40 Funny Relatable Tweets That Hit Close to Home

There's nothing like a relatable tweet to make you say, "Me, too!"

We all have that one weird habit or quirk that other people might find a bit strange! But finding that one someone who shares your preference for maple bacon milkshakes, or gives their cat multiple nicknames too can be the basis for a beautiful friendship. Or sometimes, we’ll recognize our own quirks in a stranger’s relatable tweets that make us all feel less alone. Some of the funniest tweets on the Internet are also some of the most relatable tweets. Something that makes you laugh, like the funniest best friend tweets you send to your group chat or the funny relationship tweets you send to your other half. The thing is, we all have a lot in common with each other, and these funny relatable tweets will make you feel connected to your fellow weird humans.

Relatable tweets about human interaction

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Relatable tweets about self-improvement

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Funny relatable tweets that remind us we’re all a bit weird

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Relatable tweets about money

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Relatable tweets that speak to us all

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