50 Funny Parent Tweets That Perfectly Nail the Highs and Lows of Parenting

Even the best parents need somewhere to vent about their little angels.

We all know that up until the age of seven or so (or eight, or nine, or 20) kids are basically irrational, madcap hooligans. What’s a stressed-out 21st-century parent to do? Commiserate with fellow parents by posting funny parent tweets on Twitter, of course! Stories about the struggles of being a parent make for some of the funniest tweets on the Internet. Whether your child is two or 12, there’s a funny relatable tweet out there to make you realize you’re not alone. Or, if you’re not in the kid-having camp, a selection of funny relationship tweets will make both single and coupled-up people laugh in recognition. If you want parenting advice, Twitter is probably not the place to come. Children may be a joy to the world, and even to their parents (some of the time) but their little brains work in mysterious ways. Take a dive into the world of funny parent tweets, safe in the knowledge that your kids would never behave like this. Would they?

Funny child actions = funny parent tweets

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Marissa Laliberte
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