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The 12 Best Clothes Drying Racks for Eco-Friendly Drying

These top-reviewed and expert-approved clothes drying racks picks will have you doing laundry like a pro—and save on your electric bill.

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Whether you’re deep in the debate over whether it’s better to air-dry or machine-dry clothes or just looking to keep your finer fabrics intact, choosing the best clothes drying rack brings your laundry game to the next level and saves on your energy bill. Sure, you could hang damp sweaters over chair backs and wet leggings over the shower rod, but the right clothes drying rack is a smart laundry tool to have.

To find the best clothes drying rack, we scoured the Internet for the best-reviewed options, spoke with a clean clothes expert, and looked at which products were made for delicates that require the safest laundry detergents. We also found the best drying racks for washing and drying athleisure wear. Air drying has never been easier.

Benefits of drying racks over the dryer

“Just about everyone has something in their home that can’t be machine dried, or must be hand-washed,” explains Pam Clyde, president of BritLin Cleaning and laundry expert with years of professional-grade experience. “Your best sweaters, lace garments, undergarments, lined articles of clothing, and other delicate fabrics will shrink or become misshapen in a dryer. Duvet covers, pillow shams, dust ruffles, curtains, and other decorative items in a home that are washable often cannot be machine dried as well,” she says of the many reasons to own the best clothes drying rack for your space. “In order to preserve the integrity and original garment shape, you’ll want to carefully and neatly place those freshly washed items on a drying rack.”

What to consider when choosing the best clothes drying rack

Since every space is different, Clyde says the best clothes drying rack will vary from home to home. Some things like strength and materials seem to be universal, though. “Consider the space you have available, as well as the material used to make the rack. Wooden racks tend to mildew over time if not properly treated,” she says, adding that plastic-coated and corrosion-free racks may be the simplest go-to for laundry novices who can’t be bothered with maintenance. “Check for durability. If they wobble when they’re new or the reviews suggest they do, they will really wobble and become unstable with frequent use.”

The good news is that excellent-quality clothes drying racks are available at affordable prices. “The best clothes drying rack doesn’t have to be expensive. You can usually find one for $60 or less, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some can be mounted on the wall and folded up when not in use. Others are free-standing and just need a small amount of floor space when expanded.”

The Best Clothes Drying Racks

Here are some of the Internet’s best-rated clothes drying racks with ultra-enthusiastic reviews that just may get you excited about breaking out your best smelling laundry detergent and running a few loads of wash.

Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack

Don’t worry about corrosion with this expanding stainless steel drying rack that has enough capacity to handle a whole family’s delicates or a collection of air-dry king-size bedding. It features six retractable trays and two side wings for airing towels, socks, shirts, sweaters, hats, and more. Each can be folded to conserve space and converted to a rail-drying system with seven hooks for additional drying. While the official specs state that it can hold about 12 pounds of laundry at any given time thanks to its robust 29-inch by 25-inch by 67-inch size, reviewers say it can actually hold much more.

“I love this rack, it is so big,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, Einav. “I can fit a whole washing machine’s worth. It has a place to hang elegant garments on hangers. The wheels in the bottom help a lot because I can get it outside when it’s sunny and bring it inside when it’s rainy.”

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Amazon Basics Foldable Laundry Rack

With over 38,000 customer reviews, this Amazon Basics clothes drying rack is clearly a customer favorite and an extremely affordable choice at under $35. The white, powder-coated materials are waterproof and measure in at 29.5 inches by 14.5 inches by 41.75 inches, to offer a mid-size option that folds neatly anywhere you need to store it. It also holds an impressive 32 pounds of laundry, which means even your sopping-wet stuff can make its way to this rack.

“Just received this today and it’s even better than I expected,” writes verified purchasers KCotton4166. “This was purchased to use for drying cloth diapers and other baby items. It holds at least 28 cloth diapers and 23 inserts with room to spare. This came assembled and all I had to do was take it out of the box and plastic, unfold, and voila! The best part is that it’s compact enough to fit in our laundry room/pantry at our apartment or can be folded and put away or taken with us.”

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OXO Good Grips Folding Sweater Drying Rack

This clothes drying rack is definitely not like the others, and that’s because it’s designed specifically for the delicate woven fibers of sweaters. While you may think you don’t need a sweater-specific drying rack, you do if you invest in better quality natural fibers and pieces you plan on keeping for more than a few seasons—like cashmere. Plus, this drying rack is incredibly affordable at under $20 and folds flat for easy, compact storage.

“Have amazing expensive sweaters you don’t want to dry clean? This is your new go-to,” shares MC, a verified Amazon purchaser. “Dry cleaners ruined/shrunk/stretched a few of my cashmere sweaters. I thought: no more! I bought five of these bad boys. I probably need more. I now stack them when I use them saving me tons of money and keeping my sweaters in perfect condition. You can stack them like a tower. When not in use, they fold up flat easily for storage. This has changed my life.”

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Gullwing Drying Rack

This white clothes drying rack is made of sturdy steel, offers 46 linear feet of drying space, folds down to a slim three-inch profile, and offers a mesh shelf that protects the integrity of sweaters and knits. There is even a specialized portion for air-drying shoes, and the 57 inch by 23.5 inch by 37 inch size is so convenient that reviewers can’t stop raving about it as their go-to pairing with all-natural fabrics and laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

“I live in a nice top-floor apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, and during the summer my power bill can scare small children,” writes Bachelor, a verified Amazon purchaser. “A friend of mine suggested nixing the dryer and hanging my clothes to save some money, so I bought this on a whim. So glad I did. It’s more than paid for itself in one month. Also, all my old favorite shirts and jeans are no longer subjected to the wear and tear of a typical cycle. And when I’m done with it, it neatly folds up and fits between my washer and dryer.”

