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    15 Places You Should Never Talk on Your Phone

    Just because you can talk on your phone everywhere, it doesn't mean you should

    The Best Horror Board Games for Halloween

    Stock up on the best horror board games for a fun and frightening game night!

    Who Picks Up the Tab? Here’s How to Handle the Restaurant Bill in 11 Situations

    We're taking the guesswork and awkwardness out of paying the restaurant bill with this tried-and-true advice from etiquette experts

    15 Good Luck Plants to Bring Fortune to Your Home

    Placed strategically throughout the house, certain good luck plants are believed to bring prosperity, fortune, health and more. Here's what...

    10 Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow, According to Experts

    Invited to a wedding? Don't let gift-giving etiquette stress you out. Our experts offer up top tips on how to...

    50 Table Manners Everyone Should Know Before They’re 30

    Knowing how to behave at meals isn't just about proper etiquette. Turns out, your table manners send coded messages...

    2 Things to Do with Cucumber Peels for Healthy Plants

    This plant-care DIY is the perfect way to use cucumber peels

    How to Eat Sushi the Right Way (Yep, You’ve Been Doing It Wrong)

    Three sushi and Japanese-food experts explain how to eat sushi—the right way—and other tips for a successful sushi experience

    I Ate Blueberries Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened

    A doctor spent seven days incorporating blueberries into her diet—and got advice on the absolute healthiest way to eat them

    What Is Ghosting—and Why Is It So Rude?

    Simply stopping all communication with someone is poor etiquette. Here's how to avoid ghosting the people in your life—and what...

    What Is a Supermoon—and When Can You See It in 2023?

    This year, four supermoons will take place back-to-back and bring a whirlwind of cosmic change with them

    Here’s What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

    Losing a pet can be deeply sad and even traumatic, regardless of whether the animal was a furred, feathered or...

    IJBOL Is the Internet’s New Favorite Acronym—You’ll Want to Know What It Means

    So long, LOL. There's a new slang term taking the internet by storm. Find out IJBOL's meaning—and how to use...

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    Hydroponic Garden: What It Is, How to Start, and Expert Tips

    Hydroponic gardening is a great way to grow food—without soil—in smaller spaces. Here's what you need to know.

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    Here’s How Much to Tip for a Massage

    An etiquette expert and a massage therapist reveal tipping advice for when, how and how much to tip for a...

    23 Email Etiquette Rules You Still Need to Follow

    Email etiquette rules change as fast as technology—make sure you stay on top of them!

    What Not to Say When Asking for a Raise—and 7 Things to Say Instead, According to Negotiation Experts

    Negotiating a raise is all about empathy, compromise and asking the right questions. We have info on what not to...

    8 Genius Uses for Dryer Lint You Never Thought Of

    Dryer lint piles up in our dryers and our landfills. But you can reduce, reuse and recycle it with these...

    A Complete Guide to Baby Shower Etiquette: Your Top Questions Answered

    Who hosts a baby shower, and can you purchase off-registry? We've got expert-approved answers to your baby shower etiquette questions.

    17 Things to Say in an Interview to Land the Job, According to Hiring Managers

    This is your chance to show them that you're the ideal candidate. Here's what to say in an interview if...

    13 Polite Habits Uber Drivers Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Sometimes good intentions go awry, especially when using a rideshare. Here are the common etiquette missteps you should avoid when...

    12 Polite Habits Grocery Store Workers Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Don’t make these all-too-common etiquette mistakes at the grocery store! Here’s what you need to know before your next shopping...

    11 Polite Habits Cruise Workers Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Your intentions may be good, but these “kind gestures” on cruises aren’t as kind as you think they are

    Polite Answers to 12 Rude Questions You Get Asked All the Time, According to Etiquette Experts

    These rude questions may make you temporarily freeze or feel angry, but there's a way to answer them politely so...

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    How to Improve Your Memory and Boost Your Brain Power

    Stop forgetting your car keys and your friends' birthdays for good!

    13 “Polite” Small-Talk Questions That Are Actually Rude

    Small talk can be tricky—and these questions aren't as innocent or as helpful as you think they are

    11 Netiquette Guidelines to Follow for Respectful Online Interactions

    Don't get caught using poor netiquette. Experts share the best practices for online behavior.

    Are We Failing Our Teachers?

    With poor working conditions across the country, our teachers are struggling

    The Interesting—and Delicious—History of Ramen

    Ever wondered where your Cup Noodles came from?

    10 Polite Habits Nail Techs Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

    Don't let manicure manners get the best of you. These seemingly nice moves miss the mark.