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New Report: This Is the No. 1 Happiest State in America

Happiness may be a state of mind, but according to a new report, it's also abundant in this state

This Is Why You Should Rethink Your Big Mac Order, According to a Former McDonald’s Chef

Order this instead of a Big Mac, and you'll get a better deal

New Report: This Is the No. 1 Tourist Trap in America (Hint: It’s Not the Empire State Building)

This info will ensure that your next vacation goes off without a hitch

This Is the No. 1 Trending Vacation Destination in the U.S.

Which sunny vacation spot is getting the most attention this fall? You might be surprised by the lesser-known trending seaside...

This Is the Worst Time to Visit McDonald’s, According to a Former Cook

A former McDonald's corporate chef says this is the worst time to go to the fast food restaurant. Here's why.

New Survey: This Is the No. 1 Cheapest Airport to Fly from in the U.S.

Traveling on a budget? Save money by planning your trip around the cheapest airports in the country.

How King Charles Is Honoring Queen Elizabeth on the First Anniversary of Her Death

Here's how the royal family is marking the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's death

IJBOL Is the Internet’s New Favorite Acronym—You’ll Want to Know What It Means

So long, LOL. There's a new slang term taking the internet by storm. Find out IJBOL's meaning—and how to use...

This Hotel Room Comes with Bottomless Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Catch a sweet buzz at select Great Wolf Lodges this fall

These Are the Most Common Dangerous Items Dogs Get Into

Dogs are famous for putting anything and everything into their mouths. But these items in your house could be hazardous...

Traveling Through These 10 U.S. Airports? Better Arrive Extra Early

Long lines may be in your future. These are the U.S. airports with the worst security wait times.

Laundry Expert Explains: Why You Shouldn’t Follow the TikTok Trend of Using Dish Soap in Your ...

This is the TikTok laundry hack you're going to want to skip. Trust us.

Google’s New Tool Will Alert You When Your Private Info Appears Online—Here’s What to Ex...

Google's Results About You feature is a powerful tool to have in your online privacy toolbox, and soon it'll warn...

It’s Going to Be So Much Easier for Target Shoppers to Enjoy Starbucks—Here’s Why

Ordering some home essentials for pickup? Might as well add a latte to your order too!

This Is the No. 1 City People Want to Move to in the U.S.

You might think of it as an over-the-top vacation destination, but more and more people want to put down roots...

9 Last-Minute Vacations You Can Still Take This Summer

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for one more trip—even if you're on a...

If You See a Coin on a Gravestone, This Is What It Means

Discover why visitors leave coins on certain gravestones and what it symbolizes.

Flight Attendants Use a Secret Language—Here’s How to Decode It

Learn these terms to keep up with your flight attendants on your next trip

The Real Reason You Should Travel with an Empty Water Bottle

Always have a water bottle on you when you travel? It can do way more than keep you hydrated. Here's...

If You Have One of These Rare Barbies, It Could Be Worth More Than $27,000

Check your attic to see if your old Barbie could be worth a small fortune!

Lazy-Girl Jobs Are Trending with Gen Z—Here’s How to Find One

Lazy-girl jobs aren't actually lazy—and they're not just for girls. Here's what you need to know, according to career experts.

McDonald’s Is Creating a Spinoff Restaurant—Here’s Everything We Know

Hint: Your favorite McDonald's-craving alien is about to make an epic return

U.S. Citizens Will Need to Register and Pay a Fee to Enter Europe in 2024—Here’s What to Know

Next year, you'll need to take an extra step before you jet off on that European vacation. Here's the lowdown...

These 3 Most Commonly Misspelled Words Are Sabotaging Your Job Search on LinkedIn

Don't undermine your job search with a typo-ridden LinkedIn profile!

This Polly Pocket and Friends Collab Is Every ’90s Baby’s Dream Child

It may be compact, but this set features all our favorite scenes from the show

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Your iPhone’s Volume Buttons Are Loaded with Hidden Features

While their primary goal is to control sound, your iPhone's volume buttons can actually do much more than you think

The Real Reason Your Airplane Seat Needs to Be Upright During Takeoff and Landing

You know the routine: Return your seat to its fully upright position before takeoff and landing. Here's why it's an...

How to Clean Your Window AC Unit—and the Gross Things That Can Happen If You Don’t

It's hot. Like, really hot. Learn how to clean a window AC unit, and you can stay cool all summer...

What Is Costco Next? Everything You Need to Know About This Lesser-Known Service

Think you know about every Costco discount? Think again! Here's how Costco Next can help you save even more cash.

If You See This Tag on Your Favorite Costco Item, Stock Up Now

Did you know that Costco has a secret price-tag code for sales? Here's how to decode it—and save...

New Study: This Is the No. 1 Most Affordable Beach Town in the U.S.

The little-known beach town is about to become your new favorite vacation destination