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8 Spectacular Watermelon Carving Ideas

Decorate your next party with an edible summer centerpiece that anyone can make, using these ideas from watermelon.org. It all starts with a watermelon!

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Kids and adults ought to enjoy digging into this shark’s jaws for juicy pieces of watermelon.

How to carve the Shark watermelon.

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Little excavators will roar over this prehistoric watermelon carving.

How to carve the Dinosaur watermelon.

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Tea Pot

Brew up fun at a tea party with this watermelon kettle carving.

How to carve the Tea Pot watermelon.

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Watermelon Purse

It’s always in fashion to eat fruit, especially when served in a watermelon-carving handbag.

How to carve the Watermelon Purse.

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Treasure Chest

Pirates and princesses alike will want to get their hands on the jewel-colored fruits and booty in this watermelon carving.

How to carve the Treasure Chest watermelon.

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Baby Carriage

Brimming with fresh fruit, bring out this watermelon carving at a baby shower! The expecting mom will be able to enjoy something good to look at and good to eat.

How to carve the Baby Carriage watermelon.

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Beach Bucket

Try a beach bucket-shaped watermelon carving for your next summer barbecue or Fourth of July celebration.

How to carve the Beach Bucket watermelon.

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Kitty Cat

This kitty cat watermelon carving is truly the cat’s meow—and easy to make from scratch.

How to carve the Kitty Cat watermelon

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