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Foldable Rolling Clothes Drying Rack

This rust-proof stainless steel beast of a drying rack is one of your best clothes drying rack options if you have a larger laundry room, some outdoor space, or a bigger family. With multiple 33 inch wide racks that can each hold 10 pounds of laundry, you’ll be able to load dozens of sweaters, a nearly-endless supply of unmentionables, and lace for days. The convenient wheels have made it a hit with Amazon reviewers, too.

“I now own two of these,” says Rachel Hazelwood, a verified Amazon purchaser. “I own a lot of clothes that hang dry best. This folds up nicely. It holds a lot of weight, and the fold-out arms that clip on are nice for kids’ clothes and small items. The easily adjustable racks are a major bonus. Hands down, this is the best doing rack I have ever had! I purchased my first one about a year ago and it is still going strong!”

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Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Drying Rack

If you live in a warm climate and have lots of sunshine, this nifty outdoor umbrella-style drying rack is just the ticket. You can load up the 165 feet of total drying space with hand-washed items, clothes you’ve spot-treated with eco-friendlier Cleancult laundry detergent, or even throw on blankets—it’s that strong. The no-rust galvanized aluminum arms feed into a steel post that anchors to the ground and offers drying that doesn’t take up an inch of your indoor living space. Don’t worry about the vinyl hanging lines being too high to reach, either, because the 72-inch height makes it easy for most adults to reach.

“I love this clothesline! We had a traditional clothesline, but my husband tore it down with the roll bar on the lawnmower, so this is a much better option for us,” writes Happy Mama. “I put it up myself easily in just a few minutes. I didn’t concrete it in at first (installation instructions suggest you do) and it leaned over with heavyweight because the ground wasn’t hard enough to hold it upright. Once concreted in, it was great and didn’t lean over.”

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Two-Level Clothes Drying Rack

This is one of the best clothes drying rack options for tight living spaces. It props up directly on top of your washer and dryer. The stainless steel and plastic construction makes it nearly corrosion-proof, and the 61.8 inch by 24 inch by 44.5 inch dimensions make it just the right size for a small-to-medium load of laundry.

“Trust me, I researched all the possible drying racks available on Amazon and other online retailers, and this clothes drying rack has the most places to dry clothes in a foldable rack,” writes Justin, a verified Amazon purchaser. “It is sturdy, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the rungs are spaced out enough for even bulky sweatshirts to dry next to towels. I love that you don’t have to have all the ‘wings’ opened up while doing a set of laundry. For example, when I’m drying a load of jeans, I leave the lower level down, to allow ample room for the jeans to hang straight down. I’m thrilled with this purchase!”

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Clothes Drying Rack with Windproof Hooks

This long, extendable space-saver is the best clothes drying rack for narrow laundry rooms and balconies that double as open-air dryers. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, has 20 wind-resistant hooks, and is made of durable stainless steel that won’t corrode. The 63-inch wide footprint makes it a great find for drying small rugs and upholstery items that can’t be stuffed into a machine dryer.

“We have allergies, so hanging laundry outside is not an option,” writes Beth&Bill, verified Amazon purchasers. “We have a fold-up small clothesline but needed something to hang large items like the sheets and blankets. This dryer is perfect for everything. It expands to accommodate the bedding and is great for all other types of laundry. They include clips to hang items that go on hangers which is great for things that could drape over the lower part of the hanger too. What I also love is that it was super easy to set up and will fold up nicely for storage when it isn’t needed. It is lightweight to carry and move but very sturdy to use.”

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Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack

If you’re low on space and want something that makes the most of the real estate directly above your washer, this genius wall mount drying rack is perfect. The stainless steel frame won’t rust, and the several included durable clotheslines offer up to six and a half yards of drying capacity.

Legal Begal, a verified Amazon purchaser writes, “Very useful and sturdy! This rack is heavy-duty and can hold a lot, but also folds flat while not in use. It’s nice not to have to drip-dry clothing in our bathroom anymore. Just make sure you mount into studs or use the large metal wall anchors it comes with.”

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Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack

Attention Walmart shoppers—this one is for you. This silver-toned stainless steel drying rack offers heavy-duty support and promises a bend-free drying experience even when loaded with dozens of garments. The 24 rods hold over 20 large garments or over 50 smaller pieces and offer a load capacity of 33 pounds.

“This was a last-minute buy as my dryer went out on me,” writes one happy five-star reviewer. “It’s super sturdy, folds up to be put away, and holds so many articles of clothes! The shoe spots at the bottom are great too! I put them on there and put a fan on them overnight and everything comes out dry in the morning. Really nice product if you’re looking to dry a lot of different pieces of clothes at once.”

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Retractable Drying Rack

These angular retractable drying racks are ideal for tight living spaces and offer a convenient, affordable option under $16. The aluminum alloy stands up to rust, and the foldable design extends or retracts by hanging clothes. It’s a space-saver that’s ideal for just a few garments at a time and is ideal for spot-cleaned items, lingerie, and smaller garments that won’t be damaged on a hanger.

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Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

This versatile foldable drying rack uses vertical height to maximize space and offer well-circulated air to attached garments. It’s ideal for smaller homes and tight laundry rooms, and the plastic and stainless steel frame help keep it looking brand new for years to come. The nearly 22-inch diameter offers just enough space to hang a full load of laundry, and the modest height is the right height for petite adults and older children to make the most of.

“There are six of us in our household,” writes happy reviewer, Mama Casey. “We all like to hang dry at least half of our laundry. I bought this to help alleviate the clothes hanging to dry throughout the house. I was nervous at first because the price was so low and how could it be much for such a low price. It’s amazing! It’s well-built, holds as much as it describes, and more depending on how you arrange.”

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