in the yard, but these giant dogs won’t mistake you as food. They are some of the sweetest and most docile breeds around. Here are a dozen more of the biggest (and most lovable) dog breeds in the world.

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cute puppy barbet
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Hailing from France, the Barbet is a beloved water dog noted for its savoir-faire in bird hunting and swimming. According to the Barbet Club of America, its name comes from the word barbet, meaning beard. You won’t see any beards on young Barbets, but in time, they will grow a full shaggy beard and have a Muppet-like coat on a 35- to 60-pound frame. These dogs are loving and goofy companions that love to hike, do agility courses, and travel with their humans. Thinking about adding a Barbet to the family? The AKC says there are only about 500 in the world. Here are another 20 rare dog breeds you’ll fall hard and fast for.

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White Coton de tulear puppy
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Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear—pronounced “coe-TAWN day TULE-ee-r”—is a happy-go-lucky, life-of-the-party pup wrapped up in a fluffy, white cotton ball. Coton is French for cotton, and Tulear is a port city in Madagasgar, where these dogs originated. According to Purina, the Coton de Tulear is the royal dog of Madagascar and is held in such high regard there that its adorable mug was put on a postage stamp. Their irresistibly soft coats and cute faces make them hard to put down. But when you do, they might stand on their hind legs to get your attention again. They love to do tricks, play inside, and snuggle. Need to come up with a name for your puppy? Start with the most popular dog names for the most popular dog breeds in America.

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Old English Sheepdog puppy running with toy ball
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Old English Sheepdog

As a herding breed, this pup will be interested in anything lively and active. The Old English Sheepdog (OES) is an even-tempered house dog that loves to be with its humans, especially if it is exercising with them or engaging in long play sessions. As they grow, they become increasingly devoted to their family and want to protect them, especially younger kids. They also have a tendency to clown around like kids, making them great family dogs. As an adult, the OES will tip the scales at a robust 70 to 90 pounds and have a distinctive bark. An OES will be happy living just about anywhere, but it will need ample room to play and live where neighbors won’t mind its frequent barking. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog from barking—without yelling.

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Keeskhond puppy in a basket looks out the window
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According to Animal Planet, the Keeshond is also known as the “Smiling Dutchman,” which is a clue to its origins—the Netherlands. Just don’t call it a “quiche-hond.” It’s pronounced “caze-hawnd.” Super cute and a little chunky, these pups will eventually reach 35 to 45 pounds. Their warm, sensitive, and congenial nature makes them ideally suited to be a comfort dog. In fact, this breed provided comfort at Ground Zero after 9/11. Their gorgeous coat keeps them warm in cold weather (which they thrive in) and needs to be brushed a few times a week to prevent mats. That’s a small price to pay for a cherished teddy bear-like dogs, though, don’t you think? No matter what type of dog you have, all pet groomers wish you knew these secrets.

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Cute little bichon posing in grass
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Bichon Frise

This affectionate teddy bear come-to-life has been a treasured lapdog for hundreds of years, gracing royal laps and royal portraits as far back as the 1500s. Yet the Bichon is also a comedian and loves the spotlight; it feeds off laughter and smiles when it is being silly and goofy. Even when a Bichon is all business, like in the show ring, its charming and sweet fluffy face still pulls at our heartstrings. Flynn, a Bichon, wooed the crowd and the judges at Westminster in 2018 and took home the coveted Best in Show honors. Trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss these unforgettable images from the Westminster Dog Show.

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Bernese mountain dog puppy
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Bernese Mountain Dog

“Berners,” as adoring fans call them, are chonk-a-chonks of burnin’ love. Check out those enormous, sturdy paws; they’re sure signs that this pup is going to be big. According to the AKC, a berner male can grow into an 80- to 115-pound frame, while a female is slightly more dainty at 70 to 95 pounds. What’s inside the XL Berner package? They’re super chill and notably patient around children. Sweet and affectionate, they are devoted to their family and enjoy being house dogs, but when the snowflakes start to fall, they’ll be itching to get outside to play, where they’ll frolic in the snow and even pull kids on sleds. Hot climates and heavy coats don’t mix. Here are the heatstroke signs every pet parent should know about.

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pom pom pomeranian puppy
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Can teddy bears look like baby foxes? We think so! Their double coat is fluffilicious, and Poms have the expressive eyes and button nose of a teddy bear. Even better, they adore spending time with you, snuggling on your lap or being carried in a tote. A day on the town without a paw touching the pavement—while onlookers swoon over their cute little face—is a good day in their book. At a full-grown weight of just seven pounds, you can alternate sides and tone both of your arms. It’s a win-win for both of you! One thing to know, though: According to the VCA Animal Hospital, Pomeranian puppies are prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), so pet parents should feed them often to prevent this serious condition. Check out these curly-haired dogs that are absolutely stunning.

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Purebred red dog chow chow puppy
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Chow Chow

Can a pup max out on cuteness? Never, but the Chow Chow comes pretty close. What do we love more—the layers of fluff, the scowling face, or the chunky belly? Honestly, we can’t decide. Enjoy the puppy days when you can still pick up a Chow Chow and put it in your lap because it will eventually weigh 55 to 70 pounds. Not exactly lapdog material—and that’s A-OK with them. That’s not to say they’re not affectionate, though. According to the AKC, Chow Chows are devoted to and affectionate with their family, but they tend to possess cat-like personalities; they sometimes can be aloof and definitely value their independence. Because of their strong will, it’s essential to socialize Chow Chow puppies early and often. If you neglect this, it will be one of the puppy training mistakes you’ll regret later.

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8 week old Cockapoo puppy
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Back in the ’50s, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels were two of America’s favorite breeds. And when you bring two great things together, you get a Cockapoo! Both parent breeds are known for having happy and lively dispositions, as well as being easy to train and affectionate. And they’re not only great family dogs; they also get along with other dogs and new people. As adults, they’ll grow to be about 22 pounds—still light enough for your lap or at least a side snuggle with their face near your hand. That’s the Cockapoo’s way of making it easier for you to massage their scruffy-fluffy head and ears. Long or short, fluffy or floppy, all dogs need their ears cleaned. This is how often you should be cleaning those ears—and how to do it without upsetting your dog.

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Portuguese Water Dog Puppy in Fall Leaves
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Portuguese Water Dog

Where is your port of call? Wherever it is, the Portuguese Water Dog will get you there. These pups are natural-born swimmers of the elite status—we’re talking Michael Phelps kind of talent here. They have webbed paws and tails that act as rudders to glide through the water with ease; plus, they have waterproof coats. They’ll relish being active whether on land or sea, but it’s not all about the rush of an adventure for them. The AKC says that Porties are hopelessly in love with their humans and aren’t keen on being alone. Bo and Sunny are two Porties who were never alone when they lived at the White House with the Obamas.

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